Making a Difference in the Dominican Republic

When we heard there’s a cruise that focuses on making a positive impact in the community it visits, we immediately thought, “where do we sign up?”

Join us LIVE as we train — while sailing — for our volunteer activities aboard our ship, plant trees in an ongoing reforestation project, construct water filters with a clean water initiative, and pour concrete floors in homes in the community.

But all work and no play make your GypsyNesters dull boys – so we’re going to show you the beauty of the Dominican Republic – and hit the beach!.. FOLLOW US LIVE! >>


  1. You really got an amazing travel. You’re enjoying it at the same time you’re helping. I do love the ideas of Planting trees. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This sounds amazing and I wish I could have come along. Right up my alley. You guys are awesome and I was happy to read all about this trip. Wonderful.

    • It was Amazing Cathy. Fathom is offering great discounts if you want to check it out. We have links in the article above.

  3. What an incredible trip. I love the idea of transformation via travel. I’m currently crushing with Princess Cruises who encourage that you “Come Back New” which is maybe a bit more selfish 🙁 but loving it 🙂

  4. Pat

    Sounds like an amazing trip on so many levels.

  5. We cruise all the time. Your photos make it look fun– and for a good cause!

  6. Love this article…. now I am really excited about my own cruise in June! Looking forward to experiencing so many of these things myself, and making a difference to the community like you did! 🙂

  7. We’ve heard about Carnival’s new Fathom brand – really exciting! It’s a total departure from other cruises, especially the Dominican Republican itinerary where you get to do good. So cool they put Fair Trade bath products in the bathrooms. And you’d really feel like you “deserve” some R&R beach time after making clean water filters and planting trees. Great post!

    • Thanks! It is very different from most cruises for many reasons. Really liked that we got to stay in one place for several days.

  8. I don’t cruise- but if I did, this one would catch my eye. But the one that would really lure me is the Fathom cruise to Cuba. I really want to go there. Looks like you had a great time.

    • This was certainly not your typical cruise. We are very interested in the Cuba trip too.

  9. I guess it is about time that tour operators organize responsible travels. Thank you for your insights of this trip.

  10. Michele Peterson

    It looks as though you left a lasting legacy – the Wine to Water initiative as well as the tree plantings will go along way to help the community!

  11. What an amazing experience – I wish more cruise companies would do something like this.

  12. I’m impressed that Fathom/Carnival did such a good job preparing the volunteers for the impact activities. I cancelled going on the first cruise but might consider going in the future now that I can see they have their act together. Thanks for the comprehensive look at it all and good on you for all you did!

  13. Sue

    What a wonderful report on your Fathom trip. This company and what they do aligns perfectly with you two. Thanks for always doing good and giving back!

  14. Loved this post – What better than a holiday where you leave the place you have visited in better shape than when you arrived 😀

  15. You and your “cohorts” had some fantastic experiences. What a diversity of activities onboard and off doing good. The Fathom cruise seems like a great opportunity to have a great time while doing good.

  16. You were pretty busy during your cruise and I was pretty impressed with how many things you did. This is a type of cruise I think I would actually like….not just lying around but learning and really taking part in the lives of the places one visits. What a great concept for a cruise. Looks like you not only had a great time, but you made a difference.

    • We wanted to try as much as possible, but there was also some time to relax and enjoy the Dominican Republic.

  17. Thrilled to see you two blazing the trail in the DR for a great cause. I leave Morocco in June and move there in August. Thanks for the great info!

  18. It was very interesting to read about your Fathom Impact experience in the Dominican. It makes me ever more excited about heading on the cruise myself in one month’s time. I have yet to select which of the volunteer options I will choose.

  19. It was very interesting to read about your Fathom Impact experience in the Dominican. It makes me ever more excited about heading on the cruise myself in one month’s time. I have yet to select which of the volunteer options I will choose.

    • Have a great trip Donna. One thing we thought would have been cool was to work in the nursery getting the trees ready one day and go out to plant the next. Just a thought, but we found all of the programs to be well run.

  20. Wow, what an interesting and comprehensive article on your eco-positive cruise to the Dominican Republic with Fathom.Together with the many informative pictures, your posting leaves me feeling that I have all the information I need to book the cruise! Thanks for a fantastic and well written article!

  21. Very extensive trip report. I will be on the same itinerary in a month and I appreciate the preview.

    • Our pleasure! We would LOVE you to post the cumulative impact here after your sailing Charles.

  22. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of your series. Your Fathom Travel cruise looks like a great balance of volunteering and being pampered!

    • The mix was very nice. It was also cool to get to stay in one port for four days. Better to connect with the community.

  23. It was great to see you on board. We have one of the power snorkel things at home. Dan uses it in the pool. It’s quite comical. Look for me tomorrow when I get out of my 48 hours isolation….Don’t ask.

  24. I’ve always wanted to do a volunteer trip and this may seem to be the way to go! All the fun and making and impact sounds like a perfect vacation. Will have to look into their age limits… and power snorkeling!? Yes Please!

    • I don’t think that there are any age limits, the activities are varied enough to cover most anyone. We did a couple of the more active ones. Unfortunately, we missed the power snorkle because our water filter program ran too long. It sure looked like fun, but there’s always next time.

  25. I can’t even manage baby snorkeling, so I’m looking forward to seeing what power snorkeling is all about. I’ll also be interested to see how you feel about the positive impact projects, knowing about your experience in Africa. If we weren’t in the process of moving and having just returned from the UK, I would have loved to have joined you for this one. Bon voyage, or rather, Buen viaje.

    • We’ll be reporting in daily Suzanne! We’re really enjoying the Impact Training that we’ve received on the ship on the way.

  26. Kim l leblanc

    Power snorkelling. Definitely interested in hearing about power snorkelling. The other parts too.

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