Our Journey into Africa: A Live Blog
Join us LIVE as we journey into Africa for the first time…

So happy to be bringing you along on our first voluntourism experience!

We are honored that we will be teaching children and making structural improvements to their school, but we will be learning too! Learning about the customs and traditions of the people of Tanzania.

In our free time, we’ll be photographing the incredible wildlife and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (well, a little bit)… CONTINUE READING >>

Things We Wish We’d Known BEFORE We Sent Our Kids to College

It’s that time of year again, and many new empty nesters are sending a fledgling off to college for the first time.

Here are some DOs and DON’Ts from your seasoned GypsyNesters on how to get through that first semester without losing your mind.

 1. Don’t start off on a bad note. It’s hard to let our kids go. The day our babies head out on their own is a tough one for any parent. Because of her self-awareness about her emotional outbursts, Veronica

Is the Food Good in Ireland? In Dingle it is!
Before arriving on the Emerald Isle, our idea of eating in Ireland fell in the corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew, meat and potatoes line of thinking.

Nothing wrong with that, we love a good, hearty meal as much as the next guy, but out on the wild western edge of the island they’ve been cooking up something very different… CONTINUE READING >>

Our Life Reimagined: Repack Your Empty Nest!

Big fun! A quick clip that AARP’s Life Reimagined produced about us! It’s 30 secs of GypsyNester action-packed goodness! What do you think? Leave a comment here!

Fear Conquering & Climbing My First Mountain on My 52nd Birthday

We were going to hike up a mountain, The Boy said. Not climb, hike.

Or maybe that’s what I chose to hear. Certainly, The Boy is aware of my age and the limitations thereof.

He wouldn’t be trying to kill me on my birthday, would he?

(photo taken right before things went terribly awry)… CONTINUE READING >>

Lübeck, Germany After Dark
Visiting Lübeck, Germany was one of those lucky coincidences that sometimes happen when traveling.

We chose it as a stopover on our Eurail Pass expedition across northern Europe mostly for its location.

But inside the famous Holsten Gate, we discovered a wonderful, history-filled city that lights up when night falls… CONTINUE READING >>

Single & Over 50? Why the Heck Would You Live Alone? I’d be too…
I’m not gonna lie and pretend that I haven’t thought about what I would do if David kicked the bucket - we participate in way too many crazy, fear-conquering shenanigans so, yes, the notion has passed through my head.

I know I wouldn’t want to live alone if I were to become suddenly single.

I’d be lonely, wouldn’t be able to afford to travel as I’d want need to, and I’d certainly not want to do a reverse boomerang and move in with… CONTINUE READING >>

Wicked Views & Wonderful Wildlife Along Alaska’s Seward Highway
Revel in the amazing scenery and wonderful wildlife of Alaska’s Seward Highway with your GypsyNesters!

Gaze at glaciers, see weird animals (remember weird=good!), ride up a huge mountain on a wire, sample real-deal sourdough bread and learn how not to lose a shoe in a mudflat… CONTINUE READING >>

Secrets of the Sacred Valley of the Incas
Anyone making their way to Machu Picchu must first traverse The Sacred Valley of the Incas (Valle Sagrado de los Incas), and we were no exception.

But this was no tedious trek, it was a fascinating adventure in its own right.

Join us as we visit the people, the food, the culture and the spectacular natural and ancient beauty of… CONTINUE READING >> 

Time to Eat Crow. I Now Believe in Moose!
I stand corrected. I apologize, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Moose exist.

It was less than a week upon our arrival in Anchorage, Alaska that I spied my first moose while traveling along the Seward Highway south of town.

AND he was swimming. I am now fully obsessed with moose, as demonstrated… CONTINUE READING >>

Where Do You Go to Recharge? Meet Me at Women at Woodstock!
I wrote extensively about my first experience at Women at Woodstock last year, about how I agreed to go — kicking and screaming a bit — and the immediate benefits I received by attending.

