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Empty Nest Egg

Where did you live when you were first starting out? I’ll bet it wasn’t quite the Taj Mahal.

Our first place was a one bedroom, former screened-in porch that had all the weather proofing of the average wiffle ball. It was a veritable private zoo of insect vermin — and we were glad to have it. We were proud and happy to be on our own.

Who are we to deny our offspring those same pleasures?CONTINUE READING >>

Helicopter Mom – You Are Grounded!
“A mother is only as happy as her saddest child,” a close friend’s grandmother used to say.

When I first heard her say this, all three of my children were young and safely in the nest so I could totally relate. Somehow I thought once they were grown up this would change.

It didn’t.

Trouble finds its way into everyone‘s lives – and as much as we hate it – trouble finds our adult children. Whether it rears its ugly head in a… CONTINUE READING >>

THE Talk
“I’m eighteen now, I can do what I want.”

The dreaded time when the spawn are technically adults but still in high school. At that age, it would seem that “adult” means the freedom to head out and start being stupid at top speed.

The standard “Not in my house” or “As long as you live under my roof, you’ll abide by my rules” replies didn’t seem to sink in with our young ‘uns. In fact, I could almost see the heels digging in to the floor.

One day while driving our oldest, The Piglet, to school, I got fed up and burst out with what became known in our family as “THE Talk.” No, not THAT “the talk”, this one:… CONTINUE READING >>

What if My Adult Child is Addicted to Online Gaming?

One of our readers sent me an email that really touched me:

I am not completely an empty nester unfortunately. My 20 year old son was not able to return to college this fall because of the lack of loans and grants available to him. So now he is doing nothing except for playing the computer game WoW (World of Warcraft) most of his waking hours. He did just purchase a small business that will make him a small living, but I pray he goes back to college. He is very bright and it would be such a waste if he didn’t. –Hannah

Hannah, my heart… CONTINUE READING >>

How We Stay in Touch With Loved Ones While Traveling
We’re often asked how we stay in touch with our adult kids as we travel.

Honestly, in the days before cell phones and the internet, we’re not sure how anyone would have been able to stay connected while pursuing the lifestyle we have chosen.

Mostly because our phone conversations with family and friends almost always begin with the question… CONTINUE READING >>

Fear Conquering & Skydiving in Queensland
Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane has become one of those ultimate bucket list items.

Like living to 120 years-old or climbing Mount Everest. Of the three, the most feasible to me was the jump.

Which turned out to be a bit odd, because there was no… CONTINUE READING >>


Veronica Gives Skydiving a Go!

Who knew nostrils could stretch so far? Watch as Veronica “jumps” from 10,000 feet over what has to be the most beautiful place to “fly”!… Read the whole, crazy adventure here!>>

The Couple of Things

I was recently interviewed for a magazine article about empty nesting from the Dad’s point of view. As usual, I was happy to add my two cents.

Most of the questions involved the logistics of pulling off our GypsyNester lifestyle, things like selling the house, making an income, traveling and the like.

But one question completely caught me by surprise CONTINUE READING >>

A Little Talked About Sign of Aging
Here’s the thing. My best features come from my Romanian roots. I’ve always enjoyed having dark hair and blue eyes. I am psyched that my “gray” hair is silver, some people pay big bucks for that. Dracula was Romanian, and by most accounts was a particularly handsome man-thing.

That being said, we Romanians are a very hairy people. My beloved Grandpa not only had follicles growing out of his ears, but in his later years his lobes looked like small woodland creatures. My stunningly gorgeous mother had quite the collection of… CONTINUE READING >>

What Makes a Great Empty Nest Destination? Here are our Suggestions!
With the children raised and off on their own, many of the obstacles that hindered our ability to travel extensively have disappeared, but there may be some new challenges.

The key for us empty nesters is to decide what we are seeking when we travel, then match the destination to our desires.

If we plan ahead for our levels of comfort, cost, and activity level, checking most anything off the… CONTINUE READING >> 

The Shocking Male/Female Divide of Boomerang Kids
Men bounce back home at a rate of 40 percent, compared to just 32 percent for women. 

As our offspring have grown older and more secure in their adult lives the idea of them returning to the nest as boomerang kids has become much less of an issue for us.

But a recent article in The Tribune, “How to deal with adult children who move back home,” reminded us that for many would be, no should be, empty nesters it is still an ongoing fact of life.

The first thing that struck us from the article were these statistics… CONTINUE READING >>

Fear Conquering & the Flying Trapeze
It was my first fear conquering – as kids today say – “epic fail.” Not pretty at all.

Maybe I was too jet lagged. Maybe it was too early in the morning. Maybe it was the ten extra pounds of delicious-food Europe weight. Maybe 50-ish is a bit too old to take up a new trick this physical – the reflexes ain’t what they used to be! Maybe I should shut up and stop… CONTINUE READING  and watch the video >>

No Home for the Holidays

Selling the nest and becoming GypsyNesters has given our adult chicks the joy of being hosts for the holidays in their homes.

Once again this year we will be making our way to The Big Apple for the holidays. Oh, the anticipation! The joy!

Christmas is the one time we allow ourselves to hands-down spoil our kids — and, boy, do we ever! As thrifty as we are during the non-Jesus-being-born part of the year, we let loose the coffers when we visit The Spawn during that “most wonderful time of the year.”

It’s not about expensive gifts – instead we enjoy…  CONTINUE READING >>

What’s Really Important: A Black Friday Antidote

We saw this quote and just had to share.

It struck us that we may be losing sight on what is truly important this holiday season.

