Chocked Tentacle in Alghero, Sardinia
It is always a striking experience to venture inside the walls of an historic Italian city but even more so in Alghero.

The mix of cultures over the centuries has left a truly unique place. We could hardly wait to explore… CONTINUE READING >>

A Slice of New York City: An Iconic Pizza Tour
Could there be a single food that is quintessentially New York City? 

If there is one food that screams New York from the top of the Empire State Building, it has got to be pizza.

How did this happen? We didn’t know, but we do now!… CONTINUE READING >>

Look Mom, I’m in North Korea!
Excited to introduce everyone to our daughter, Charli, AKA The Piglet!

For most parents, “Look Mom, I’m in North Korea!” is probably not a dream email to receive.

However, I obviously inherited a love of questionable activities in foreign countries from my parents, The GypsyNesters.

So when they received my weekly travel newsletter detailing my trip to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), not only… CONTINUE READING >>

U.P. and Over Big Mac – Loving Michigan’s Upper Peninsula!

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is the red-headed stepchild of the Great Lakes region.

Like kids left alone who’ve formed a tree house club, the people of the Upper Peninsula have developed a domain unto themselves, even a secret language all their own.

A conversation about a moose walking through town would sound something like this:

“Just seen a snow cow at da stop-and-go light.”

The Best and the Würst of Passau, Germany
The German city of Passau had plenty of interesting attributes to explore, but it shall be forever etched in David’s memory as The Home of The Half-Meter Würst.

In his mind, the best würst ever!

But before we dig too deep into his obsession with this supreme sausage, let’s take a look at the city from whence it came… CONTINUE READING >>

Going Gypsy has a New Look! Check out our New Book Cover!

We’ve received yet another wonderful surprise from our publisher – Skyhorse! We had no idea this was coming!

We are so honored that the incredibly talented Danielle Ceccolini agreed to lend her original work to our book jacket – look what she has created for us!

We feel beyond blessed that someone of Ms. Ceccolini’s caliber could take our goofy little sleep-deprived, airplane-napkin doodle and turn it into… CONTINUE READING to see it in its full glory! >>

Ewok-ing Through the Redwood Forest
We assumed (and everyone knows what happens when you do that) that the biggest and best redwoods would be in Redwoods National Park.

Pure dumb luck brought us in from the north where we discovered Jedediah Smith State Park — and boy are we glad… CONTINUE READING >>

How We Found All of Australia’s Bizarre Animals in One Place
Quick, what’s the first thing that comes to mind about Australia?

Bet it involves animals, and likely some strange ones at that, right?

It was for us, and we bet we found some you’ve never heard of!… CONTINUE READING >>

A Tour of the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

This extraordinary organization is dedicated to rescuing sick and injured wildlife, nursing them back to health, then releasing them back to their homes… CONTINUE READING or enlarge video>>

A Day at Australia Zoo!

Wombats and koalas and kangaroos – oh, my! And then there’s those we’d never even heard of, the echidna and the cassowary… CONTINUE READING or enlarge video>>

A Big Ole Thank You Shout Out!

We’re popping up in some fun places around the web these days! Thanks to all for putting up with our shenanigans!

GypsyNesters on Amtrak! Remember our American Founding Cities Live-Blog? Amtrak reported on it too! GypsyNesters on Complete Senior! Complete Senior profiled us in their magazine just yesterday – we are so honored!

Read it here.

GypsyNesters on Radio Roaming!

Want a good belly laugh? Listen in while we’re interviewed by Australian funny man Steve Collins of Radio Roaming!

GypsyNesters on!

We were asked by to weigh in on our favorite overrated tourist attraction!

We were also interviewed for Travel Writing 2.0! Read our discussion about writing, travel and the things we’ve learned along the way!
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Win a TravelCard – Never Let Your Phone Run out of Juice on the Fly Again!
Do you ever need a little boost?

We sure do!

What if you could get five hours of extra talk time on your phone from a charger that fits in your wallet?

We can – and you can too by entering to win a TravelCard Phone Charger from your very generous GypsyNesters!… CONTINUE READING >>

Delve deeper: ,
Getting Centered at the Equator in Ecuador (or Our Journey to the Center of the Earth)

Just outside of Quito, Ecuador lies the exact midway point between the North and South poles and, being of reasonably sound minds, we had to see it.

