Getting Small at the Leprechaun Museum in Dublin
We thought we knew all we needed to know about leprechauns.

As kids, we learned from the authoritative source of Lucky Charms commercials just how mischievous they could be.

We’d spent hours dreaming about how we’d spend that pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow – should we be lucky enough to find it.

Turns out that we knew next to nothing… CONTINUE READING >>

The Ultimate Baby Boomer & Empty Nester Gift Guide!
Ah, the holidays are upon us, and as sure as the season’s first chills — and the smell of turkey fills the air — the madness of Black Friday cannot be far behind.

Your thoughtful GypsyNesters want to save everyone a trip through the horrifying madness that goes on at the mall this time of year by sharing this hand-dandy gift guide!

We gathered up all of our don’t leave home without them travel items — along with cheeky and fun presents for baby boomers and empty nesters of all walks of life — and put them all together so you can shop without ever leaving the comfort of your festively decorated house… SEE ALL OF OUR SPECTACULAR GIFT SUGGESTIONS! >>

Nashville’s Greatest Hits

Take a ride with us through Nashville in the shadow of the Batman Building as we explore her history, the roots of her music, and her most famous landmarks.

Discover why she’s called the Athens of the South, how Bob Dylan shaped the music scene, and the surprising story of how she earned the moniker Music City… CONTINUE READING >>

The Hippest Public Bathroom in the USA
Jackpot! A flush with greatness!

Shiny and adorned in black and green art deco (including the toilets and urinals) this luxurious loo boasts a shoeshine station and a vintage phone that calls up the front desk – just in case… CONTINUE READING >>

Win a $1200 Weekend at NYC’s Library Hotel AND Bring Books to Africa’s Children!

Passports with Purpose YOU can give to a great cause AND enter to win  fabulous prizes – including a weekend at the Library Hotel in the heart of Manhattan!

We’re really passionate about this fundraiser – and we’ve teamed up with Passports with Purpose and our sponsor, Library Hotel, to empower students in Kenya with books.

Your $10 donation can change the life of a child… CLICK TO FIND OUT HOW! >>

How to Make Your Travel More Meaningful

Are you stuck in a travel rut? Are you looking for ways to add some extra oomph into your experiences?

USA Today asked us and some pretty weighty folks to weigh in on how we find ways to travel with purpose to enrich our experiences.

We waxed poetic as usual! 😉 …  See the full article >>

Sicily, Italy by Bicycle – Part Two
Yeah baby!

We are having a blast here in Sicily – biking and eating, eating and biking.

Continue with us as we pedal through baroque cities built into hillsides, villages that depend on the sea, and orchards of olive trees.

And each place we land, we’re sampling regional food specialties… CONTINUE READING >> 

Cycling (and Eating) Our Way Through Sicily, Italy

Join your GypsyNesters as we cycle our way though the southern coastal villages of Italy!.. SEE MORE >>

Biking Our Way Through Sicily – Follow Along with Us!
We love riding our trusty steeds (GypsyNester parlance for bicycles) – we feel it’s the best way to see a new place at the perfect pace.

And we’re doing it in a part of Italy that we have never before visited!

Ride along with us as we pedal back in time on the Mediterranean island of Sicily… CONTINUE READING > >

Chocolate Factory Tour in Sicily, Italy!

Sicily is famous for her chocolate and we toured her oldest dolceria!.. SEE MORE >>

Meeting Africa’s Mysterious Maasai Across Culture and Time
In the Great Rift Valley of Tanzania, Africa we took a journey of a hundreds of miles, and a thousand years. 

Join us as we discover a world of the seldom seen and meet a people who live in an area so remote there is little communication with the outside world.

We visit a family with eleven wives in a terrain so harsh and dry that drinking blood provides much needed nourishment and hydration.


Discovering Africa’s Mysterious Maasai People

It’s impossible to fully capture the Maasai through words and photos, watch and enter their world through our eyes… SEE MORE >>

Delve deeper: , , , ,
A Day of Reflection in Nagasaki, Japan
A day of reflection in Nagasaki, JapanOur day of reflection takes us through cherry blossom-strewn, peaceful Nagasaki.

Join us as we stroll through The Peace Garden with its towering Prayer Monument,  wonder at the surviving statues of a church at ground zero of the atomic bomb, visit the epicenter and the Atomic Bomb Museum.

