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The Long and the Shorts of It All
When women get to be “of a certain age” questions of appropriateness inevitably rear their ugly heads. I think I have squarely hit that certain age. With a vengeance.

My questions of appropriateness have actually turned into a LIST of questions of appropriateness:

Should I stop wearing shorts?
What about sleeveless blouses?
Is my hair too long?
When should I stop dying it?
Should I do something about my wrinkles?… CONTINUE READING >>

Top Ten Ways You Know Your Kid is Grown Up

10. You have Thanksgiving dinner at her home. You sneak the inedible parts to her dog.

9. He drops the F-bomb right in front of you. With no fear of an Ivory Soap sandwich.

8. You realize that you are sitting in the back seat. Of her car.

7. He cleans up after himself. While visiting your house!

6. She absentmindedlyCONTINUE READING >>

Post-Parting Depression: Saying Good-bye to My Adult Kids
I’ve got an issue and I need help! I’m hoping I’ll get a lot of suggestions on this post from our amazingly insightful readers.

This past holiday season, we had a lot to celebrate. In addition to our typical yuletide festivities, we were blessed to celebrate my in-law’s 60th wedding anniversary two days after Christmas and our own anniversary a week after the new year started.

As wonderful as it was to have such momentous events smack-in-the-middle of the holidays, it led to more good-byes to our adult kids than I’m normally used to.

Having The Spawn come and go in such short and hectic celebratory spurts gave me some interesting insight into how I deal with my empty nest good-byes.

Not well, it seems… CONTINUE READING >> 

How to Volunteer at a National Park (and live for free!)

Are you a retiree or empty nester looking to enrich your life through volunteerism?

An outdoorsy-type wanting to get back to nature, or a college student looking to pump up your resume in a meaningful way?

The Parks Service provides wonderful ways to help preserve America’s natural heritage.

And now is the time to prepare for next summer’s adventure… CONTINUE READING >> 

Our First British Interview – We’re International!

Watch Ceri Wheeldon of Fab After 50 ask us those burning questions you’ve always wanted to know!.. Tell us how we did! or enlarge video>>
See more interviews

Going Gypsy Goes Live – Today’s the Official Release Day!

It’s a big celebration day in GypsyNester land!

There are so many people to thank…

Skyhorse Publishing, Tony Lyons, and Jay Cassell for taking a chance on a crazy story like ours.

Beth Lieberman and Jenny Pierson, our editors. Beth stuck with us from first draft through the daunting task of finding a publisher and her guidance was flawless. Simply stated, Beth is the best.

Jenny rescued us from Unknown Writer’s Purgatory, raved about us to her bosses, championed our ridiculous ideas and held our hands as we baby stepped our way into the publishing process.

To everyone who agreed to let us write about them in our wacky way. You are good sports.

And thanks to all of you for coming along on our wild adventure.

Help Us Make 2015 the Year of Going Gypsy! #GoingGypsy
<– We have a copy of our book in our hands!

It’s DAYS away from the release of Going Gypsy and we’re so excited (and nervous)!

We are indescribably grateful to the wonderful people who have given us their congratulations – cheered us on – and offered help in getting the word out.

This means the world to us.

Would YOU like to help too?

There are so many really easy things you can do! Read on to find out how easy we’ve made it for you!

The Empty Nest as a Launching Pad – Are YOU Ready to Launch With Us?

So psyched about this article in Medium!

“After packing their youngest off to college, the Gypsy Nesters hit the road and never looked back. ‘We’re going down in a ball of flames!’ says”… READ THE FEATURE HERE and leave a comment here 

The Best? (Worst?) Funniest. Family Portrait. Ever.
Every family has ‘em.

Piles of throw-away snapshots that you can’t bear to throw away. Before digital cameras, our generation put every picture — no matter how bad — into a photo album. After all, they were precious – and we shelled out big bucks to have them developed.

Then there are the CLASSICS. The ones you should have thrown away, but instead you frame them. This one is ours.

Think about it, we thought we were sitting for a lovely family portrait. Clearly, all heck is breaking loose and none of us could… CONTINUE READING >>

Going Gypsy is Now Available as an Audio Book!

Are YOU a big audio book fan?

Do you prefer to “read” as you are relaxing in the tub, on your morning commute, working out, hanging dry wall, psyching yourself up before winning an Olympic gold medal, walking your dog, or avoiding awkward questions at family gatherings?

If this sounds like YOU, then download Going Gypsy from Audible.com now!

Thanks for Noticing! :)

A BIG hearty GypsyNester thank you hug to these wonderful publications!

Sea Views Magazine asked us,
How Will Baby Boomers Travel in 2015?”
You should check it out, we sound incredibly smart! ;)

How McCool are we? Charles McCool (we’re pretty sure that’s his real name!)
asked us questions and we spilled secrets!
Read it here.

We were honored with a Top Travel Blogger of 2014 nod by Wanderu!


Main St. asked us to weigh in on
Totally Unexpected – and Affordable – Places You Will Want to See in 2015
Check out where to go!

