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Remember that cruise where we helped replant the rainforest, pitched in to bring clean water to the beautiful Dominican Republic, and contributed to improving a family’s home? (if you don’t, click here – it was pretty cool!)

Your GypsyNesters are excited to share with you some exclusive savings, so you can follow in our footsteps and keep up the great work! Upcoming sailings are as little as $499 and by using our coupon code from Fathom – Insider1527 – you can save up to an additional $150! CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS >>

12 Things You Don’t Know About Amtrak

If you’re a GypsyNester regular, you KNOW what a train nut David is!

Breakfast in bed? Wine  tastings?  Meals served on REAL dishes? And that’s just the food.

Did you know there are really nice passenger lounges in large cities, comfy coach seating, showers and National Park guides aboard many routes? … CONTINUE READING >> 

Amtrak Sleeper Car Tour

Your GypsyNesters show you around their sleeper car on the Empire Builder – with their new friend, Isaac the fabulous porter… SEE MORE FUN THINGS WE FOUND ON THE TRAIN! >>

Now We’re Cookin’! How Cooking Classes Enhance Travel (Around the World)

Let us take your tongues on a trip around the world!

Food is a huge part of travel for us, but even more fun is learning how to recreate the gastronomic goodies we discover in the far corners of the globe.

From classes, to demonstrations, to street vendors — who are kind enough to share their secrets — here is a taste of the knowledge we have compiled during our explorations… CONTINUE READING >>

Win a $10,000, 14-Day Adventure to Italy!

Ready to have a bangin’ summer? Your GypsyNesters are here to help!

The Summer’s Greetings sweepstakes gives you a chance to enter and win a 14-day trip to Italy for two — including airfare!

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Noto to Self: Explore Sicily’s Baroque Cities

Solid. Multi-layered. Fantastic.

There are too many adjectives to describe the Baroque cities of Sicily’s Val di Noto to fit into one article (but we gave it our best shot!).

In an effort to recreate the grandeur of Sicily after a devastating earthquake, massive structures were constructed in what came to be known as Sicilian Baroque… CONTINUE READING >>

Making a Difference in the Dominican Republic

When we heard there’s a cruise that focuses on making a positive impact in the community it visits, we immediately thought, “where do we sign up?”

Join us LIVE as we train — while sailing — for our volunteer activities aboard our ship, plant trees in an ongoing reforestation project, construct water filters with a clean water initiative, and pour concrete floors in homes in the community.

But all work and no play make your GypsyNesters dull boys – so we’re going to show you the beauty of the Dominican Republic – and hit the beach!.. FOLLOW US LIVE! >>

Replanting the Rainforest in the Dominican Republic!

In the Dominican Republic, we had the chance to plant (380!) trees to restore the rainforest – high in the mountains!.. SEE MORE OF VOLUNTEER CRUISE >>

Ingenious Filter Creates Clean Water – and we helped!

On our Fathom cruise, we volunteered to help bring clean water to the Dominican Republic! SEE MORE OF VOLUNTEER CRUISE >>

TripAdviser Thinks We Rock—Check Us Out!

So proud to be honored by TripAdvisor!

“Who says millennials do it better? When it comes to travel, age is but a number. As you think about retirement and all that free time you’ll have, consider taking a different approach.

TripAdvisor rounded up 20 baby boomer travel bloggers as inspiration to get out there and travel”… SEE ‘EM ALL >>

How It Feels to Volunteer at a School in Africa
An experience that will live in our hearts forever.

In Tanzania, we spent mornings teaching English and afternoons refurbishing a classroom.

Each of these tasks offered unexpected rewards and challenges and resulted in emotions and memories that will last our lifetimes… CONTINUE READING >>

Teaching in Tanzania: A Day in the Life

Your GypsyNesters work, play, sing, drum and laugh with — and learn from — our brilliant students in Tanzania… SEE MORE OF OUR EXPERIENCE >>

The GypsyNesters Get Married! The Story of Our Goofy Wedding

We wanted a small wedding – and thank God it was!

Honestly, David (we’ll call him The Beanpole) wouldn’t have made it through otherwise.

It still strikes us strange that The Beanpole, who by that time had appeared on stage in front of hundreds of thousands of people as a musician, could be so nervous.

<–Just look at the body language! Have you EVER seen a more uncomfortable groom? Sheesh.

