Living the Life of the Beautiful People in San Sebastián, Spain
We were amongst the Beautiful People!

Seriously beautiful. Luxury at its finest—and we walked every inch of it!

Let us show you an incredible half-moon beach, spectacular sunsets, and some of the most wonderful food and views in the world… CONTINUE READING >> 

An Ode to the Home of Vidalia Onions
To paraphrase Shakespeare, would an onion by any other name taste as sweet?

We think not, since most onions are hardly sweet at all. So what’s in a name? Vidalia, Vidalia, wherefore art thou Vidalia?

The only way to know for sure was to go directly to the… CONTINUE READING >> 

The Joys of Bathing

Traveling the world you may not always get the benefits and comfort of home.

But regardless of where you are taking the time to relax and enjoy a leisurely soak in the tub is something that anyone at any age would relish… CONTINUE READING >> 

Mermaids, Hippies, and the Spires of Copenhagen, Denmark

A truly colorful town!

Race around Copenhagen with your GypsyNesters as we check out her art and architecture, her quirks and colors, and successfully dodge a contact high in a real live hippie colony (and though we don’t partake, we used it as an excuse to satisfy our munchies anyway)… CONTINUE READING >> 

How Many Islands Make a Thousand Islands?

We got a taste of the 1000 Islands—and it’s sooooo much more than the salad dressing!

We wanted to see every fabulous nook and wonderful cranny of the islands. Join us as we soar overhead in a helicopter, take in Millionaire’s Row by boat, and find out what it takes to be an island these days… CONTINUE READING >> 

Helicopter Tour of the Beautiful 1000 Islands of Canada!

Soar high above the 1000 Islands with your GypsyNesters!.. SEE MORE ABOUT THE 1000 Islands! >>

Livin’ the Good Life at Hotel Ambassador Bibione, Italy

We have spent a lot of time in Italy. It was practically a second home throughout the nineties while working all over the country, but in all of our travels we never came across Bibione… CONTINUE READING >>

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Gallivanting Across Generations in Galveston, Texas

The wild and windblown story of Galveston began as a haven for pirates, just the kind of past that caught our attention!

A great way to merge a little history in with all of the water-soaked fun they we can stand.

Arrrgh mateys, I declare me-self king!.. CONTINUE READING >> 

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You Can Gdańsk If You Want To In Poland

A city that rose from the ashes of World War II to become glorious again. That’s Gdansk.

We love a story of strength, of overcoming odds, of finding one’s way back from overwhelming circumstances.

If a city can personify these traits, we saw it in Gdansk… CONTINUE READING >> 

Walking the Basque Country of Spain (and a Wee Bit of France)—Live

Man, can the folks in the Basque Country throw a party!

Our live-blog continues along the Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James).

See how we stumble into one of the most unique festivals we’ve ever seen, learn to cook like a Basqueman, and dip our toes into the French side of things… CONTINUE READING

Basking in the Basque Country of Spain, A Live Blog
One of the finer aspects of a walking tour is the ability to partake in incredible food without worrying (too much) about stepping on the scale when arriving back home.

We looked long and hard for the perfect pairing of spectacular scenery and incredible edibles—and believe we’ve found it!

Chase us as we eat massive amounts of tapas (they’re called pintxos here), roam around Madrid, make a pilgrimage along the Way of St. James, sleep in a palace, storm a castle, hit the beach… CONTINUE READING

Whoa. We’re in the Chicago Tribune!

Okay, we’re not sure who the people are in the photos—but we’re uber-excited to be in the text!.. CHECK US OUT!

A Town Truly Fit for a King—Kingston, Ontario
While exploring Kingston, Ontario (the gateway to the 1000 Islands, yep, of salad dressing fame), we discovered that history, like beauty, can be in the eye of the beholder.  

Follow us as we gallivant through the coolest fort we’ve ever seen, eat at the safest restaurant in the world, unlearn what we learned in history class, and partake in a romantic, sunset dinner cruise through the 1000 Islands… CONTINUE READING

Taking on Tallinn, Estonia
While we can’t say that Estonia occupied a spot on our bucket list, we sure are glad that we checked it off anyway! 

