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The Good and Bad of Losing Control of the Holidays

This year marks a turning point for us.

We’ve fully handed over the Christmas planning process over to our adult daughters, led by The Piglet. We’re in full tell-us-where-and-when-to-show-up mode.

Don’t get us wrong, we feel comfy in The Piglet’s very capable hands, but it is weird. We hardly know what to do with… CONTINUE READING >>

Advance Praise for Going Gypsy – and our (loss of) Words of Gratitude

We were planning on writing a post on how grateful we are to this group of distinguished people.

About how enormously thankful we are that they have chosen to read our book and share their thoughts.

But we can’t find the words to properly express the way we feel and, if you know us at all, you know that we have to be truly honored to be at a loss for words (we’re impossible to shut up!).

“Warm, funny, clever, and inspiring—makes you see the fun inCONTINUE READING >>

Life After Kids

When Veronica and I began to think about our life after raising kids one of the first things we did was Google “empty nesters.”

We wanted to see if anyone else was looking at this the same way that we were. With a feeling of “isn’t it great that the kids have moved out, and we’ll have life to ourselves again?” To be untethered and free. To wander the globe. To be GypsyNesters instead of empty-nesters.

But no, just about everything we could find was lamenting how terrible it is that the kids aren’t around anymore. Even worse, the biggest item on the first page we clicked into was an enormous ad for an… CONTINUE READING >>

Fear Conquering & Paragliding in Lima, Peru
Our day began with what (we thought) was going to be a leisurely stroll along the sea cliffs of Lima. 

We had heard about the veil that hangs over the city, we were pleasantly surprised at the beautiful blue day ahead of us.

Reaching the cliffs, the first thing we noticed was not the view, but the … CONTINUE READING >>

Veronica’s Hysterical Paragliding Antics

Veronica: I feel like we’re sideways, are we sideways? Pilot George: No. We are fine. We are going in very slow. Veronica: What? It doesn’t feel slow. (petrified laugh) No. Ayhhhhhh… CONTINUE READING  or enlarge video >>

Jousting with Middle Age
What is middle aged? I suppose we are implying the middle of our lifespan. So let’s say eighty years. That makes forty, give or take a few years, middle aged. Ninety is certainly a possibility, so, forty-five. Some of us might even live to be 100, so I can even go as high as fifty.

After that it gets a little curious. Fifty-five? Well, people have lived to 110, so let’s call the late fifties the absolute top side of middle age.

If someone sixty-plus is going around claiming to be middle aged, basically they are declaring… CONTINUE READING >>

Fear Conquering & Hate Mail
A comment on our site:

“In my opinion, anyone who would refer to children in such a disgusting and disrespectful way (adult or not) is an emotionally bankrupt shell of a person…”

BAM! My first hate mail.

I read a lot of blogs. Any of them worth their salt raise strong emotion and spark debate on their message boards. Sometimes it can get a bit heated, but makes for a nice balance.

We have had comments on our website that strongly disagree with our opinions and we relish them, we value every… CONTINUE READING >>

What I Learned at My First Women’s Retreat
The odd, nomadic lifestyle that I live (and love) is not especially conducive to making intimate, long-term connections. Something that I miss, and am sorely out of practice in pursuing.

But I wasn’t sure that a women’s retreat was right for me.

The lessons that I learned were completely unexpected… CONTINUE READING >>

The Empty Nest Through a Husband’s Eyes
There is much more to beauty and allure than physical appearance. Years of shared experiences, and the comfort of complete compatibility, more than make up for any lost youth, no matter what these marketers splash across our screens.

As men, we see those images too, and have been persuaded — no, programmed — into thinking that we all want supermodels who think about nothing more than fun times and a lot of beer. Well, I have two things to say about that:


Enter to Win $50 of Gift Card Goodness and Celebrate Going Gypsy with us!
We’re excited to announce that our book Going Gypsy: One Couple’s Adventure from Empty Nest to No Nest at All is available for pre-order!

As a matter of fact, we’re SO excited that we’re giving away 50 dollars of gift card goodness!

<–Yep! That’s an eBook too!


No, We Won’t Buy You a…
Our main goal as parents was to end up with happy, healthy, self-sufficient adults.

We can’t tell anyone how to do this — everyone’s different and Lord knows we made our share of mistakes along the way — but we can offer an insight that we’ve gained through our own offspring’s transitions from childhood to adulthood.

Don’t give kids everything they want, just everything they need.

A whole lot of what they want is stupid crap and… CONTINUE READING >>

Parasite "Kids"

What’s worse than a Boomerang “Kid?” A Parasite “Kid.”

While the Boomeranger comes home to rely on its host for room, board and Mama’s cooking, the Parasite will eventually kill its host — latching on and sucking dry retirement savings while out living on its own. Long distance leeching, in a manner of speaking.

In generations past only rich kids that acted this way. We are now seeing a new breed –the middle class Parasite Kid. These… CONTINUE READING >>

Helping Your Aging Parents Move: A GypsyNester Guide

Helping your folks downsize and move as they get on in years can be a daunting task.

The emotions of leaving a place that has been home for many years — along with that elephant in the room, aging — are heavy burdens.

We have recently assisted with three moves with varying degrees of success, and haveCONTINUE READING >> 

Going Gypsy has a New Look! Check out our New Book Cover!

We’ve received yet another wonderful surprise from our publisher – Skyhorse! We had no idea this was coming!

We are so honored that the incredibly talented Danielle Ceccolini agreed to lend her original work to our book jacket – look what she has created for us!

