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An Ode to the Home of Vidalia Onions
To paraphrase Shakespeare, would an onion by any other name taste as sweet?

We think not, since most onions are hardly sweet at all. So what’s in a name? Vidalia, Vidalia, wherefore art thou Vidalia?

The only way to know for sure was to go directly to the… CONTINUE READING >> 

There’s No Denying Denali is Da Bomb! Alaska’s Beauty at its Best
Scenery that’s just too spectacular to be real!

There’s no place like it on earth. We skirted precariously along cliffs, hiked among magnificent mountains, and learned how to react when we came upon a grizzly in the wild (this goes against every human fight-or-flight instinct!).

Oh, and there’s that bit about the town that has a cat for a mayor… CONTINUE READING

The Weight of Six Million Paper Clips – an Unlikely Holocaust Memorial in Tennessee
In a tiny town in Tennessee there is a monument so moving, so touching — and so unlikely — that the story behind it is almost unbelievable.

Here is a tale of a group of school children who found out that even the smallest idea can spark a worldwide movement.

And how compassion can change the world… CONTINUE READING >>

How to Help the Victims of the Orlando Shootings

via ABC Breaking News

Our daughter reporting for ABC News – watch to see how the Orlando Community is coming together – and find out all of the ways YOU can help. It could be as simple as hugging a loved one today.

The GoFundMe page put together by The Center is located here, along with information on crisis counseling locations and phone numbers.

Our Favorite Great American Road Trips

Summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime. 

We all recall those glorious days of yesteryear with the station wagon packed to the gills, miles of billboard bingo, and endless Are we there yet?s.

Whether we were the kids, or when we had the kids, those memories are an indelible part of our American summers.

Guess what? Those intrepid explorations don’t have to end just because the offspring have moved out… CONTINUE READING >>

Folly or Not – We Loved Seward, Alaska!
Seward’s Folly!

That was the name some gave the giant swath of northern territory that Secretary of State William H. Seward negotiated to acquire from Russia in 1867.

At the time many people thought he was crazy, and that the 7.2 million dollar price tag was way too high, but the town of Seward seems perfectly proud to bear ole Bill’s name.

Oh, and puffins… CONTINUE READING >>

12 Things You Don’t Know About Amtrak

If you’re a GypsyNester regular, you KNOW what a train nut David is!

Breakfast in bed? Wine  tastings?  Meals served on REAL dishes? And that’s just the food.

Did you know there are really nice passenger lounges in large cities, comfy coach seating, showers and National Park guides aboard many routes? … CONTINUE READING >> 

Amtrak Sleeper Car Tour

Your GypsyNesters show you around their sleeper car on the Empire Builder – with their new friend, Isaac the fabulous porter… SEE MORE FUN THINGS WE FOUND ON THE TRAIN! >>

Now We’re Cookin’! How Cooking Classes Enhance Travel (Around the World)

Let us take your tongues on a trip around the world!

Food is a huge part of travel for us, but even more fun is learning how to recreate the gastronomic goodies we discover in the far corners of the globe.

From classes, to demonstrations, to street vendors — who are kind enough to share their secrets — here is a taste of the knowledge we have compiled during our explorations… CONTINUE READING >>

Cliff Dwelling on the Past
The Old West is a lot older than gunfights, Tombstones, and Boot Hills.

For our journey back in time, we rode off into the sunset, heading west.

South Central Arizona is generously sprinkled with ancient ruins left behind by the Native Americans of the area… CONTINUE READING >>

How Did We Not Know About the Gullah People of Georgia and South Carolina?

Your GypsyNesters hit the Lowcountry!

Join us as we learn about the colorful culture and delicious cuisine of the wonderful Gullah people.

Stranded on the Sea Islands after slavery ended, the Gullah founded their own language and made their own way under harsh circumstances… CONTINUE READING >>

Our Most Stupid/Funny Mistake: What Made Us Think We Could Ever Live in an RV?

We had just purchased our first motorhome, a beat-up old guy we named BAMF (as in Bad Ass MoFo), on eBay for $3,000. What could possibly go wrong? 

We found out on day one when David got into an uncomfortably sticky situation… CONTINUE READING >>

Peering at the Pier in Santa Monica
Have you ever wondered where Route 66 ends?

Rather than dumping travelers into the Pacific Ocean, Santa Monica offered a better solution – a pleasure pier.