We’ll take you back to the day when the clocks forever stopped at 11:02…  CONTINUE READING >> 

GypsyNesters on Your TV – Watch Us on WSMV!

We joined Nashville’s WSMV Channel 4 More at Midday gang to discuss our life on the road, reconnecting as a couple, and our appearance at the Southern Festival of Books – so much fun! Click here to leave a comment!

Only by Air: Alaska’s Extremely Remote Tundra Villages
Ever since our youngest, The Boy, took a job as a pilot in Alaska we have been intrigued by the unique corner of Alaska that his small airline serves.

He flies to about two dozen little native villages that are only accessible by air – there are no roads in or out of the harsh tundra.

These are some of the most remote settlements anywhere in the United StatesCONTINUE READING >>

What Makes a Great Empty Nest Destination? Here are our Suggestions!
With the children raised and off on their own, many of the obstacles that hindered our ability to travel extensively have disappeared, but there may be some new challenges.

The key for us empty nesters is to decide what we are seeking when we travel, then match the destination to our desires.

If we plan ahead for our levels of comfort, cost, and activity level, checking most anything off the… CONTINUE READING >> 

Hunting the Big 5 with our Camera – Safari South African Style

As luck would have it.

The phrase doesn’t necessarily refer to good luck; sometimes it can preface a lament of ill fortune.

In the case of our photo safari in South Africa, as luck would have it, we were about as (good) lucky as anyone could get… CONTINUE READING >>

Big 5 Photo Safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Watch us hunt for the Big 5 in South Africa – and come nose to nose with an angry rhino!.. SEE MORE >>

We’ve Been Accepted into the Southern Festival of Books! Come see us in Nashville!
Big, big news! 

We (and our book, Going Gypsy) have been accepted into one of our favorite book events – The Southern Festival of Books in Nashville!

Humanities Tennessee has been throwing this great event for twenty-seven years, and its popularity has inspired hundreds of similar book festivals.

Because of their dedication to the written word, the festival is free to all who want to celebrate the joy of reading!

Join us and two hundred of the nation’s most prominent authors for three days of fun, interaction, and – because it’s in Nashville, music!… SEE MORE ABOUT THE SOUTHERN FESTIVAL OF BOOKS AND HOW YOU CAN MEET US THERE >>

Norway’s Harbor, Bergen & Bryggen
Locals say, “There’s Norway, and then there’s Bergen” – and we quickly learned why.

Join your GypsyNesters as we tour this rich-with-unusual-history town on Norway’s harbor.

AND enter Bryggen – a city within the city… CONTINUE READING >> 

Blessed Blood, Beer, and Blind Donkeys in Bruges, Belgium
How could we NOT be charmed by Bruges?

Her beautiful old town has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

All of the buildings — even businesses and private homes — can only be renovated according to strict rules that maintain the authenticity of the city, creating a wonderful time capsule… CONTINUE READING >> 

East Africa Unveiled: A Live Blog
Our volunteer vacation continues as we explore East Africa…

We’ve completely fallen in love with our students at our school!

Check out how our service projects are progressing and join us on an incredible photo safari in beautiful Tanzania… CONTINUE READING >>

Is Simple Living in Retirement the Way to Go?
The GypsyNesters in AfricaUS News and World Report asked us what simple living means to us and why we live the way we do.

“Traveling throughout retirement may not be everyone’s idea of simple living, but David and Veronica say ditching the house was one of the best moves they ever made. ‘We are in a state of nearly constantly pinching ourselves… CONTINUE READING >>

Our Voluntourism Adventure in Tanzania: A Live Blog
Our volunteer vacation continues as we explore Tanzania…

Your GypsyNesters continue to explore Africa in the best way possible – by helping as we go!

We’re continuing our service project to village children by teaching and fixing up their school,  meeting the colorful Chagga people, and going deep into seldom seen Massai lands where we’ll encounter a world we’d never dreamed we’d experience… CONTINUE READING >> 

Our Journey into Africa: A Live Blog
Join us LIVE as we journey into Africa for the first time…

So happy to be bringing you along on our first voluntourism experience!

We are honored that we will be teaching children and making structural improvements to their school, but we will be learning too! Learning about the customs and traditions of the people of Tanzania.

In our free time, we’ll be photographing the incredible wildlife and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (well, a little bit)… CONTINUE READING >>

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