We feel beyond blessed that someone of Ms. Ceccolini’s caliber could take our goofy little sleep-deprived, airplane-napkin doodle and turn it into… CONTINUE READING to see it in its full glory! >>

A Big Ole Thank You Shout Out!

We’re popping up in some fun places around the web these days! Thanks to all for putting up with our shenanigans!

GypsyNesters on Amtrak! Remember our American Founding Cities Live-Blog? Amtrak reported on it too! GypsyNesters on Complete Senior! Complete Senior profiled us in their magazine just yesterday – we are so honored!

Read it here.

GypsyNesters on Radio Roaming!

Want a good belly laugh? Listen in while we’re interviewed by Australian funny man Steve Collins of Radio Roaming!

GypsyNesters on Grandparents.com!

We were asked by Grandparents.com to weigh in on our favorite overrated tourist attraction!

We were also interviewed for Travel Writing 2.0! Read our discussion about writing, travel and the things we’ve learned along the way!
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Big, Big, BIG News! Going Gypsy and the Story of its Cover (you may judge the book by it)!
Remember that big news we’ve been spouting off about? The news we were afraid to talk about because we couldn’t believe it was actually happening?

Well here it is (drumroll please!):

We have a book coming out!

Can you imagine how hard this has been for over-sharing me to not say anything?

But, before we get into the details, I want to tell you the story about the cover.

Last December… CONTINUE READING >>

Am I a Snow Plow Parent? 7 Modern Parenting Terms
This glossary of modern parenting terms from around the world provides a cautionary tale through definitions. Could a Snow Plow Parent accidentally raise a Kidult in a perpetual state of Adultescence?

Snow Plow Parents
Like the snow removal apparatus, a Snow Plow Parent will be sure to… CONTINUE READING >>

Sometimes a Girl’s Gotta Get Away
Don’t get me wrong – I love being with David. 

We’re pretty much together 24/7 and it’s seldom a problem with us.

We work hard on keeping our relationship fresh (to varying degrees, of course!) and continue to try new things together.

But sometimes a girl… CONTINUE READING >>

The GypsyNesters Get Married! The Story of Our Goofy Wedding
We wanted a small wedding – and thank God it was!

Honestly, David (we’ll call him The Beanpole) wouldn’t have made it through otherwise.

It still strikes us strange that The Beanpole, who by that time had appeared on stage in front of hundreds of thousands of people as a musician, could be so nervous.

<–Just look at the body language! Have you EVER seen a more uncomfortable groom? Sheesh.

Our ideal wedding was… CONTINUE READING >>

Oh My Aching Feet! Cobblestones, Comfort & Flight-induced Cankles
Yup, it’s time for another women “of a certain age” post from me. So far I’ve overshared about stray hairs, arm flaps, botox, and mammograms – so why stop now, right?

This time it’s about my feet and cankles – yuck, I know, but it’s life and if I don’t overshare, who’s going to?

So here goes – some frank talk (but no gross pictures, promise), a little bit of whining and a solution or two… CONTINUE READING >>

War & Peace, Volume II
When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. -Mark Twain A reader wrote:

“The best part is when they finally get it, and tell you sorry for being such pain in the ass during those (teenage) years. My son told me he now understands everything I was trying to convey to his logic blocked brain back then…”

Oh man, I can relate.

I was pretty certain that at least one of my envelope-pushing teens would flee the nest — i-Pod at full volume and a certain finger in the air — never looking back or speaking to me… CONTINUE READING >>

We’ve Been Hit by a Ton of Bricks!
The GypsyNesters in the media! Thank you!

Every once in a while, we are hit over the head by a ton of bricks. While this would normally be cause for concern, this particular brickload is one of gratitude.

We have been blessed with amazing accolades from amazing folks! We have done really fun interviews and have been included in some pretty prestigious publications. We are truly honored. Click in to see why... CONTINUE READING >>

How to Plan a Family Vacation with Adult Kids
We’ve had this fantasy about whisking our entire family off to an exotic location for some time now. Imagine the five of us blissfully getting away from it all, laughing and sharing our experiences as we sip umbrella drinks while the sun sets into a tropical ocean.

Putting together a family vacation after the kids are grown and living on their own seems like it should be a snap compared to traveling with toddlers, or worse yet, teenagers.

So why is it so hard? 

With no roadside diaper changes, exploding sippy cup disasters… CONTINUE READING >>

Our Son Has One of the Most Dangerous Jobs in the World
The Boy has just embarked on a new journey. He has accepted one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

He is now an Alaskan bush pilot (I suppose we should now call him “Captain The Boy”).

This is something he has wanted to do for a long time, and though I’m beyond-words proud of him for realizing a dream (and working extremely hard for it), I am not thrilled by… CONTINUE READING >>

Going Gypsy is Available for Pre-order Today! YAY!

We are over-the-moon excited to announce that our book is available for pre-order today!

Going Gypsy: One Couple’s Adventure from Empty Nest to No Nest at All (Skyhorse Publishing)

Be one of the first to read it!

Click here to pre-order from Amazon.com today! 

We are so happy that Amazon is offering a Pre-order Price Guarantee on Going Gypsy! If you order now and the Amazon.com price goes down between your order time and the end of the day of Going Gypsy‘s release date, you’ll receive the lowest price. Pretty snazzy, eh?

Channeling our Inner Celebrity in Boston!
Once again we found ourselves at the fantastic Life@50+ Expo – this time in Boston!

And this time we landed on the cover of AARP Magazine! Well, sort of.

Becoming cover models is just one of the myriads of fun activities we participated in while visiting Beantown.

While pretending to be celebrities, we found ourselves mingling with several real celebrities… CONTINUE READING >>

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