Discovering De- Luxembourg, Deluxe-mbourg
As Europe’s richest country, and ranked second in the entire world, it was easy for us to think that the luxe in Luxembourg would stem from the same source as deluxe, or luxury, but it doesn’t. How’s that for a teaser. ;)

Join your GypsyNesters as we simply gawk at the grandeur of Luxembourg, the American Cemetery and the most beautiful balcony in the world… CONTINUE READING >>

Livingston (Guatemala), I Presume

When we heard about Livingston, a tiny outpost on the Guatemalan coast with an intriguing history and only accessible by boat, we knew we had to go.

So from the busy port of Puerto Barrios, we sought passage north.

After some difficulty trying to decipher the schedule and ticketing procedure for the trip… CONTINUE READING >>

A Day in Livingston, Guatemala

Absolutely blown away by this little town in Guatemala only accessible by water, so much culture!.. CONTINUE READING  or enlarge video >>

Tweet #GoingGypsy to Enter to Win an Autographed First Edition of Going Gypsy!

We’re just days away from the launch of Going Gypsy!

 And to celebrate, we’re giving away an autographed copy!

Are you ready to find out how you can win? … CONTINUE READING >>

How Did a Buffalo Grow Wings?: The Origins of Some of America’s Favorite Foods

Many places across America have a certain food item that is emblematic to their city or region, and luckily we have found ourselves at the source of several.

Share a meal or two (okay many, many meals!) with us and learn about the origins of some of the USA’s most icon foods… CONTINUE READING >>

David Tackles Chicago’s Famous Italian Beef Sandwiches!

It’s one of the USA’s most iconic foods – the Italian beef sandwich. David learns the “Italian Stance”… SEE MORE or enlarge video>>

The Empty Nest as a Launching Pad – Are YOU Ready to Launch With Us?

So psyched about this article in Medium!

“After packing their youngest off to college, the Gypsy Nesters hit the road and never looked back. ‘We’re going down in a ball of flames!’ says”… READ THE FEATURE HERE and leave a comment here 

Stockholm Syndrome: Captured by Sweden

From now on, when we visit a city and wish we had been able to stay much longer, we shall refer to the situation as Stockholm syndrome.

The Swedish capital was completely captivating.

And we couldn’t help but have fond feelings for our captor… CONTINUE READING >>

Into the Stockholm Sky on the Ericsson Globe!

Your GypsyNesters take a (slightly queasy) trip to the top of Stockholm in a ball!.. SEE MORE  or enlarge video>>

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Help Us Make 2015 the Year of Going Gypsy! #GoingGypsy
<– We have a copy of our book in our hands!

It’s DAYS away from the release of Going Gypsy and we’re so excited (and nervous)!

We are indescribably grateful to the wonderful people who have given us their congratulations – cheered us on – and offered help in getting the word out.

This means the world to us.

Would YOU like to help too?

There are so many really easy things you can do! Read on to find out how easy we’ve made it for you!

Perfectly Preserved: Colonial Spain in Valladolid, Mexico

Just because a place is off the beaten path doesn’t mean that a path should not be beaten to it.

We’ve discovered this to be true on several occasions — sometimes by accident — other times by design, as with our visit to Valladolid.

We had heard that this impressively preserved colonial settlement hidden away in the heart… CONTINUE READING >>

The Best? (Worst?) Funniest. Family Portrait. Ever.
Every family has ‘em.

Piles of throw-away snapshots that you can’t bear to throw away. Before digital cameras, our generation put every picture — no matter how bad — into a photo album. After all, they were precious – and we shelled out big bucks to have them developed.

Then there are the CLASSICS. The ones you should have thrown away, but instead you frame them. This one is ours.

Think about it, we thought we were sitting for a lovely family portrait. Clearly, all heck is breaking loose and none of us could… CONTINUE READING >>

How it Feels to Visit the Atomic Bomb Ground Zero in Nagasaki, Japan

Physically being in the Zone of Prayers brought us to an emotional state that is impossible to describe.

But, despite the horrific history of this spot, our feelings were directed toward peace and remembrance.

The site is incredibly solemn, yet very beautiful… CONTINUE READING >>

That Time I was Called an Ugly American
I met the meanest woman in the world on cruise ship. 

