Hey Boomers! How Important is Travel to You?
We are passionate about travel for so many reasons, but had no idea how many of our fellow Baby Boomers and empty nesters were on the same page.

It’s crazy!

99% of Boomers are going to travel this year… ninety-nine percent!

We almost spit-took coffee all over our keyboard when we saw that number.

Click in and look what your fellow Boomers are up to – and our thoughts about the many surprises we found – and let us know about your upcoming travel adventures… CLICK IN HERE >>

Finding the Twerp in Antwerp, Belgium

We looked up the many definitions of “twerp” – including some seriously weird ones – trying to find how this fabulous city got its name.

Turns out the weirdest definition by far is the answer!

Join us in the land of severed hands, giants, odd stone lions, and incredible beer… CONTINUE READING >>

Your GypsyNesters Would Like to Thank…
USA Today asked how we make travel meaningful
Pink Pangea asked Veronica about what makes her tick!
Midlife at the Oasis featured Going Gypsy! Starts at 60 ran a story about our travels in Tanzania
Boomeresque gave Going Gypsy a nice nod! Adventuress Travel Magazine
reviewed Going Gypsy
We discussed our RV lifestyle on the Downsize with Style podcast dc39 DiscoverCorps named us a travel site to watch in 2016
Peering at the Pier in Santa Monica
Have you ever wondered where Route 66 ends?

Rather than dumping travelers into the Pacific Ocean, Santa Monica offered a better solution – a pleasure pier.

Chase us around a place full of Americana kitsch at its finest, California style… CONTINUE READING >> 

How Volunteering Can Enrich Every Empty Nester’s Life

What is it that makes us feel so passionate about life when we are helping others?

There must be something more to volunteering than the oft said “it makes us feel good to do good.”

I believe it goes deeper.

When the chicks fly the coop we lose the built-in community that comes with raising a brood. Gone are the sports team gatherings, the school plays and scout meetings.

Entire peer groups disappear overnight.  It can get kind of lonely… CONTINUE READING >>

We Climbed Kilimanjaro! Well, Sort Of
We’re talking about the biggest freestanding mountain in the world, rising over nineteen thousand feet!

Fantastic waterfalls, wonderful people, fascinating legends, vile brew, an unusual apology and a very amicable Plan B awaited us on the slopes of Kilimanjaro… CONTINUE READING >>

Doing Dublin in Double Time

We didn’t have a pot full o’ time to discover Dublin, we had but a day to discover her charms. 

But we made the most of this fair city – we learned how to pour a perfect pint at the Guinness Academy, stormed her castle, ate native food, made a daring escape, and took a peek at Molly Malone (where exactly was David looking?)… CONTINUE READING >>

Pouring the Perfect Pint of Guinness in Dublin!

Your GypsyNesters go to the Guinness Academy in Dublin to learn the ropes – don’t try this at home kids!.. See more of our adventures in Dublin!

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Ever Wonder How Our Adventure Began? Guess We’ve Always Been a Little Crazy!
Have you ever wondered how we met?

A one-night stand (not ours!), a beat-up old (heavy metal) car named the Sharkmobile, and the US Postal Service delivered a one-three punch we couldn’t ignore.

It might not be the most romantic story and, the odds most definitely were NOT in our favor, but… CONTINUE READING >>

The Galápagos on Your Bucket List? What You Need to Know to Go
The Galápagos Islands had long been on our bucket list. 

Finally tuition-free when our youngest graduated from college, we treated ourselves to the adventure of a lifetime.

Here’s what we learned about how to get there, what to pack, what to expect and how to prepare for one of the most fascinating… CONTINUE READING >>

That Time I was Called an Ugly American
I met the meanest woman in the world on cruise ship. 

David & I were sitting in a near-empty onboard restaurant after an afternoon cooking class, and had a jovial group of fellow classmates seated with us – new friends from all over the world.

Yes, we were a bit loud.

Yes, we were critiquing the food – we had prepared it, after all – and, I was being exceptionally… CONTINUE READING >>

Totally Taken with Taormina, Sicily

It’s the closest we’ve ever stayed to a smoking volcano!

Follow us as we explore Taormina – a shining village on a hill, a really big, steep hill with amazing sea views.

