Taking on Tallinn, Estonia
While we can’t say that Estonia occupied a spot on our bucket list, we sure are glad that we checked it off anyway! 

You’ve GOT to love a country that sang its way to freedom, serves food you didn’t even know was edible and (in the past), used some freaky remedies to cure what ails ya… CONTINUE READING

Look for Your GypsyNesters in Your Favorite Magazine this Month!

So excited about this opportunity! 

We’ve teamed up Humana with tips on kicking YOUR Generation Encore into high, healthy gear!

See our tips and tricks for staying healthy out on the road, what we carry with us to avoid disaster, and what we tote along onto airplanes to avoid eating junk food (and much more!).

Check out the SEVEN magazines you can catch us in… CONTINUE READING

Roadtrippin’ Canada this Week! Follow along with us Live!

We’ll be storming Ontario, Canada on a riproarin’ roadtrip! No stone will be unturned—we’ll be exploring by road, raft,  boat, trolley, helicopter and even a 1930s biplane (gulp!).

Don’t miss a thing and follow us LIVE all week on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

There’s No Denying Denali is Da Bomb! Alaska’s Beauty at its Best
Scenery that’s just too spectacular to be real!

There’s no place like it on earth. We skirted precariously along cliffs, hiked among magnificent mountains, and learned how to react when we came upon a grizzly in the wild (this goes against every human fight-or-flight instinct!).

Oh, and there’s that bit about the town that has a cat for a mayor… CONTINUE READING

Fear Conquering & Eating Silkworms in China

I am no longer an eating-a-bug virgin.

I love sampling new food – the more authentic the better. But, from time to time we are faced with delicacies which may be too authentic.

Find out which of us tried it and who chickened out… CONTINUE READING and watch the video >> 

That Time I was Smote by God

On a blustery New York City morning, I executed my first face plant.

The sun had just peeked out after a torrential rain and began to form those bands of brilliant, glorious Jesus Rays streaming through the clouds.

Next thing I knew, I lay prostrated before a church in that special kind of pain that only landing square on one’s schnozz can bring, surrounded by scattered partyware glistening in the sun like a golden calf.

But I probably deserved it… CONTINUE READING

Cruising the Baltic and Beyond: Germany, Denmark and Norway – Live!

We’re still live and rockin’!

Chase us though an eye-opening jaunt through Berlin, a hippy colony in Copenhagen, the quaint, wooden towns of Stavanger and Bergen, and a ride in the fjords of Norway that you won’t believe… FOLLOW US LIVE >>

Russia, Estonia, and Poland – Cruising Though the North, Live!

Astonishing architecture, spires that scrape the skies, medieval charm – that’s Northern Europe.

Join us in the land of the czars, of decedent royalty, and food we’d never dreamed of  eating… FOLLOW US LIVE >>

Cruising the Homelands of the Vikings – a Live-Blog

Viking Ocean Cruises. You read that right, Ocean.

We’re huge fans of Viking River Cruises and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us—in their homelands—and on the ocean!

Join us live as we board the brand new Viking Star and explore the spectacular Baltic Sea region of Northern Europe!.. FOLLOW US LIVE! >>

Tour of our Stateroom Aboard the Viking Star!

Our steward, the fabulous Willy, guides us through the hidden nooks and happy crannies of our posh stateroom!.. FOLLOW THE LIVE-BLOG OF OUR CRUISE >>

How We Use the Internet While Overseas (without going broke!)

How we get Internet access while on the road is probably the most common question we are asked.

Internet access is much easier to find now than it was when we started this crazy life we lead.

When we’re in the States, we have service with us all the time because our smartphone creates its own hotspot.

But overseas, it’s a whole different enchilada… CONTINUE READING > > 


Seeing the Rainforest for the Trees, Reforesting the Dominican Republic
We got grubby — for good!

It was a dirty job to say the least, but it feels good to get really filthy sometimes.

Ask any kid.

Life rocks under the warm Dominican sun… CONTINUE READING >>

Replanting the Rainforest in the Dominican Republic!