David & I were sitting in a near-empty onboard restaurant after an afternoon cooking class, and had a jovial group of fellow classmates seated with us – new friends from all over the world.

Yes, we were a bit loud.

Yes, we were critiquing the food – we had prepared it, after all – and, I was being exceptionally… CONTINUE READING >>

Going Gypsy is Now Available as an Audio Book!

Are YOU a big audio book fan?

Do you prefer to “read” as you are relaxing in the tub, on your morning commute, working out, hanging dry wall, psyching yourself up before winning an Olympic gold medal, walking your dog, or avoiding awkward questions at family gatherings?

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Spread a Little Sunshine Coast in Australia

In our travels we often wonder “How did this place get its name?”

The Sunshine Coast of Queensland is most certainly not one of those places.

This stretch of Australia’s eastern seaboard is situated in the prime position on the planet to provide perfect conditions year-round… CONTINUE READING > >

Only One Day in Paris? Here’s What to do!
What if you only had one day to spend in Paris? 

How could you spend it and see the highlights?

What if you have a week, but have no idea where to start?

We have the answer! Find out how we saw  Paris’ most famous landmarks – including lunch in the Eiffel Tower and dinner on the… CONTINUE READING >>

How Much Do You REALLY Know About the Eiffel Tower?
There was so much we didn’t know about the tower until we visited!

Did you know it’s been painted a bunch of different colors?

Did you know that you could have lunch there?

Find out what was creator Gustave Eiffel’s real name was – and how different the tower’s name would be if he had kept it, why there is a mannequin on the outside of the elevator, and what it looks like to step out on the glass… CONTINUE READING >>

Thanks for Noticing! :)

A BIG hearty GypsyNester thank you hug to these wonderful publications!

Sea Views Magazine asked us,
How Will Baby Boomers Travel in 2015?”
You should check it out, we sound incredibly smart! ;)

How McCool are we? Charles McCool (we’re pretty sure that’s his real name!)
asked us questions and we spilled secrets!
Read it here.

We were honored with a Top Travel Blogger of 2014 nod by Wanderu!


Main St. asked us to weigh in on
Totally Unexpected – and Affordable – Places You Will Want to See in 2015
Check out where to go!

Click here to see more interviews and fun! We are so thankful!
We Found a Dollop of Denmark in California
Take Native and Spanish influences, intermix with ingredients from across the Pacific, add a dash of good old American cowboy western and…Eureka!, it’s California.

Diversity aside, we never expected to stumble upon a big dollop of Denmark right in the middle of Santa Barbara County. Eureka!, it’s Solvang.

Here’s the scoop: A few Danish teachers got sick… CONTINUE READING >>

Why We Love a Good Christmas Market
We love Christmas markets! 

The festivities, the food, the comraderie, the glühwein – put it all together and we’ve got ourselves a great way to ring in the season!

But really — you ask — how different can they be? Surely one Christmas market is the same as the next? 

Our reply? Not by a loooooooong shot! CONTINUE READING >>

The Good and Bad of Losing Control of the Holidays

This year marks a turning point for us.

We’ve fully handed over the Christmas planning process over to our adult daughters, led by The Piglet. We’re in full tell-us-where-and-when-to-show-up mode.

Don’t get us wrong, we feel comfy in The Piglet’s very capable hands, but it is weird. We hardly know what to do with… CONTINUE READING >>

How the Anne Frank House Made Me Feel
The Diary of a Young Girl was the first coming-of-age story I’d ever read. 

And it hit me hard for a number of reasons.

So, Anne Frank House was at the very top of my list of places to visit when we arrived in Amsterdam.

The house is the actual building where the Anne and her family –and four others — hid before they were betrayed and captured by the Nazis... CONTINUE READING >>

Frankly My Dear, it’s Amsterdam!
Amsterdam has a reputation, but the hedonistic side of this city is just a small part of what attracts so many people.

For us, that aspect was a mere curiosity; the real allure is the entirely distinctive personality of this vibrant, energetic, aqua-centric city.

So did we stay out of trouble? Depends how you define troubleCONTINUE READING >>

A Cruise of Amsterdam’s Canals

For an introduction to the canal system of Amsterdam, often called the Venice of the North, we hopped on one of the many tour boats for a guided cruise… CONTINUE READING or enlarge video>>

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