Breathtaking, and well worth the chance of getting covered in ash!.. CONTINUE READING >>

Our Top Instagram Photos of 2015! Happy 2016!

Wow – what a year! We’re so grateful for tons of travel, the release of Going Gypsy, new friends from all
over the world (that includes YOU!), and a spectacular wedding!

Our most liked photos on Instagram included our African photo safaris in Tanzania and South Africa, our river cruise through Holland and Belgium, and our bike tour in Sicily.

Cheers to 2016 everyone – let’s make it shine!

Leave us a message here

Follow us on Instagram – don’t miss a single pic in 2016!

Tilting at Windmills in Kinderdijk, Holland
Nothing says Holland like windmills, and no place is more windmill laden (there are nineteen!) than the little town of Kinderdijk – so, of course, we had to investigate.

Join us as we learn how windmills work, listen to some (very) tall tales, and find out that people actually livedCONTINUE READING >>

Your GypsyNesters Take You Inside a Real Dutch Windmill!

Ever wonder what one looks like inside? People actually live in them!.. See more about Holland’s most windmill-laden town!

Seven Things I Vow to My First Son-in-law (and the One Thing I Ask of Him!)
Congrats to our wonderful daughter, The Piglet, and her fiancé – they’re engaged and David and I are thrilled! 

Of course – me being me – I’m also a bit freaked out about being the perfect mother-in-law to this wonderful man.

What? Me? A mother-in-law? That’s some heady, for-the-rest-of-my-life stuff!

I asked our wise GypsyNester community for advice and… CONTINUE READING >>

How the Stunning African Batik Silhouettes are Made
Ever wonder how the beautiful silhouette scenes of Africa make it on to fabric?

We did and, as part of our Discover Corps experience in Tanzania, we learned the secret.

We even got to try our hand at making our own.
The method is called batik and the process uses colorful dyes — controlled by… CONTINUE READING >>

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Put On Your Big Boy Pants!
I’ve beaten the crap outta these pants!

I’ve worn them all over the world – while speaking at  conventions and book events, touring cities, rambling on ruins, having cocktails and dinners at a fancy resorts, on trains, planes, and buses, volunteering in Africa, eating my way through Italy, taking in theater in NYC…

Now that’s putting them through the true GypsyNester paces and, at the end of it all… CONTINUE READING >>

Quick Question: Do recent world events make you less likely to travel?

Weigh in and find out how the GypsyNester Community answered this:

Quick question: Do recent world events make you less likely to travel?

Posted by GypsyNester-Celebrating Life After Kids on Thursday, December 3, 2015

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How to Get Trapped in a Giant Crater with Wild Animals – and Love it!
Ngorongoro Crater is a funny name no doubt, but it just might be the best place on the planet to see exotic animals up close in the wild.

The crater formed a few million years ago when a massive volcano collapsed onto itself leaving the largest intact caldera in the world.

The collapse also created… CONTINUE READING >>

Naughty Baby Elephant is Disciplined by Entire Herd!

Watch as this little guy gets in trouble – and how the herd responds!.. Check out our entire safari in Tanzania!

Sweet, Fuzzy Baby Zebra Nurses in Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Cutest thing ever! This baby zebra has lunch and a romp! .. Check out our entire adventure in the crater!

Why We are Honored to be a PBS Next Avenue “Sites We Love”
Have you ever had something really good happen to you out of the blue?

That’s how we felt when PBS’s Next Avenue contacted us saying that they were featuring us as a Sites We Love.

Shut up! we thought. This seriously can’t be happening. We freaking LOVE Next Avenue… CLICK TO SEE WHY WE ARE SO HONORED >>

Whirling Around the Saltstraumen – the World’s Strongest Tidal Flow
There was a crazy power we felt when visiting the Saltstraumen – the noise of so much rushing water, the massive whirlpools, and the sheer beauty of the surroundings ran a dynamic current through our veins.

Incredibly, more than 100 billion gallons of water flows through the two-mile long by five-hundred-foot wide channel in about six hours, at speeds up to 25 miles an hour, forming the world’s strongest… CONTINUE READING >>

The World’s Strongest Tidal Flow – The Saltstraumen in Norway!

Wow! 30 foot whirlpools, crazy fast water – David shows you the world’s strongest maelstrom!.. See more about this wild place

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