In the Dominican Republic, we had the chance to plant (380!) trees to restore the rainforest – high in the mountains!.. SEE MORE OF VOLUNTEER CRUISE >>

The Weight of Six Million Paper Clips – an Unlikely Holocaust Memorial in Tennessee
In a tiny town in Tennessee there is a monument so moving, so touching — and so unlikely — that the story behind it is almost unbelievable.

Here is a tale of a group of school children who found out that even the smallest idea can spark a worldwide movement.

And how compassion can change the world… CONTINUE READING >>

Discovering the Lost City of the Inca, Machu Picchu
Check out what happens during a summer solstice sunrise at Machu Picchu.

A harrowing bus ride, brushes with llamas, and inexplicable happenings – and even when visiting a wonder of the world, your GypsyNesters can sniff out some weird regional food!.. CONTINUE READING >> 

I Located My 70s Prom Photo, and it’s Every Bit as Tragic as I Thought it Would Be!

Thirty nine years!

As my darling wife of thirty-three of those would say, “That’s almost forty!”

That got me thinking, if ever there was a quintessential picture of bad hair and silly seventies-style outfits it was my prom photo.

So I embarked on a quest to find my high school sweetheart to get my hands on a photo… CONTINUE READING >>

Come Blow Your Hoorn in Holland
Rooted in the Dutch Golden Age, Hoorn made her name by welcoming ships laden with treasure into her harbor.

Today, we found Hoorn just as welcoming; where else can you learn to eat herring like a Dutchman – from the former town mayor?

Or be welcomed into a home near a cannonball-deflecting defense tower?

And Veronica nearly lost her hand at the infamous Roode Steen… CONTINUE READING >>

The Birds of St. Mary’s, Newfoundland
On the far southern tip of Newfoundland live so many birds it was actually shocking.

Bird Rock is a massive dome, covered with nesting gannets and penguin-like auks, jutting out of a huge canyon with vertical sides that fall more than thirty stories straight down to the sea.

Spectacular!… CONTINUE READING >>

How to Help the Victims of the Orlando Shootings

via ABC Breaking News

Our daughter reporting for ABC News – watch to see how the Orlando Community is coming together – and find out all of the ways YOU can help. It could be as simple as hugging a loved one today.

The GoFundMe page put together by The Center is located here, along with information on crisis counseling locations and phone numbers.

Delve deeper: , ,
An Exclusive Offer from Your GypsyNesters!

Exclusive savings on Fathom Cruises - coupon code!
Remember that cruise where we helped replant the rainforest, pitched in to bring clean water to the beautiful Dominican Republic, and contributed to improving a family’s home? (if you don’t, click here – it was pretty cool!)

Your GypsyNesters are excited to share with you some exclusive savings, so you can follow in our footsteps and keep up the great work! Upcoming sailings are as little as $499 and by using our coupon code from Fathom – Insider1527 – you can save up to an additional $150! CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS >>

Fear Conquering & Feeding Crocodiles in Australia

Is anyone really crazy enough to lure sixteen feet of teeth and muscle out of the water with a chicken leg?

Yes. We are.

Perhaps we’re not as crazy or brave (stupid?) as we are making ourselves out to be since we barely had time to think about it.

But is it any less insane because… CONTINUE READING >> 

Feeding Hungry Crocs in Australia!

There’s no rush in the world like being on the business end of a hungry croc’s mouth. Less than a second ticks by – from leaping reptile to the other-worldly SNAP! as enormous jaws slam shut… Read the whole, crazy adventure here!

How the Anne Frank House Made Me Feel

The Diary of a Young Girl was the first coming-of-age story I’d ever read. 

And it hit me hard for a number of reasons.

So, Anne Frank House was at the very top of my list of places to visit when we arrived in Amsterdam.

The house is the actual building where the Anne and her family — and four others — hid before they were betrayed and captured by the Nazis… CONTINUE READING >>

Our Favorite Great American Road Trips

Summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime. 

We all recall those glorious days of yesteryear with the station wagon packed to the gills, miles of billboard bingo, and endless Are we there yet?s.

Whether we were the kids, or when we had the kids, those memories are an indelible part of our American summers.

Guess what? Those intrepid explorations don’t have to end just because the offspring have moved out… CONTINUE READING >>

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