Our ideal wedding was… CONTINUE READING >>

Our 8 Favorite Things to do in Prague, Czech Republic

We’re asked a lot about our favorite cities, and Prague is certainly right up there!

There’s a fairy tale-like quality to the city and, like all fairy tales worth their salt, there are myths, legends, and a good dose of creepy stuff to be found… CONTINUE READING >>

Prague’s Wonderful Astronomical Clock

Each hour a huge crowd gathers to watch this clock trot out its lively cast of characters – including death, avarice and… SEE ALL ABOUT THIS INCREDIBLE CLOCK HERE >>

How to Help the People of Ecuador
Our hearts are breaking for the people of Ecuador. 

We felt the need to help – and want to share with you what we found in our search of ways to help in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.

If you would like to join us, here are five suggestions

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Cliff Dwelling on the Past
The Old West is a lot older than gunfights, Tombstones, and Boot Hills.

For our journey back in time, we rode off into the sunset, heading west.

South Central Arizona is generously sprinkled with ancient ruins left behind by the Native Americans of the area… CONTINUE READING >>

Fear Conquering & Snow Skiing

Learning to ski at my age had me worrying about things that a younger person might not have.

What if I plummet over a cliff, break my hip, and die from complications a week later? What if I take a blow to the back of my head from one of those chair ride thingies and end up like an amnesia-riddled soap opera character?  What if?

But as a committed GypsyNester, it is my duty to step out of my comfort zone and… CONTINUE READING >>

The Dark and the Light Side of Nuremberg, Germany
The dark and the light side of Nuremberg, GermanyMost of us know the name Nuremberg, because of the trials held after World War II.

We explored the dark and Nazi side of Nuremberg but, thankfully, discovered ourselves charmed by her light side first.

To understand why the city was so significant in recent history, we had to travel back centuries earlier to learn about Nuremberg’s place as one of the Holy Roman Empire’s most important cities… CONTINUE READING >>

The Inexplicable Sexy Woman Ruins of Peru
Could it be aliens from outer space?

Sacsayhuaman is pronounced very much like sexy woman if the sexy is articulated the way witchy is sung in the song Witchy Woman.

(Which proved easy to implant in our memory banks.)

And there is definitely something witchy about… CONTINUE READING >>

Spring Done Right: Tip-Toeing Through the Tulips at Keukenhof Gardens in Holland
Spring hath sprung!

And no one does Spring like Holland. Join your GypsyNesters in a romp through the largest garden in Europe – the Keukenhof Garden.

What started out as a kitchen garden sporting herbs and veggies had morphed into over six million bulbs exploding into a glorious riot.

And it’s only open for visitors eight weeks out of the year… CONTINUE READING >>

Making Stroopwafel in Holland!

Our new buddy in Holland teaches us all about making our favorite Dutch treat — delicious stroopwafels! See all of our adventures in Holland!

Top 10 Ways to Scare Your Boomerang Kid Out of the House

Ready to “get on with your life” but have an adult kid who needs a little nudge from the nest?

Do you have a Boomerang that seems permanently parked in your basement, and you feel it’s time for your chick to take wing and begin embracing all that life has to offer?

With tongues firmly in cheek, your goofy GypsyNesters have developed some silly (and stealthy) solutions to wink-wink-nudge-nudge even the most stubborn fledgling from the nest — and they may even think it’s their own idea!

10. Greet him at the door naked with a bottle of Viagra and a can of whipped cream and shout, “Honey, I guess we can’t use the kitchen, our baby’s home.”

9. Set his computer so all his …CONTINUE READING >>

Sicilian Plate: Our Foodie Guide to Sicily
Buon appetito!

A highlight of any trip to Sicily is the food, but for those of us who grew up thinking Chef Boyardee represented Italian food, discovering real Italian cuisine can be quite an eye opening experience.

Eating our way through Sicily is a dirty job, but… CONTINUE READING >>

A Real Irish Pub Crawl (in Ireland, they just call ’em pubs)
Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, your GypsyNesters take a look at some real Irish pubs, you know, the kind actually in Ireland—so we suppose that they’re simply called pubs.

We’re guessing none of these public houses would ever dare to ruin a perfectly good pint by turning it green… CONTINUE READING >> - © 2007-2016 Troppo Publishing, All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy
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