It’s been an incredible year for me and the women I met at WAW have been supporting me all the way!

I’ll be speaking at this year’s main event, and I would love for you to join me there!

Click in to see for yourself how WAW can change your life!

We’re Unorthodox! What are YOU Going to do with Your Empty Nest?
Deseret News intrigued us with some interesting Boomer stats and asked us to weigh in with our thoughts and experience!

With a son who is a pilot and is able to fly and see them often, as well as two daughters who can both be visited by traveling to the same city, the family is reunited often.

‘I’m fairly certain we see our kids more traveling a lot more than if we were in one place’

What have been YOUR empty nest solutions? Are you “unorthodox” too?.. Read the full article and leave a comment here

Living on the Edge of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way
Where is the edge of the world?

In the literal sense there obviously cannot be one on this sphere we inhabit, but figuratively, and also in a very real way, several spots where the last bit of land holds forth against the sea certainly feel like the brink.

The Dingle Peninsula on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way thoroughly captures this sensation… CONTINUE READING >>


Living Like an Empress Dowager at Beijing’s Summer Palace
The Summer Palace lies on the northwest edge of Beijing, China by Kunming Lake, in what used to be countryside.

As the name implies, it was the imperial getaway from summer in the city, but palace only describes a part of this place… CONTINUE READING >>

What My Special Needs Niece Has Taught Me about Life and Laughter
My niece is a totally unique individual. 

Not in that “everyone’s a snowflake” kind of way. She’s truly unique.

Because of a wonky chromosome, each cell in in Anna’s little body is different from every other cell in the world. There is no one else like her.


Keeping Koalas Safe, Sound, & Cuddly
Some of the most readily recognizable Australian icons are animals, and we found more than a double dose of them in Queensland at The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary outside Brisbane.

As the name suggests, we got up close and personal with koalas, but we also got to feed kangaroos right from our hands… CONTINUE READING >>

Hangin’ with Marsupials at Lone Pine Koala Santuary

Join us as we visit this wonderful sanctuary in Brisbane! Koalas, kangaroos, platypus and more!… Read about all the extreme cuteness here! or enlarge video>>

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A Big, Big Week! Thank You St. Louis!
Thank you St. Louis!

The Going Gypsy Book Party was a blast (see pics here!), we had radio and TV appearances – and in the midst of it all our book hit #1 on Amazon!

It was an honor to appear on the Charlie Brennan Show at CBS’s legendary KMOX! Still pinching ourselves!  Listen Now


GypsyNesters on TV – So Much Fun!

Had so much fun on Fox2Now this morning! We filmed in our tiny RV (it was tight!) – and David gave us quite a scare! Give us a watch and let us know how we did!

Our Quest to Find the Oddest Art at the Louvre in Paris
We don’t know art, but we know what we like.. and we like it weird!

Traipse along with your GypsyNesters as we scour the Louvre for the strangest masterpieces we could find…. CONTINUE READING >>

Luck of the GypsyNesters! Follow us in Ireland This Week!
We’ll be storming Ireland this week in Dublin and the Wild Atlantic Way! Join us LIVE all week on
Rebuilding Together: How to Help the Seniors in Your Community
There is strength in numbers, so by banding together we can accomplish much more than as separate individuals.

Together our team of volunteers completely repainted the home of a retired nurse in need – in one day!

We weren’t the youngest chicks in the coop – but we were enthusiastic, and relentless…. CONTINUE READING >>  

Kickin’ Some Glass in Corning, New York
Chase your GypsyNesters around as we discover Corning, New York!

Located halfway between NYC and Niagara Falls, we create our own masterpieces at the  world’s largest museum of glass, stay at a fabulous Victorian bed and breakfast and see a buffalo crash through a building… CONTINUE READING >>

Creating our Masterpieces at Corning Museum of Glass!

Your GypsyNesters learn to shape and blow red-hot glass at the Corning Museum of Glass in New York! … SEE MORE >>

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