The Empty Nest as a Launching Pad – Are YOU Ready to Launch With Us?

So psyched about this article in Medium!

“After packing their youngest off to college, the Gypsy Nesters hit the road and never looked back. ‘We’re going down in a ball of flames!’ says”… READ THE FEATURE HERE and leave a comment here 


  1. What an enlightening article! I loved reading about how how you got started, how you manage your different travel styles, and how your kids feel about it all. (Incidentally, my daughter is known as The Child in my pieces) You two sound like two very shrewd, very savvy people. (And terrific role models for Nesters and Writers alike) And I can hardly wait to read your book!

    • Thanks Alice! We are very happy with the article too. Enjoy Going Gypsy, and feel free to spread the word. 😉

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