Sir, Yes Sur! Driving the California Coast

The images look unbelievable, but they are real and they are spectacular. This is Big Sur. 

Waves crashing against the craggy coast, mist drifting up mountains that rise abruptly from the sea, bridges impossibly clinging to cliffs…

A perfect day trip ending with elephant seals… CONTINUE READING >> 

Creatures of the Costa Rican Night
When the sun sets in Costa Rica, the jungle comes to life! 

<– Just look at these little guys!

Join your GypsyNesters on a walk through a world of amorous amphibians, screeching owls, hidden-away bats and the other creatures that lurk in the dark of Costa Rica… CONTINUE READING >>

Sometimes a Girl’s Gotta Get Away
Don’t get me wrong – I love being with David. 

We’re pretty much together 24/7 and it’s seldom a problem with us.

We work hard on keeping our relationship fresh (to varying degrees, of course!) and continue to try new things together.

But sometimes a girl… CONTINUE READING >>

The Macabre Human Bone Church of Sedlec, Czech Republic

Inside the walls of this seemingly peaceful little church is a gallery so ghastly, it must be seen to be believed.

We had heard stories about this place, but words — nor pictures — can begin to explain what it was like walking through the doors.

Human bones from tens of thousands of people adorn the walls and ceiling, in inexplicable formations.

Strings of… CONTINUE READING >> 

Eating (and Drinking) Our Way Through Newfoundland

As with everything about life in Newfoundland, the food revolves around the sea. 

<– David kisses a cod!

In fact, seafood is the main reason that settlers from Europe came to the island in the first place.

See all the wonderful ways Newfoundland prepares the catch of the day!… CONTINUE READING >>

The GypsyNesters Get Married! The Story of Our Goofy Wedding
We wanted a small wedding – and thank God it was!

Honestly, David (we’ll call him The Beanpole) wouldn’t have made it through otherwise.

It still strikes us strange that The Beanpole, who by that time had appeared on stage in front of hundreds of thousands of people as a musician, could be so nervous.

<–Just look at the body language! Have you EVER seen a more uncomfortable groom? Sheesh.

Our ideal wedding was… CONTINUE READING >>

Catalina Cart Blanche
Like the early Californian explorers, we approached Catalina by boat.

Steaming out of Long Beach Harbor past The Queen Mary, we were intrepid sailors in our air-conditioned, high-speed ferry complete with snack bar, lounge and cinematic classic on the big screen.

Arrrgh, the briny deep, matey.

Upon disembarking… CONTINUE READING >> 

Florence on the Fly
Widely heralded as the birthplace of the Renaissance, Firenza is the center of Italy’s art universe, and home to many of the world’s greatest masterpieces.

Florence has treasures that could take days, weeks, months, years, or perhaps a lifetime to fully exploreCONTINUE READING >>

Oh My Aching Feet! Cobblestones, Comfort & Flight-induced Cankles
Yup, it’s time for another women “of a certain age” post from me. So far I’ve overshared about stray hairs, arm flaps, botox, and mammograms – so why stop now, right?

This time it’s about my feet and cankles – yuck, I know, but it’s life and if I don’t overshare, who’s going to?

So here goes – some frank talk (but no gross pictures, promise), a little bit of whining and a solution or two… CONTINUE READING >>

A Romp Through the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul

The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is the granddaddy of all malls – one of the oldest and certainly largest covered markets in the world.

It seemed as though most of the 400,000 visitors who come each day were inside with us.

With over three thousand shops packed in along sixty-one covered streets, we felt like lab rats looking for… CONTINUE READING >> 

Sights & Sounds of the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul

Follow Veronica as she romps through the Grand Bazaar – she even attempts to haggle!… see more Grand Bazaar antics or enlarge video > >

Philadelphia, For Whom the (Liberty) Bell Tolls
Philly is truly the birthplace of our republic, this is where both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were deliberated and approved.

We felt it all around us, inch for inch this must be the most historic ground in America…. CONTINUE READING >>

War & Peace, Volume II
When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. -Mark Twain A reader wrote:

“The best part is when they finally get it, and tell you sorry for being such pain in the ass during those (teenage) years. My son told me he now understands everything I was trying to convey to his logic blocked brain back then…”

Oh man, I can relate.

I was pretty certain that at least one of my envelope-pushing teens would flee the nest — i-Pod at full volume and a certain finger in the air — never looking back or speaking to me… CONTINUE READING >>

By Popular Demand – How We Became Travel Bloggers
We’ve never formally talked about being travel bloggers on our website. But we’re being asked about it more and more, so we thought we’d open a dialogue.

In truth, we’ve always felt like we kind of stumbled blindly into our recreated lives – and by no means consider ourselves experts (in travel or blogging).

And, seriously, we thought, who wants to hear us talk about what goes on behind the curtain?

When we hit the road … CONTINUE READING >>

Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef – Bucket List, Check!
A visit to Queensland, Australia without getting underwater on the Great Barrier Reef would be unthinkable! 

As soon as Lady Elliot Island, a highly protected coral cay only accessible by air, came into view, we knew we were about to embark on an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime.

Because the southern tip of the reef is outside the tropics, the cooler water temperatures have kept the coral… CONTINUE READING >>

Veronica Explores the Great Barrier Reef – with a Sea Turtle Guide!

Veronica makes a new sea turtle friend who shows her all the hotspots of his native Coral Gardens, and introduces her to his friends – including “Nemo,” a manta ray, parrotfish, angelfish and colorful giant clams! Click to see our full adventure! or enlarge video >>

We’ve Been Hit by a Ton of Bricks!
The GypsyNesters in the media! Thank you!

Every once in a while, we are hit over the head by a ton of bricks. While this would normally be cause for concern, this particular brickload is one of gratitude.

We have been blessed with amazing accolades from amazing folks! We have done really fun interviews and have been included in some pretty prestigious publications. We are truly honored. Click in to see why... CONTINUE READING >>

Picture This: The Titanic Cemetery
So many headstones bearing the same date.

April 15, 1912

It’s impossible to describe our feelings.

Join us as we remember those who are resting here, learn stories of their lives and the circumstances behind their final burial place… CONTINUE READING >> 

How Two Little Girls Saved the Rainforest of Costa Rica
While exploring the area around Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio National Park, we noticed a rope strung across the road.

Curious, we started to pay closer attention and found that they were all over the place, tons of them.

We wondered what was up, and the answer was a bit surprising, most of the ropes can be traced back to a couple of nine-year-old girls. What?… CONTINUE READING >>


How to Plan a Family Vacation with Adult Kids
We’ve had this fantasy about whisking our entire family off to an exotic location for some time now. Imagine the five of us blissfully getting away from it all, laughing and sharing our experiences as we sip umbrella drinks while the sun sets into a tropical ocean.

Putting together a family vacation after the kids are grown and living on their own seems like it should be a snap compared to traveling with toddlers, or worse yet, teenagers.

So why is it so hard? 

With no roadside diaper changes, exploding sippy cup disasters… CONTINUE READING >>

A Patriotic Journey: Biking Washington DC’s National Mall

We were in a city like no other in America.

Or anywhere else for that matter.

We mounted our trusty wheeled steeds and headed out for a day of awe inspiring monuments and memorials. And we got to bust a few myths as well… CONTINUE READING >> 

Wachau Talkin’ About? Austria Along the Danube
In this region — far removed from any modern hustle and bustle — the river winds beneath church towers, vineyards, and ancient castle ruins as it passes the hamlets that dot the hillsides along the banks.

No wonder the entire area has been named a UNESCO World Heritage… CONTINUE READING >>

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