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David Interviews Director Bill Pohlad of “Love & Mercy” – Beach Boys New Biopic
This amazing movie delves deeply into the troubled life of Brian Wilson, the creative genius behind The Beach Boys, from a compassionate and compelling point of view – a must see.

David sits down after the screening with the film’s director and producer, Bill Pohlad (12 Years a Slave, Wild), to chat a bit about the extent of Brian Wilson’s involvement… CONTINUE READING >>

Hangin’ with FDR and Eleanor at Hyde Park
Sometimes in our travels we come upon connections across history — and miles — in coincidental and unpredictable ways.

Come along with us as we explore the Presidential Library and Museum (and yes, we found the weird stuff!), peek into the houses that the Roosevelts lived in — together and apart — and have the privilege to visit with a friend of Eleanor’s (seriously)… CONTINUE READING >>

Introducing Baby BAMF! Or How We Drove Our RV on a Racetrack
We have a new RV! What better way to break him in than on a race track, right?

Race alongside your GypsyNesters as David puts our new (even more downsized) motorhome through the paces – and get a peek inside of our new home!.. CONTINUE READING >>

Racing our RV Around Watkins Glen International Speedway!

This could possibly be the most hysterically dumb thing we’ve ever done (and this is saying a lot!) ,.. See the whole story here or enlarge video

Boston – Eat, Bike, & Beer Merry
Having already explored Boston’s historic Freedom Trail, we decided that on this visit to Boston we would seek to explore the tastes — and taps — that are beginning to make new history.

Chase your GypsyNesters through the breweries, ball fields, big buildings and bistros of Boston!.. CONTINUE READING >> 

On a Mission in San Antonio, Texas

There are two things we’ve known about San Antone since childhood. Davy Crockett fought at the Alamo there and Charley Pride wanted to know if anybody was goin’ there.

Seemed like we should learn more about Texas’ second-largest city, so we had our mission, should we decide to accept it.

And mission is the right word. San Antonio wouldn’t even exist if not for missions. The most famous being… CONTINUE READING >>

How to Volunteer at a National Park (and live for free!)

Are you a retiree or empty nester looking to enrich your life through volunteerism?

An outdoorsy-type wanting to get back to nature, or a college student looking to pump up your resume in a meaningful way?

The Parks Service provides wonderful ways to help preserve America’s natural heritage.

And now is the time to prepare for next summer’s adventure… CONTINUE READING >> 

Singin’ the Blues Trail in Mississippi

So, what song is stuck in your head right now?

Chances are that whatever it is, it has ancestors from Mississippi.

Travel with your GypsyNesters as we roll down the Mississippi Blues Trail as we discover the legend behind Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil at the Crossroads, stay at the most unique inn we’ve ever seen, eat tamales and BBQ, take on a Donut Tower, visit a REAL juke joint and learn how the Blues influenced… CONTINUE READING >>

How Did a Buffalo Grow Wings?: The Origins of Some of America’s Favorite Foods

Many places across America have a certain food item that is emblematic to their city or region, and luckily we have found ourselves at the source of several.

Share a meal or two (okay many, many meals!) with us and learn about the origins of some of the USA’s most icon foods… CONTINUE READING >>

David Tackles Chicago’s Famous Italian Beef Sandwiches!

It’s one of the USA’s most iconic foods – the Italian beef sandwich. David learns the “Italian Stance”… SEE MORE or enlarge video>>

We Found a Dollop of Denmark in California
Take Native and Spanish influences, intermix with ingredients from across the Pacific, add a dash of good old American cowboy western and…Eureka!, it’s California.

Diversity aside, we never expected to stumble upon a big dollop of Denmark right in the middle of Santa Barbara County. Eureka!, it’s Solvang.

Here’s the scoop: A few Danish teachers got sick… CONTINUE READING >>

Why We Love a Good Christmas Market
We love Christmas markets! 

The festivities, the food, the comraderie, the glühwein – put it all together and we’ve got ourselves a great way to ring in the season!

