You’re Invited to the Going Gypsy Book Party in St. Louis!

Hey St. Louis!
Meet us at the fab Subterranean Books on July 9th!
Click here for more info!

Our Quest to Find the Oddest Art at the Louvre in Paris
We don’t know art, but we know what we like.. and we like it weird!

Traipse along with your GypsyNesters as we scour the Louvre for the strangest masterpieces we could find…. CONTINUE READING >>

Luck of the GypsyNesters! Follow us in Ireland This Week!
We’ll be storming Ireland this week in Dublin and the Wild Atlantic Way! Join us LIVE all week on
Rebuilding Together: How to Help the Seniors in Your Community
There is strength in numbers, so by banding together we can accomplish much more than as separate individuals.

Together our team of volunteers completely repainted the home of a retired nurse in need – in one day!

We weren’t the youngest chicks in the coop – but we were enthusiastic, and relentless…. CONTINUE READING >>  

Kickin’ Some Glass in Corning, New York
Chase your GypsyNesters around as we discover Corning, New York!

Located halfway between NYC and Niagara Falls, we create our own masterpieces at the  world’s largest museum of glass, stay at a fabulous Victorian bed and breakfast and see a buffalo crash through a building… CONTINUE READING >>

Creating our Masterpieces at Corning Museum of Glass!

Your GypsyNesters learn to shape and blow red-hot glass at the Corning Museum of Glass in New York! … SEE MORE >>

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No Stone Unturned: Foamhenge in Virginia

I have a confession to make. 

About thirty years ago I was in London for several days and didn’t take the short trip outside of town to see Stonehenge.

That’s why I was so thrilled to discover an exact replica made of Styrofoam in Virginia – how could we not veer off the side of the road?.. CONTINUE READING >>

I See Dead People in Buenos Aires
I love cemeteries. I know that sounds strange, but I do. Cemeteries spark my imagination — the lives lived, the history interred.

That said, it is not often that we seek out a graveyard. Usually we stumble upon them hidden away.

Not the case with La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, it should be considered a must-see by any visitor to the CONTINUE READING >> 

Norway in a Nutshell: Built Fjord Tough
Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that getting there is half the fun.

It this case, on the road from Oslo to Bergen, it was ALL the fun!

We embarked on a journey that took us on the famous Flam Train Line and caught a boat that sailed us through the West Norwegian Fjords UNESCO World Heritage Site… CONTINUE READING >>

A Big Time at the Going Gypsy Party in Nashville!

A big time was had by all at the Nashville Going Gypsy Book Party at BookmanBookwoman in Nashville!

It was a true Music City event with old friends, new friends and a host of recording artists, songwriters, musicians, authors, and family – SO MUCH FUN!

Click in and see the pics!… CONTINUE READING >>

How to Save Money on Travel Once You Turn 50

Turning fifty sucks, but there is a silver lining!

Not gonna lie, turning fifty was not our favorite thing in the world. Not even close.

Your GypsyNesters heroically sift through all the fabulous travel savings you receive — just by being “of a certain age” — so you have it at your fingertips.

And for your bookmarking pleasure… CONTINUE READING >>

Riding the Fastest Train in the World
Ever think it might be fun to levitate?

That’s just fantasy stuff, right? The kind of thing we only see in movies, or magic shows. Not true.

There is a place where floating in midair, and doing it at 200 miles per hour, is not only possible, it happens every day… CONTINUE READING >> 

What a Rush! The World’s Fastest Train!

Watch what happens when the train going in the other direction passes – WOW!.. enlarge video >>

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We’re Blown Away. Simply. Blown. Away.

The uber-talented Sundance veteran Anne Flournoy of The Louise Log fame produced this hysterical 50-second short on her experience of reading Going Gypsy! See Anne’s full post on Going Gypsy here or leave a comment here >>

Fear Conquering & Gliding in a Sailplane
Considering that I have now jumped out of an airplane at 10,000 feet in Australia and paraglided off the sea cliffs of Lima, Peru, one would think that I would have no fear of sailplaning.

And I didn’t. Until I did.

I had about three-week’s notice before… CONTINUE READING >>

Veronica Glides in a Sailplane over New York State!

An unbelievably beautiful experience. And, yes, also scary. Of course, Veronica gets in her usual goofy “fear questions” between gasps and panic peeps… See the whole story here >>

An Empty Nest Couples Tip: Do Something Completely New Together
Like most couples, we entered the empty nest phase of our lives pretty much the same way we entered the world, starry-eyed and clueless.

An anxiety-inducing mixture of excitement and terror.

We had our big now what? moment and stumbled ahead, knowing that we had to do something to reconnect as the couple that fell in love all those years ago.

We’ve found that the key is… CONTINUE READING >>

The Pisté Résistance: A Surprising Discovery in The Yucatán, Mexico
In our travels it is often a slice of unassuming, everyday life that delivers the unexpected, and satisfying, taste of a destination.

As a gateway to Chichen Itza, we expected Piste to be dominated by tourist traps, but we found the exact opposite.

We couldn’t resist an evening enjoying some genuine Yucatán life…. CONTINUE READING >>

How to Make Your Mother-in-law Love You Forever

I have known my mother-in-law since I was eighteen-years old.

Now, as a wise woman with over half a century behind me, I can reflect back on our relationship and see things with the clarity and compassion of 20/20 hindsight.

Yeah, right. I haven’t seen anything 20/20 in decades.

We’ve had our ups and downs, like any… CONTINUE READING >>

David Interviews Director Bill Pohlad of “Love & Mercy” – Beach Boys New Biopic
This amazing movie delves deeply into the troubled life of Brian Wilson, the creative genius behind The Beach Boys, from a compassionate and compelling point of view – a must see.

David sits down after the screening with the film’s director and producer, Bill Pohlad (12 Years a Slave, Wild), to chat a bit about the extent of Brian Wilson’s involvement… CONTINUE READING >>

3 Money Mistakes Empty Nesters Make – and One of Them is OURS!

Check us out talking about a BIG lesson learned in U.S. News & World Report!

When your kids leave home, you may worry about how they’re going to handle their money. But don’t forget to worry about yourself, too… SEE FULL ARTICLE >>

And that’s not all! See more Going Gypsy News!

Seeing Red in Rothenberg, Germany’s Best Preserved Medieval Town
It’s not every day that we get to spend securely tucked away within the impenetrable ramparts of a fortified enclave, but Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany was just such a place.

The town truly is one big fortress, protected by a city wall all the way around it that has remained intact for centuries… CONTINUE READING >>

So I Broke Down and Tried Botox (please don’t judge me!)
I’m a squinter. Always have been. My Grandma used to caution me, “Quit doing that – your face will freeze that way!”

In my twenties, David would affectionately tease me about my “worry line.” He would always know when something was amiss, all he had to do was look between my eyes.

Fast forward thirty (or so) years and, still, I squint on. The squinting’s worst when I’m writing – I don’t even realized I’m doing it.

And Grandma was right, my face… CONTINUE READING >> 

Hangin’ with FDR and Eleanor at Hyde Park
Sometimes in our travels we come upon connections across history — and miles — in coincidental and unpredictable ways.

Come along with us as we explore the Presidential Library and Museum (and yes, we found the weird stuff!), peek into the houses that the Roosevelts lived in — together and apart — and have the privilege to visit with a friend of Eleanor’s (seriously)… CONTINUE READING >>

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