We’re Unorthodox! What are YOU Going to do with Your Empty Nest?
Deseret News intrigued us with some interesting Boomer stats and asked us to weigh in with our thoughts and experience!

With a son who is a pilot and is able to fly and see them often, as well as two daughters who can both be visited by traveling to the same city, the family is reunited often.

‘I’m fairly certain we see our kids more traveling a lot more than if we were in one place’

What have been YOUR empty nest solutions? Are you “unorthodox” too?.. Read the full article and leave a comment here


  1. Duane

    We started as early 3 years old by telling our 2 daughters they had to leave home when they were 18. By time they were 18 all of us were ready. smooth as silk. It is all in the build up.

    • Totally agree Duane. You can’t wait until they are leaving to let them know what you expect.

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