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Look for Your GypsyNesters in Your Favorite Magazine this Month!

So excited about this opportunity! 

We’ve teamed up Humana with tips on kicking YOUR Generation Encore into high, healthy gear!

See our tips and tricks for staying healthy out on the road, what we carry with us to avoid disaster, and what we tote along onto airplanes to avoid eating junk food (and much more!).

Check out the SEVEN magazines you can catch us in… CONTINUE READING

That Time I was Smote by God

On a blustery New York City morning, I executed my first face plant.

The sun had just peeked out after a torrential rain and began to form those bands of brilliant, glorious Jesus Rays streaming through the clouds.

Next thing I knew, I lay prostrated before a church in that special kind of pain that only landing square on one’s schnozz can bring, surrounded by scattered partyware glistening in the sun like a golden calf.

But I probably deserved it… CONTINUE READING

I Located My 70s Prom Photo, and it’s Every Bit as Tragic as I Thought it Would Be!

Thirty nine years!

As my darling wife of thirty-three of those would say, “That’s almost forty!”

That got me thinking, if ever there was a quintessential picture of bad hair and silly seventies-style outfits it was my prom photo.

So I embarked on a quest to find my high school sweetheart to get my hands on a photo… CONTINUE READING >>

TripAdviser Thinks We Rock—Check Us Out!

So proud to be honored by TripAdvisor!

“Who says millennials do it better? When it comes to travel, age is but a number. As you think about retirement and all that free time you’ll have, consider taking a different approach.

TripAdvisor rounded up 20 baby boomer travel bloggers as inspiration to get out there and travel”… SEE ‘EM ALL >>

The GypsyNesters Get Married! The Story of Our Goofy Wedding

We wanted a small wedding – and thank God it was!

Honestly, David (we’ll call him The Beanpole) wouldn’t have made it through otherwise.

It still strikes us strange that The Beanpole, who by that time had appeared on stage in front of hundreds of thousands of people as a musician, could be so nervous.

<–Just look at the body language! Have you EVER seen a more uncomfortable groom? Sheesh.

Our ideal wedding was… CONTINUE READING >>

Fear Conquering & Snow Skiing

Learning to ski at my age had me worrying about things that a younger person might not have.

What if I plummet over a cliff, break my hip, and die from complications a week later? What if I take a blow to the back of my head from one of those chair ride thingies and end up like an amnesia-riddled soap opera character?  What if?

But as a committed GypsyNester, it is my duty to step out of my comfort zone and… CONTINUE READING >>

Top 10 Ways to Scare Your Boomerang Kid Out of the House

Ready to “get on with your life” but have an adult kid who needs a little nudge from the nest?

Do you have a Boomerang that seems permanently parked in your basement, and you feel it’s time for your chick to take wing and begin embracing all that life has to offer?

With tongues firmly in cheek, your goofy GypsyNesters have developed some silly (and stealthy) solutions to wink-wink-nudge-nudge even the most stubborn fledgling from the nest — and they may even think it’s their own idea!

10. Greet him at the door naked with a bottle of Viagra and a can of whipped cream and shout, “Honey, I guess we can’t use the kitchen, our baby’s home.”

9. Set his computer so all his …CONTINUE READING >>

How We Stay in Touch With Loved Ones While Traveling

We’re often asked how we stay in touch with our adult kids as we travel.

Yes, our phone conversations with family and friends almost always begin with the question, Where are you guys?

Honestly, in the days before cell phones and the internet, we’re not sure how anyone would have been able to stay connected while leading the lifestyle we’ve chosen… CONTINUE READING >>

Hey Boomers! How Important is Travel to You?
We are passionate about travel for so many reasons, but had no idea how many of our fellow Baby Boomers and empty nesters were on the same page.

It’s crazy!

99% of Boomers are going to travel this year… ninety-nine percent!

We almost spit-took coffee all over our keyboard when we saw that number.

Click in and look what your fellow Boomers are up to – and our thoughts about the many surprises we found – and let us know about your upcoming travel adventures… CLICK IN HERE >>

How Volunteering Can Enrich Every Empty Nester’s Life

What is it that makes us feel so passionate about life when we are helping others?

There must be something more to volunteering than the oft said “it makes us feel good to do good.”

I believe it goes deeper.

When the chicks fly the coop we lose the built-in community that comes with raising a brood. Gone are the sports team gatherings, the school plays and scout meetings.