But really — you ask — how different can they be? Surely one Christmas market is the same as the next? 

Our reply? Not by a loooooooong shot! CONTINUE READING >>

Let’s Do the Charleston!
We needed to escape the winter.

Veronica had never been to South Carolina, and we were both intrigued by the town of Charleston, so we headed for the coastal Lowcountry and discovered one of America’s most interesting cities… CONTINUE READING >>

Shear Madness: Fall Festivals of the Catskills
When autumn arrives in the Catskills, there’s a good bet a party is happening nearby. 

The explosion of color on the mountainsides brings in folks from far and wide, so putting on a festival is a natural thing to do.

Visit the site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival, a Sheep and Wool Festival and, because it’s October, or shall we say Oktober… CONTINUE READING >>

Ten Things You Don’t Know About New York City – Even If You Live There!
Your GypsyNesters found the wild, weird and wonderful not-so-known sights, sounds and flavors of The Big Apple!

Even if you are a New Yorker -  we bet you don’t know most of these!.. CONTINUE READING >>

Yellowstone – What a Gas Hole!

We had come to Wyoming to see the world’s first National Park.

Permanently set aside in 1872, Yellowstone is home to two-thirds of all the geysers in the world.

Superheated water gushes hundreds of feet into the air from some while others spout tiny bursts of steam.

In some spots, boiling springs and pools of sulfur-rich water dwell next to pits of bubbling…  CONTINUE READING >>

The "Cottages" of Newport, Rhode island
It was called the Gilded Age, a time when robber barons built excessive tributes to their self-proclaimed awesomeness.

Newport was the epitome of this unbelievable excess, aptly dubbed Conspicuous Consumption.

In an effort to one-up each other with their “summer cottages” iconic American families of railroad, mining and steel fortunes, threw lavish parties for their pets, had notorious… CONTINUE READING >>

Bling Me Back to Graceland, Home of the King
We were married on Elvis’ birthday. Hold on there big fellah, it was just a coincidence. 

I didn’t even realize it until I woke up in a champagne haze, with the TV still blaring on our wedding night.

I knew the Fates had conspired when I half-opened one eye and saw there on the news… CONTINUE READING >>

A Slice of New York City: An Iconic Pizza Tour
Could there be a single food that is quintessentially New York City? 

If there is one food that screams New York from the top of the Empire State Building, it has got to be pizza.

How did this happen? We didn’t know, but we do now!… CONTINUE READING >>

U.P. and Over Big Mac – Loving Michigan’s Upper Peninsula!

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is the red-headed stepchild of the Great Lakes region.

Like kids left alone who’ve formed a tree house club, the people of the Upper Peninsula have developed a domain unto themselves, even a secret language all their own.

A conversation about a moose walking through town would sound something like this:

“Just seen a snow cow at da stop-and-go light.”

Ewok-ing Through the Redwood Forest
We assumed (and everyone knows what happens when you do that) that the biggest and best redwoods would be in Redwoods National Park.

Pure dumb luck brought us in from the north where we discovered Jedediah Smith State Park — and boy are we glad… CONTINUE READING >>

A Reader’s Paradise in Manhattan – The Library Hotel
When writing accounts of our escapades around the globe, we don’t often mention where we stay.

What can we say? “The towels were nice and the TV worked.” Not exactly a captivating story.

But sometimes the accommodations are the story, as is the case with the Library Hotel in New York City.

From the moment we checked in… CONTINUE READING >>

Big, Big, BIG News! Going Gypsy and the Story of its Cover (you may judge the book by it)!
Remember that big news we’ve been spouting off about? The news we were afraid to talk about because we couldn’t believe it was actually happening?

Well here it is (drumroll please!):

We have a book coming out!

Can you imagine how hard this has been for over-sharing me to not say anything?

But, before we get into the details, I want to tell you the story about the cover.

Last December… CONTINUE READING >>

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