Last year, in our post-turkey bloat, we grabbed the remote and settled into something we rarely do: We vegged in front of the boob-tube.

Immediately we felt bombarded. The blaring onslaught of Black Friday ads was funny at first. We sat and mocked in our usual.. CONTINUE READING >> 

An Empty Nest Couples Tip: Do Something Completely New Together
Like most couples, we entered the empty nest phase of our lives pretty much the same way we entered the world, starry-eyed and clueless.

An anxiety-inducing mixture of excitement and terror. We had our big now what? moment and stumbled ahead, knowing that we had to do something to reconnect as the couple that fell in love all those years ago.

We’ve found that the key is… CONTINUE READING >>

We’re Very Busy and Important ;) Well…

maybe not. But we do seem to be popping up in some fun places around the web these days!  Thanks to all for putting up with our shenanigans!

GypsyNester Radio Interview
In case you missed us live – here’s the podcast for our “New Rules for Empty Nests” interview with the warm and wonderful Sandy Fowler!

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How much fun is THIS?! Veronica is featured on Whoa! Network – with a great group of women!
We’re excited that CheapOair spotlighted (spotlit?) us on their site! Check it out – click here!
When Hurricanes Blow
Our daughter, Decibel, spent a whopping twenty minutes at the college of her choice, Tulane University. She never attended a single class. It has to be the shortest college career in history.

There was a storm a brewin‘. And it was a whopper.

On a beautiful August day, Decibel landed in New Orleans ready to take on the world. She was especially giddy since she had been chosen from the pool of incoming freshman in the Musical Theater program to sing at orientation — a high honor indeed. Not to mention instant… CONTINUE READING >>

Who’s Kidding Who?

The last task of raising a child is letting them go.

Allowing them to flap their cute little wings and fly… giving them a gentle nudge out of the nest to get them airborne.

OK, sometimes it’s more like a hard shove off a cliff… but then the harder transition from the parent-child to an adult-to-adult relationship must be made.

This process doesn’t happen overnight. The ritual sounds easy in theory, but it can be a bit sticky in practice. It’s difficult not to… CONTINUE  READING >>

Your GypsyNesters on Generation Fabulous!

We sat down with the fabulous Chloe Jeffreys of the aptly named Generation Fabulous and discussed helicopter mom recovery, staying connected with our adult kids, reinventing middle-age, and the importance of… CONTINUE READING or leave a comment! >>

We Are So Thankful!
GypsyNesters in the Media! Thank you!

Every once in a while, we are hit over the head by a ton of bricks. While this would normally be cause for concern, this particular brickload is one of gratitude.

We have been blessed with amazing accolades from amazing folks! We have done really fun interviews and have been included in some pretty prestigious publications. We are truly honored. Click in to see why... CONTINUE READING >>

T-Rex and the City

How I shared my first inappropriate adult-to-adult laugh with my daughter. Not exactly a Hallmark moment – but I’ll take it.

There’s passion on Manhattan. I felt it as soon as I arrived on the island. For me, a major part of this enthusiasm radiates from my fast-walking, subway-chasing, black-wearing, taxi-flagging urbanite daughters, The Piglet and Decibel.

The New York I know is viewed through their eyes and it is a very youthful place. I have to say I’m a bit flattered that my girls felt they could drag this old T-Rex around everywhere they went. But, apparently, this dinosaur… CONTINUE READING >>

How Can I Possibly Be Old Enough for AARP?
It’s an American coming-of-a-certain-age rite of passage. You turn fifty and you join AARP, right?

For me, it was easy – I’m married to a man five years older than me. The blow of my aging milestones are always softened because David paves the way for me – he shoots through them kicking and screaming so I can glide into them gracefully knowing that it’s not the end of the world (until I look in the mirror and realize that I don’t quite match up to the image I have of myself in my mind!).

Riding on David’s coattails, I’ve been… CONTINUE READING > >

More Grandchildish Behavior

I am drool resistant, attract dirt, love to wallow, don’t mind eating things off of the ground and sometimes need changing.

I fit right in with kids.

I am a sucker for the little buggers, most likely because a good part of me still is one. I can get down to and play at their level with no effort whatsoever.

So… I guess I want grandkids more than Veronica does… CONTINUE READING >>

Grandchildish Behavior
I’ve had two unexpected conversations recently that have given me pause for reflection. The first was with my father-in-law while dining over Mexican food in Kansas. While catching him up with our kids’ lives, he asked me if they were dating anyone of note. I told him that at the moment there were no significant others. Then, the bolt out of the blue,”Oh, you must be sad that you won’t be having grandchildren anytime soon.”

The next exchange was with my daughters, The Piglet and Decibel.

“All of our friends’ mothers are on crazy grandma patrol. How come you aren’t nagging us about having babies?”

It started out as gentle teasing, but… CONTINUE READING  >>

Crowdsourcing the ULTIMATE College Care Package

When the time came for The Boy’s first care package, I realized that I was stumped.

The excitement I had felt while creating fun packages for The Piglet and Decibel was gone. I really needed some help. I decided that I should hand it over to the experts. Our wise readers.

I figured they could help me create a care package so amazing… CONTINUE READING >>

Top Ten Ways You Know Your Kid is Grown Up

10. You have Thanksgiving dinner at her home. You sneak the inedible parts to her dog.

9. He drops the F-bomb right in front of you. With no fear of an Ivory Soap sandwich.

8. You realize that you are sitting in the back seat. Of her car.

7. He cleans up after himself. While visiting your house!

6. She absentmindedlyCONTINUE READING >>

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