GypsyNesters on TV – So Much Fun!

Had so much fun on Fox2Now this morning! We filmed in our tiny RV (it was tight!) – and David gave us quite a scare! Give us a watch and let us know how we did!


  1. Don’t have kids to shove out of the nest, but I think the advice to build or experience something together as a couple going forward is very wise. Someone else told me that same thing years ago, and it turns out travel will be that ‘thing’ for Henk and I. Wheeee!

  2. You are amazing performers! Naturals!

  3. What a great video! What amazing experiences you guys are having – so inspiring!

  4. What fun!

  5. You guys are so fun! Love the lobster claw sticking out of the pot on the stove.

  6. It is important to do new things together. Great interview and you guys are fun.

  7. Too fun, you guys! I love seeing the inside of the little RV and hearing your voices! Great interview!

  8. Great interview! You are living such a wonderful life. Way to take the leap to LIFE!

  9. Great interview—-especially David’s emergence from the “spa”. At least I got to see the inside of Baby BAMF. I’m not sure whether I should show the video to Mr. Excitement or not. 🙂

  10. lostAnnfound

    This was great! Loved “do new things together!” I think that will be very important to us as well.

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