Chase us around a place full of Americana kitsch at its finest, California style… CONTINUE READING >> 

Nashville’s Greatest Hits

Take a ride with us through Nashville in the shadow of the Batman Building as we explore her history, the roots of her music, and her most famous landmarks.

Discover why she’s called the Athens of the South, how Bob Dylan shaped the music scene, and the surprising story of how she earned the moniker Music City… CONTINUE READING >>

The Hippest Public Bathroom in the USA
Jackpot! A flush with greatness!

Shiny and adorned in black and green art deco (including the toilets and urinals) this luxurious loo boasts a shoeshine station and a vintage phone that calls up the front desk – just in case… CONTINUE READING >>

Only by Air: Alaska’s Extremely Remote Tundra Villages
Ever since our youngest, The Boy, took a job as a pilot in Alaska we have been intrigued by the unique corner of Alaska that his small airline serves.

He flies to about two dozen little native villages that are only accessible by air – there are no roads in or out of the harsh tundra.

These are some of the most remote settlements anywhere in the United StatesCONTINUE READING >>

Fear Conquering & Climbing My First Mountain on My 52nd Birthday

We were going to hike up a mountain, The Boy said. Not climb, hike.

Or maybe that’s what I chose to hear. Certainly, The Boy is aware of my age and the limitations thereof.

He wouldn’t be trying to kill me on my birthday, would he?

(photo taken right before things went terribly awry)… CONTINUE READING >>

Wicked Views & Wonderful Wildlife Along Alaska’s Seward Highway
Revel in the amazing scenery and wonderful wildlife of Alaska’s Seward Highway with your GypsyNesters!

Gaze at glaciers, see weird animals (remember weird=good!), ride up a huge mountain on a wire, sample real-deal sourdough bread and learn how not to lose a shoe in a mudflat… CONTINUE READING >>

Kickin’ Some Glass in Corning, New York
Chase your GypsyNesters around as we discover Corning, New York!

Located halfway between NYC and Niagara Falls, we create our own masterpieces at the  world’s largest museum of glass, stay at a fabulous Victorian bed and breakfast and see a buffalo crash through a building… CONTINUE READING >>

Creating our Masterpieces at Corning Museum of Glass!

Your GypsyNesters learn to shape and blow red-hot glass at the Corning Museum of Glass in New York! … SEE MORE >>

No Stone Unturned: Foamhenge in Virginia

I have a confession to make. 

About thirty years ago I was in London for several days and didn’t take the short trip outside of town to see Stonehenge.

That’s why I was so thrilled to discover an exact replica made of Styrofoam in Virginia – how could we not veer off the side of the road?.. CONTINUE READING >>

Fear Conquering & Gliding in a Sailplane
Considering that I have now jumped out of an airplane at 10,000 feet in Australia and paraglided off the sea cliffs of Lima, Peru, one would think that I would have no fear of sailplaning.

And I didn’t. Until I did.

I had about three-week’s notice before… CONTINUE READING >>

Veronica Glides in a Sailplane over New York State!

An unbelievably beautiful experience. And, yes, also scary. Of course, Veronica gets in her usual goofy “fear questions” between gasps and panic peeps… See the whole story here >>

David Interviews Director Bill Pohlad of “Love & Mercy” – Beach Boys New Biopic
This amazing movie delves deeply into the troubled life of Brian Wilson, the creative genius behind The Beach Boys, from a compassionate and compelling point of view – a must see.

David sits down after the screening with the film’s director and producer, Bill Pohlad (12 Years a Slave, Wild), to chat a bit about the extent of Brian Wilson’s involvement… CONTINUE READING >>

Hangin’ with FDR and Eleanor at Hyde Park
Sometimes in our travels we come upon connections across history — and miles — in coincidental and unpredictable ways.

Come along with us as we explore the Presidential Library and Museum (and yes, we found the weird stuff!), peek into the houses that the Roosevelts lived in — together and apart — and have the privilege to visit with a friend of Eleanor’s (seriously)… CONTINUE READING >>

Introducing Baby BAMF! Or How We Drove Our RV on a Racetrack
We have a new RV! What better way to break him in than on a race track, right?

Race alongside your GypsyNesters as David puts our new (even more downsized) motorhome through the paces – and get a peek inside of our new home!.. CONTINUE READING >>

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