You’ve GOT to love a country that sang its way to freedom, serves food you didn’t even know was edible and (in the past), used some freaky remedies to cure what ails ya… CONTINUE READING

Look for Your GypsyNesters in Your Favorite Magazine this Month!

So excited about this opportunity! 

We’ve teamed up Humana with tips on kicking YOUR Generation Encore into high, healthy gear!

See our tips and tricks for staying healthy out on the road, what we carry with us to avoid disaster, and what we tote along onto airplanes to avoid eating junk food (and much more!).

Check out the SEVEN magazines you can catch us in… CONTINUE READING

Roadtrippin’ Canada this Week! Follow along with us Live!

We’ll be storming Ontario, Canada on a riproarin’ roadtrip! No stone will be unturned—we’ll be exploring by road, raft,  boat, trolley, helicopter and even a 1930s biplane (gulp!).

Don’t miss a thing and follow us LIVE all week on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

There’s No Denying Denali is Da Bomb! Alaska’s Beauty at its Best
Scenery that’s just too spectacular to be real!

There’s no place like it on earth. We skirted precariously along cliffs, hiked among magnificent mountains, and learned how to react when we came upon a grizzly in the wild (this goes against every human fight-or-flight instinct!).

Oh, and there’s that bit about the town that has a cat for a mayor… CONTINUE READING

Fear Conquering & Eating Silkworms in China

I am no longer an eating-a-bug virgin.

I love sampling new food – the more authentic the better. But, from time to time we are faced with delicacies which may be too authentic.

Find out which of us tried it and who chickened out… CONTINUE READING and watch the video >> 

That Time I was Smote by God

On a blustery New York City morning, I executed my first face plant.

The sun had just peeked out after a torrential rain and began to form those bands of brilliant, glorious Jesus Rays streaming through the clouds.

Next thing I knew, I lay prostrated before a church in that special kind of pain that only landing square on one’s schnozz can bring, surrounded by scattered partyware glistening in the sun like a golden calf.

But I probably deserved it… CONTINUE READING

Cruising the Baltic and Beyond: Germany, Denmark and Norway – Live!

We’re still live and rockin’!

Chase us though an eye-opening jaunt through Berlin, a hippy colony in Copenhagen, the quaint, wooden towns of Stavanger and Bergen, and a ride in the fjords of Norway that you won’t believe… FOLLOW US LIVE >>

Russia, Estonia, and Poland – Cruising Though the North, Live!

Astonishing architecture, spires that scrape the skies, medieval charm – that’s Northern Europe.

Join us in the land of the czars, of decedent royalty, and food we’d never dreamed of  eating… FOLLOW US LIVE >>

Cruising the Homelands of the Vikings – a Live-Blog

Viking Ocean Cruises. You read that right, Ocean.

We’re huge fans of Viking River Cruises and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us—in their homelands—and on the ocean!

Join us live as we board the brand new Viking Star and explore the spectacular Baltic Sea region of Northern Europe!.. FOLLOW US LIVE! >>

Tour of our Stateroom Aboard the Viking Star!

Our steward, the fabulous Willy, guides us through the hidden nooks and happy crannies of our posh stateroom!.. FOLLOW THE LIVE-BLOG OF OUR CRUISE >>

How We Use the Internet While Overseas (without going broke!)

How we get Internet access while on the road is probably the most common question we are asked.

Internet access is much easier to find now than it was when we started this crazy life we lead.

When we’re in the States, we have service with us all the time because our smartphone creates its own hotspot.

But overseas, it’s a whole different enchilada… CONTINUE READING > > 


Seeing the Rainforest for the Trees, Reforesting the Dominican Republic
We got grubby — for good!

It was a dirty job to say the least, but it feels good to get really filthy sometimes.

Ask any kid.

Life rocks under the warm Dominican sun… CONTINUE READING >> - © 2007-2016 Troppo Publishing, All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy
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