What the H? (!) Photo Gallery

Can this stuff actually be REAL?

Every once in a while we are stopped in our tracks. Rendered speechless. Taken unaware. Dumbfounded. Gobsmacked.

Check out these things we’ve seen along the way that made us say “What the H? (!) …CONTINUE READING >>


  1. Wow…I am not sure I would be able to figure it all out before it was too late 🙂

  2. YES! I’d definitely step onto the glass floor. Would it get to me? I’m sure it would give me a flutter or two but I wouldn’t be able to resist 🙂

  3. I like very much the Japanese toilets. I wish I would have one at home in Europe. Thanks for the interesting post.

  4. Would definitely live in a flying saucer home! Great article!

  5. Love this post! Did you take a chance and try the product anyway?

  6. It’s as if they’re playing Twister in the air with an invisible mat…

  7. Ha! There are some pretty bizarre creations in this crazy world of ours! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Rich

    I actually like the creativity of the ad. And look at us still talking about it. THAT’s advertising at its best!!

  9. Chris

    Hmm … strangest ad I’ve seen … must have really hairy cats in Prague !!!

  10. Mary Lee

    we loved wall drug..and yes! after gorging on a buffalo burger, my then 11 yr old posed,like a bull-rider on the giant jackelope now on display in their “big backyard” for kids

  11. Rich

    The straw is a nice touch. Bigfoot”ll like that.

  12. Diane

    I’ve been there too! And Wall’s Drugs! No trip to South Dakota is complete with out that!

  13. Ty

    I know, not very reverent, but funny, reaally funny!

  14. Sonia

    ROFLMAO! Elvis lives!

  15. Linda

    Controlled Fear….

  16. Ty

    that’s some serious lactating

  17. Angelia

    I am amazed.

  18. Janis

    gonna get me some

  19. Karleen

    yeah, i always wonder about stuff like that… lol

  20. Rich

    Note to self: Do not paint my bedroom 21,823 times!

  21. Mary

    not a name I would have chosen…

  22. Cari

    I think that it’s good marketing. Surely, even in Italy, they don’t drink all the time!

  23. Diana

    road sodies!

  24. Love these photos and Love your sense of humor!

  25. Sharon

    Loved all the pics!! Now I’m planning a trip to see them all! Any suggestions on what to see first?

  26. Mary

    these are truly hysterical…so far minnesota has my vote for the strangest sights….may have to plan a trip there next summer
    thanks for sharing

  27. Terry

    I see you have not been to the Giant Artichoke…? What the H…you were in Monterey, CA; drove right by it!

  28. Brenda

    saw them all…before my son left home…corn palace,my fave…

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