Click here to see more interviews and fun! We are so thankful!
The Good and Bad of Losing Control of the Holidays

This year marks a turning point for us.

We’ve fully handed over the Christmas planning process over to our adult daughters, led by The Piglet. We’re in full tell-us-where-and-when-to-show-up mode.

Don’t get us wrong, we feel comfy in The Piglet’s very capable hands, but it is weird. We hardly know what to do with… CONTINUE READING >>

Advance Praise for Going Gypsy – and our (loss of) Words of Gratitude

We were planning on writing a post on how grateful we are to this group of distinguished people.

About how enormously thankful we are that they have chosen to read our book and share their thoughts.

But we can’t find the words to properly express the way we feel and, if you know us at all, you know that we have to be truly honored to be at a loss for words (we’re impossible to shut up!).

“Warm, funny, clever, and inspiring—makes you see the fun inCONTINUE READING >>

Life After Kids

When Veronica and I began to think about our life after raising kids one of the first things we did was Google “empty nesters.”

We wanted to see if anyone else was looking at this the same way that we were. With a feeling of “isn’t it great that the kids have moved out, and we’ll have life to ourselves again?” To be untethered and free. To wander the globe. To be GypsyNesters instead of empty-nesters.

But no, just about everything we could find was lamenting how terrible it is that the kids aren’t around anymore. Even worse, the biggest item on the first page we clicked into was an enormous ad for an… CONTINUE READING >>

Fear Conquering & Paragliding in Lima, Peru
Our day began with what (we thought) was going to be a leisurely stroll along the sea cliffs of Lima. 

We had heard about the veil that hangs over the city, we were pleasantly surprised at the beautiful blue day ahead of us.

Reaching the cliffs, the first thing we noticed was not the view, but the … CONTINUE READING >>

Veronica’s Hysterical Paragliding Antics

Veronica: I feel like we’re sideways, are we sideways? Pilot George: No. We are fine. We are going in very slow. Veronica: What? It doesn’t feel slow. (petrified laugh) No. Ayhhhhhh… CONTINUE READING  or enlarge video >>

Jousting with Middle Age
What is middle aged? I suppose we are implying the middle of our lifespan. So let’s say eighty years. That makes forty, give or take a few years, middle aged. Ninety is certainly a possibility, so, forty-five. Some of us might even live to be 100, so I can even go as high as fifty.

After that it gets a little curious. Fifty-five? Well, people have lived to 110, so let’s call the late fifties the absolute top side of middle age.

If someone sixty-plus is going around claiming to be middle aged, basically they are declaring… CONTINUE READING >>

Fear Conquering & Hate Mail
A comment on our site:

“In my opinion, anyone who would refer to children in such a disgusting and disrespectful way (adult or not) is an emotionally bankrupt shell of a person…”

BAM! My first hate mail.

I read a lot of blogs. Any of them worth their salt raise strong emotion and spark debate on their message boards. Sometimes it can get a bit heated, but makes for a nice balance.

We have had comments on our website that strongly disagree with our opinions and we relish them, we value every… CONTINUE READING >>

What I Learned at My First Women’s Retreat
The odd, nomadic lifestyle that I live (and love) is not especially conducive to making intimate, long-term connections. Something that I miss, and am sorely out of practice in pursuing.

But I wasn’t sure that a women’s retreat was right for me.

The lessons that I learned were completely unexpected… CONTINUE READING >>

The Empty Nest Through a Husband’s Eyes
There is much more to beauty and allure than physical appearance. Years of shared experiences, and the comfort of complete compatibility, more than make up for any lost youth, no matter what these marketers splash across our screens.

As men, we see those images too, and have been persuaded — no, programmed — into thinking that we all want supermodels who think about nothing more than fun times and a lot of beer. Well, I have two things to say about that:


Enter to Win $50 of Gift Card Goodness and Celebrate Going Gypsy with us!
We’re excited to announce that our book Going Gypsy: One Couple’s Adventure from Empty Nest to No Nest at All is available for pre-order!

As a matter of fact, we’re SO excited that we’re giving away 50 dollars of gift card goodness!

<–Yep! That’s an eBook too!


No, We Won’t Buy You a…
Our main goal as parents was to end up with happy, healthy, self-sufficient adults.

We can’t tell anyone how to do this — everyone’s different and Lord knows we made our share of mistakes along the way — but we can offer an insight that we’ve gained through our own offspring’s transitions from childhood to adulthood.

Don’t give kids everything they want, just everything they need.

A whole lot of what they want is stupid crap and… CONTINUE READING >>

Parasite "Kids"

What’s worse than a Boomerang “Kid?” A Parasite “Kid.”

While the Boomeranger comes home to rely on its host for room, board and Mama’s cooking, the Parasite will eventually kill its host — latching on and sucking dry retirement savings while out living on its own. Long distance leeching, in a manner of speaking.

In generations past only rich kids that acted this way. We are now seeing a new breed –the middle class Parasite Kid. These… CONTINUE READING >>

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