Entire peer groups disappear overnight.  It can get kind of lonely… CONTINUE READING >>

Ever Wonder How Our Adventure Began? Guess We’ve Always Been a Little Crazy!
Have you ever wondered how we met?

A one-night stand (not ours!), a beat-up old (heavy metal) car named the Sharkmobile, and the US Postal Service delivered a one-three punch we couldn’t ignore.

It might not be the most romantic story and, the odds most definitely were NOT in our favor, but… CONTINUE READING >>

Seven Things I Vow to My First Son-in-law (and the One Thing I Ask of Him!)
Congrats to our wonderful daughter, The Piglet, and her fiancé – they’re engaged and David and I are thrilled! 

Of course – me being me – I’m also a bit freaked out about being the perfect mother-in-law to this wonderful man.

What? Me? A mother-in-law? That’s some heady, for-the-rest-of-my-life stuff!

I asked our wise GypsyNester community for advice and… CONTINUE READING >>

Why We are Honored to be a PBS Next Avenue “Sites We Love”
Have you ever had something really good happen to you out of the blue?

That’s how we felt when PBS’s Next Avenue contacted us saying that they were featuring us as a Sites We Love.

Shut up! we thought. This seriously can’t be happening. We freaking LOVE Next Avenue… CLICK TO SEE WHY WE ARE SO HONORED >>

The Ultimate Baby Boomer & Empty Nester Gift Guide!
Ah, the holidays are upon us, and as sure as the season’s first chills — and the smell of turkey fills the air — the madness of Black Friday cannot be far behind.

Your thoughtful GypsyNesters want to save everyone a trip through the horrifying madness that goes on at the mall this time of year by sharing this hand-dandy gift guide!

We gathered up all of our don’t leave home without them travel items — along with cheeky and fun presents for baby boomers and empty nesters of all walks of life — and put them all together so you can shop without ever leaving the comfort of your festively decorated house… SEE ALL OF OUR SPECTACULAR GIFT SUGGESTIONS! >>

How to Make Your Travel More Meaningful

Are you stuck in a travel rut? Are you looking for ways to add some extra oomph into your experiences?

USA Today asked us and some pretty weighty folks to weigh in on how we find ways to travel with purpose to enrich our experiences.

We waxed poetic as usual! 😉 …  See the full article >>

Sicily, Italy by Bicycle – Part Two
Yeah baby!

We are having a blast here in Sicily – biking and eating, eating and biking.

Continue with us as we pedal through baroque cities built into hillsides, villages that depend on the sea, and orchards of olive trees.

And each place we land, we’re sampling regional food specialties… CONTINUE READING >> 

Cycling (and Eating) Our Way Through Sicily, Italy

Join your GypsyNesters as we cycle our way though the southern coastal villages of Italy!.. SEE MORE >>

Biking Our Way Through Sicily – Follow Along with Us!
We love riding our trusty steeds (GypsyNester parlance for bicycles) – we feel it’s the best way to see a new place at the perfect pace.

And we’re doing it in a part of Italy that we have never before visited!

Ride along with us as we pedal back in time on the Mediterranean island of Sicily… CONTINUE READING > >

GypsyNesters on Your TV – Watch Us on WSMV!

We joined Nashville’s WSMV Channel 4 More at Midday gang to discuss our life on the road, reconnecting as a couple, and our appearance at the Southern Festival of Books – so much fun! Click here to leave a comment!

What Makes a Great Empty Nest Destination? Here are our Suggestions!
With the children raised and off on their own, many of the obstacles that hindered our ability to travel extensively have disappeared, but there may be some new challenges.

The key for us empty nesters is to decide what we are seeking when we travel, then match the destination to our desires.

If we plan ahead for our levels of comfort, cost, and activity level, checking most anything off the… CONTINUE READING >> 

Is Simple Living in Retirement the Way to Go?
The GypsyNesters in AfricaUS News and World Report asked us what simple living means to us and why we live the way we do.

“Traveling throughout retirement may not be everyone’s idea of simple living, but David and Veronica say ditching the house was one of the best moves they ever made. ‘We are in a state of nearly constantly pinching ourselves… CONTINUE READING >>

Our Life Reimagined: Repack Your Empty Nest!

Big fun! A quick clip that AARP’s Life Reimagined produced about us! It’s 30 secs of GypsyNester action-packed goodness! What do you think? Leave a comment here!

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