How to Smörgåsbord (like it’s your job) in Sweden!
One of the experiences we were most excited about when visiting Stockholm was the chance to tackle a traditional Swedish smörgåsbord.

The idea of a smörgåsbord has a humble background. The name is a combination of the words smörgås, meaning sandwich, and bord, which means table, but in practice there is a whole lot more than sandwiches going down.

In fact, there is an entire method to properly approach… CONTINUE READING >>

Life After Kids

When Veronica and I began to think about our life after raising kids one of the first things we did was Google “empty nesters.”

We wanted to see if anyone else was looking at this the same way that we were. With a feeling of “isn’t it great that the kids have moved out, and we’ll have life to ourselves again?” To be untethered and free. To wander the globe. To be GypsyNesters instead of empty-nesters.

But no, just about everything we could find was lamenting how terrible it is that the kids aren’t around anymore. Even worse, the biggest item on the first page we clicked into was an enormous ad for an… CONTINUE READING >>

Dispatch One: Amsterdam to the Top of the World by Train, A Live Blog
Are we crazy? It’s possible we’ve finally gone off the rails.

When Eurail contacted us to see if we’d like to take advantage of a 15-day rail pass, David the Train Nut’s pupils got wide and his answer was a resounding YES!

Veronica was all aboard too, and started dreaming of a wintertime jaunt to sunny Spain. David, however, had other plans. He suggested Scandinavia.

Veronica was not so onboard with this. Right. Let’s head north into the cold and dark. Why, pray tell? Then David said two words: Northern Lights.

That did it. Join us LIVE as we embark on a wintry expedition above the Arctic Circle… CONTINUE READING >>

Check Out Where We Stayed in Amsterdam (Hint: It’s a Houseboat!)

One of many interesting aspects of Amsterdam that we noticed upon

arriving were the colorful houseboats lining the canals – there are
about 2,400 of these semi-seafaring gems docked along the walls of the

We were overjoyed to have the opportunity to stay on one of them during…CONTINUE READING >>

Fear Conquering & Paragliding in Lima, Peru
Our day began with what (we thought) was going to be a leisurely stroll along the sea cliffs of Lima. 

We had heard about the veil that hangs over the city, we were pleasantly surprised at the beautiful blue day ahead of us.

Reaching the cliffs, the first thing we noticed was not the view, but the … CONTINUE READING >>

Veronica’s Hysterical Paragliding Antics

Veronica: I feel like we’re sideways, are we sideways? Pilot George: No. We are fine. We are going in very slow. Veronica: What? It doesn’t feel slow. (petrified laugh) No. Ayhhhhhh… CONTINUE READING  or enlarge video >>

Dispatch Two: River Cruising Paris to Prague, A Live-Blog
It’s a living fairy tale – we’re still happily river cruisin’ through France, Luxembourg, Germany, and the Czech Republic!

Don’t miss a single fabulous moment – and

Join us LIVE for every step of the way!..CONTINUE READING >>

Incredible Water Goblet Musician in Prague!

The incredibly talented (and hysterically funny) Peter! He even performs a special serenade to Veronica!.. See our cruise from Paris to Prague or enlarge video>>

Jousting with Middle Age
What is middle aged? I suppose we are implying the middle of our lifespan. So let’s say eighty years. That makes forty, give or take a few years, middle aged. Ninety is certainly a possibility, so, forty-five. Some of us might even live to be 100, so I can even go as high as fifty.

After that it gets a little curious. Fifty-five? Well, people have lived to 110, so let’s call the late fifties the absolute top side of middle age.

If someone sixty-plus is going around claiming to be middle aged, basically they are declaring… CONTINUE READING >>

Dispatch One: River Cruising Cities of Light, A Live-Blog
We’re excited to bring you along LIVE as we explore the cities of light along the Rhine, Moselle and Main Rivers!

We’ll be cruisin’ through France, Luxembourg, Germany, and the Czech Republic starting in Paris and steaming toward Prague.

Join us for every step of the way – live!.. CONTINUE READING >>

Our Stateroom On Viking River Cruises’ Odin

Our Viking River Cruises hotel manager, Thomas, gives us a guided tour of our stateroom aboard the longship Odin!.. See our cruise from Paris to Prague or enlarge video>>

Shear Madness: Fall Festivals of the Catskills
When autumn arrives in the Catskills, there’s a good bet a party is happening nearby. 

The explosion of color on the mountainsides brings in folks from far and wide, so putting on a festival is a natural thing to do.