Seriously, when do you get the chance to stand on  Latitude 00° 00′ 00”?

We did some wacky things there, but only one of us got a certificate for the wackiest thing of all… CONTINUE READING >>

Things We Wish We’d Known BEFORE We Sent Our Kids to College

It’s that time of year again, and many new empty nesters are sending a fledgling off to college for the first time.

Here are some DOs and DON’Ts from your seasoned GypsyNesters on how to get through that first semester without losing your mind.

 1. Don’t start off on a bad note. It’s hard to let our kids go. The day our babies head out on their own is a tough one for any parent. Because of her self-awareness about her emotional outbursts, Veronica

A Fairy Tale Chocolate Wedding
Our favorite princess was set to tie the knot with one of the top ten chocolatiers in North America – the king of ultra-premium chocolates – and the nuptials were not to be missed.

Anytime a princess marries a king, it’s a big deal – and when the surname is Love, it’s bound to be the social event of the season!

The reception began with a champagne toast… CONTINUE READING >> 

A Reader’s Paradise in Manhattan – The Library Hotel
When writing accounts of our escapades around the globe, we don’t often mention where we stay.

What can we say? “The towels were nice and the TV worked.” Not exactly a captivating story.

But sometimes the accommodations are the story, as is the case with the Library Hotel in New York City.

From the moment we checked in… CONTINUE READING >>

Picture This: Tonic Food & Dried Seafood Streets in Hong Kong
Famous for ancient Chinese medicines, traditional herbal remedies, and tonic foods such as $5,000-per-pound bird’s nests, Hong Kong’s Wing Lok and Ko Shing Streets are bursting with wonderful oddities.

And trust us, that’s the tame stuff!

The life expectancy in Hong Kong is among the highest in the world, so who are we to argue? Click in to see some truly incredible wonders… CONTINUE READING >>

Big, Big, BIG News! Going Gypsy and the Story of its Cover (you may judge the book by it)!
Remember that big news we’ve been spouting off about? The news we were afraid to talk about because we couldn’t believe it was actually happening?

Well here it is (drumroll please!):

We have a book coming out!

Can you imagine how hard this has been for over-sharing me to not say anything?

But, before we get into the details, I want to tell you the story about the cover.

Last December… CONTINUE READING >>

Cedar Key – Florida’s Spare Key
It’s clam-tastic!

Cedar Key sits just off the coast in the northwest corner of the Gulf of Mexico, clear across the state from the well-known chain of islands down south.

The locals like to call it the “Island That Time Forgot,” and… CONTINUE READING >>

Am I a Snow Plow Parent? 7 Modern Parenting Terms
This glossary of modern parenting terms from around the world provides a cautionary tale through definitions. Could a Snow Plow Parent accidentally raise a Kidult in a perpetual state of Adultescence?

Snow Plow Parents
Like the snow removal apparatus, a Snow Plow Parent will be sure to… CONTINUE READING >>

Sir, Yes Sur! Driving the California Coast

The images look unbelievable, but they are real and they are spectacular. This is Big Sur. 

Waves crashing against the craggy coast, mist drifting up mountains that rise abruptly from the sea, bridges impossibly clinging to cliffs…

A perfect day trip ending with elephant seals… CONTINUE READING >> 

Creatures of the Costa Rican Night
When the sun sets in Costa Rica, the jungle comes to life! 

<– Just look at these little guys!

Join your GypsyNesters on a walk through a world of amorous amphibians, screeching owls, hidden-away bats and the other creatures that lurk in the dark of Costa Rica… CONTINUE READING >>

Sometimes a Girl’s Gotta Get Away
Don’t get me wrong – I love being with David. 

We’re pretty much together 24/7 and it’s seldom a problem with us.

We work hard on keeping our relationship fresh (to varying degrees, of course!) and continue to try new things together.

But sometimes a girl… CONTINUE READING >>

The Macabre Human Bone Church of Sedlec, Czech Republic

Inside the walls of this seemingly peaceful little church is a gallery so ghastly, it must be seen to be believed.

We had heard stories about this place, but words — nor pictures — can begin to explain what it was like walking through the doors.

Human bones from tens of thousands of people adorn the walls and ceiling, in inexplicable formations.

Strings of… CONTINUE READING >> 

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