Post-Parting Depression: Saying Good-bye to My Adult Kids
I’ve got an issue and I need help! I’m hoping I’ll get a lot of suggestions on this post from our amazingly insightful readers.

This past holiday season, we had a lot to celebrate. In addition to our typical yuletide festivities, we were blessed to celebrate my in-law’s 60th wedding anniversary two days after Christmas and our own anniversary a week after the new year started.

As wonderful as it was to have such momentous events smack-in-the-middle of the holidays, it led to more good-byes to our adult kids than I’m normally used to.

Having The Spawn come and go in such short and hectic celebratory spurts gave me some interesting insight into how I deal with my empty nest good-byes.

Not well, it seems… CONTINUE READING >> 

A Peace of Olso, Norway
As unfamiliar visitors making our first trip to Oslo, Norway, we didn’t know what we were in for.

Chase us around Oslo as we visit the Nobel Peace Center, get schooled in Olympic ski jumping, have cocktails in a bar completely made of ice (including the glasses), explore Viking burial ships, have a scream with Edvard Munch and eat, ahem, rotted fish… CONTINUE READING >>

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How to Volunteer at a National Park (and live for free!)

Are you a retiree or empty nester looking to enrich your life through volunteerism?

An outdoorsy-type wanting to get back to nature, or a college student looking to pump up your resume in a meaningful way?

The Parks Service provides wonderful ways to help preserve America’s natural heritage.

And now is the time to prepare for next summer’s adventure… CONTINUE READING >> 

Do People Live in the Galapagos Islands?

So do they? We get asked this a lot, actually.

Truth is, we didn’t know until we got there.

Say Galapagos and what pops to mind? For us, no doubt as for many folks, it was the image of giant tortoises.

They may well be the most famous attraction of these islands, but… CONTINUE READING >>

Some Valentine’s Day Fun!

The fun folks at Bookbub put together this supercute flowchart for us to follow along!.. click to find your ultimate read, then click here to tell us where you landed!>>


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Singin’ the Blues Trail in Mississippi

So, what song is stuck in your head right now?

Chances are that whatever it is, it has ancestors from Mississippi.

Travel with your GypsyNesters as we roll down the Mississippi Blues Trail as we discover the legend behind Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil at the Crossroads, stay at the most unique inn we’ve ever seen, eat tamales and BBQ, take on a Donut Tower, visit a REAL juke joint and learn how the Blues influenced… CONTINUE READING >>

Our First British Interview – We’re International!

Watch Ceri Wheeldon of Fab After 50 ask us those burning questions you’ve always wanted to know!.. Tell us how we did! or enlarge video>>
See more interviews

How Street Performers Enhance Travel: A Look at our All-time Favorites

We LOVE street performers! 

Much in the same way that the food of a region can tell a story, we often learn about the culture of destinations we have visited through the art of the busker.

Join us on a journey through the world, through the very talented “man on the street”… CONTINUE READING >>

Going Gypsy Goes Live – Today’s the Official Release Day!

It’s a big celebration day in GypsyNester land!

There are so many people to thank…

Skyhorse Publishing, Tony Lyons, and Jay Cassell for taking a chance on a crazy story like ours.

Beth Lieberman and Jenny Pierson, our editors. Beth stuck with us from first draft through the daunting task of finding a publisher and her guidance was flawless. Simply stated, Beth is the best.

Jenny rescued us from Unknown Writer’s Purgatory, raved about us to her bosses, championed our ridiculous ideas and held our hands as we baby stepped our way into the publishing process.

To everyone who agreed to let us write about them in our wacky way. You are good sports.

And thanks to all of you for coming along on our wild adventure.

Discovering De- Luxembourg, Deluxe-mbourg
As Europe’s richest country, and ranked second in the entire world, it was easy for us to think that the luxe in Luxembourg would stem from the same source as deluxe, or luxury, but it doesn’t. How’s that for a teaser. ;)

Join your GypsyNesters as we simply gawk at the grandeur of Luxembourg, the American Cemetery and the most beautiful balcony in the world… CONTINUE READING >>

Livingston (Guatemala), I Presume

When we heard about Livingston, a tiny outpost on the Guatemalan coast with an intriguing history and only accessible by boat, we knew we had to go.

So from the busy port of Puerto Barrios, we sought passage north.

After some difficulty trying to decipher the schedule and ticketing procedure for the trip… CONTINUE READING >>

A Day in Livingston, Guatemala

Absolutely blown away by this little town in Guatemala only accessible by water, so much culture!.. CONTINUE READING  or enlarge video >>

Help Us Make 2015 the Year of Going Gypsy! #GoingGypsy
<– We have a copy of our book in our hands!

It’s DAYS away from the release of Going Gypsy and we’re so excited (and nervous)!

We are indescribably grateful to the wonderful people who have given us their congratulations – cheered us on – and offered help in getting the word out.

This means the world to us.

Would YOU like to help too?

There are so many really easy things you can do! Read on to find out how easy we’ve made it for you!

How Did a Buffalo Grow Wings?: The Origins of Some of America’s Favorite Foods

Many places across America have a certain food item that is emblematic to their city or region, and luckily we have found ourselves at the source of several.

Share a meal or two (okay many, many meals!) with us and learn about the origins of some of the USA’s most icon foods… CONTINUE READING >>

David Tackles Chicago’s Famous Italian Beef Sandwiches!

It’s one of the USA’s most iconic foods – the Italian beef sandwich. David learns the “Italian Stance”… SEE MORE or enlarge video>>

The Empty Nest as a Launching Pad – Are YOU Ready to Launch With Us?

So psyched about this article in Medium!

“After packing their youngest off to college, the Gypsy Nesters hit the road and never looked back. ‘We’re going down in a ball of flames!’ says”… READ THE FEATURE HERE and leave a comment here 

Stockholm Syndrome: Captured by Sweden

From now on, when we visit a city and wish we had been able to stay much longer, we shall refer to the situation as Stockholm syndrome.

The Swedish capital was completely captivating.

And we couldn’t help but have fond feelings for our captor… CONTINUE READING >>

Into the Stockholm Sky on the Ericsson Globe!

Your GypsyNesters take a (slightly queasy) trip to the top of Stockholm in a ball!.. SEE MORE  or enlarge video>>

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Tweet #GoingGypsy to Enter to Win an Autographed First Edition of Going Gypsy!

We’re just days away from the launch of Going Gypsy!
 And to celebrate, we’re giving away an autographed copy!

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Perfectly Preserved: Colonial Spain in Valladolid, Mexico

Just because a place is off the beaten path doesn’t mean that a path should not be beaten to it.

We’ve discovered this to be true on several occasions — sometimes by accident — other times by design, as with our visit to Valladolid.

We had heard that this impressively preserved colonial settlement hidden away in the heart… CONTINUE READING >>

The Best? (Worst?) Funniest. Family Portrait. Ever.
Every family has ‘em.

Piles of throw-away snapshots that you can’t bear to throw away. Before digital cameras, our generation put every picture — no matter how bad — into a photo album. After all, they were precious – and we shelled out big bucks to have them developed.

Then there are the CLASSICS. The ones you should have thrown away, but instead you frame them. This one is ours.

Think about it, we thought we were sitting for a lovely family portrait. Clearly, all heck is breaking loose and none of us could… CONTINUE READING >>

How it Feels to Visit the Atomic Bomb Ground Zero in Nagasaki, Japan

Physically being in the Zone of Prayers brought us to an emotional state that is impossible to describe.

But, despite the horrific history of this spot, our feelings were directed toward peace and remembrance.

The site is incredibly solemn, yet very beautiful… CONTINUE READING >>

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