Visit the site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival, a Sheep and Wool Festival and, because it’s October, or shall we say Oktober… CONTINUE READING >>

Fear Conquering & Hate Mail
A comment on our site:

“In my opinion, anyone who would refer to children in such a disgusting and disrespectful way (adult or not) is an emotionally bankrupt shell of a person…”

BAM! My first hate mail.

I read a lot of blogs. Any of them worth their salt raise strong emotion and spark debate on their message boards. Sometimes it can get a bit heated, but makes for a nice balance.

We have had comments on our website that strongly disagree with our opinions and we relish them, we value every… CONTINUE READING >>

Ten Things You Don’t Know About New York City – Even If You Live There!
Your GypsyNesters found the wild, weird and wonderful not-so-known sights, sounds and flavors of The Big Apple!

Even if you are a New Yorker -  we bet you don’t know most of these!.. CONTINUE READING >>

Let Us Introdoos-ya to Noosa, Australia
The area is stunningly beautiful — packed full of national parks, state forests, beaches, and wildlife — and is quite the foodie town!

Join your GypsyNesters as we jump into adventure, cavort with kookaburras, drop bears and mamils, swim at the base of a waterfall, and eat and relax our way through Noosa… CONTINUE READING >>

What I Learned at My First Women’s Retreat
The odd, nomadic lifestyle that I live (and love) is not especially conducive to making intimate, long-term connections. Something that I miss, and am sorely out of practice in pursuing.

But I wasn’t sure that a women’s retreat was right for me.

The lessons that I learned were completely unexpected… CONTINUE READING >>

How to (and how NOT to) Deal with the Altitude in Peru

I’m a sea-level gal. I don’t do well with high altitude.

At about 5,000 feet above sea level I get sleepy, at 6,000 loopy and at 7,000 I’m out cold – like I’m in a coma.

So when I found out that our trip to Peru would mean being above 11,000 feet, I panicked. We were going to some real bucket list-worthyCONTINUE READING >>

Clinging to the Cliffs of the Amalfi Coast of Italy
Italy has a long relationship with the sea, and nowhere is that connection more beautifully on display than the stretch of shoreline along the Sorrentine Peninsula’s Amalfi Coast.

This is the Italy of the international jet set, and after our impressive arrival we almost felt like a part of it…. CONTINUE READING >>

The Empty Nest Through a Husband’s Eyes
There is much more to beauty and allure than physical appearance. Years of shared experiences, and the comfort of complete compatibility, more than make up for any lost youth, no matter what these marketers splash across our screens.

As men, we see those images too, and have been persuaded — no, programmed — into thinking that we all want supermodels who think about nothing more than fun times and a lot of beer. Well, I have two things to say about that:


Yellowstone – What a Gas Hole!

We had come to Wyoming to see the world’s first National Park.

Permanently set aside in 1872, Yellowstone is home to two-thirds of all the geysers in the world.

Superheated water gushes hundreds of feet into the air from some while others spout tiny bursts of steam.

In some spots, boiling springs and pools of sulfur-rich water dwell next to pits of bubbling…  CONTINUE READING >>

Enter to Win $50 of Gift Card Goodness and Celebrate Going Gypsy with us!
We’re excited to announce that our book Going Gypsy: One Couple’s Adventure from Empty Nest to No Nest at All is available for pre-order!

As a matter of fact, we’re SO excited that we’re giving away 50 dollars of gift card goodness!

<–Yep! That’s an eBook too!


Street Food Eating our Way Through Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula
Across Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, we set out to sample as many street delicacies as possible and got off to a jumping start at a weekend street fair in Cancun.

In the Yucatán, many of the favorite foods can be traced back to Mayan times. In addition to building incredible cities, the Maya people grew… CONTINUE READING >>

Street Food of Mexico!

We binge ate our way through the Yucatan Peninsula – calorie count not included, for your guilt-free viewing pleasure… CONTINUE READING or enlarge video>>

Sumo Warriors: My Japanese Wrestling Education
Another fun post from our daughter, Charli, AKA The Piglet!

There’s a misconception that sumo wresting is just a couple fat dudes bashing into each other, but there’s actually a lot ritual, a lot of skill, and a lot of training that goes into those fat guys bashing into each other.

Sumo tournaments are held three times a year in Tokyo and I was lucky enough… CONTINUE READING >>

No, We Won’t Buy You a…
Our main goal as parents was to end up with happy, healthy, self-sufficient adults.

We can’t tell anyone how to do this — everyone’s different and Lord knows we made our share of mistakes along the way — but we can offer an insight that we’ve gained through our own offspring’s transitions from childhood to adulthood.

Don’t give kids everything they want, just everything they need.

A whole lot of what they want is stupid crap and… CONTINUE READING >>

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