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An Ode to the Home of Vidalia Onions
To paraphrase Shakespeare, would an onion by any other name taste as sweet?

We think not, since most onions are hardly sweet at all. So what’s in a name? Vidalia, Vidalia, wherefore art thou Vidalia?

The only way to know for sure was to go directly to the… CONTINUE READING >> 

Come Blow Your Hoorn in Holland
Rooted in the Dutch Golden Age, Hoorn made her name by welcoming ships laden with treasure into her harbor.

Today, we found Hoorn just as welcoming; where else can you learn to eat herring like a Dutchman – from the former town mayor?

Or be welcomed into a home near a cannonball-deflecting defense tower?

And Veronica nearly lost her hand at the infamous Roode Steen… CONTINUE READING >>

The Dark and the Light Side of Nuremberg, Germany
The dark and the light side of Nuremberg, GermanyMost of us know the name Nuremberg, because of the trials held after World War II.

We explored the dark and Nazi side of Nuremberg but, thankfully, discovered ourselves charmed by her light side first.

To understand why the city was so significant in recent history, we had to travel back centuries earlier to learn about Nuremberg’s place as one of the Holy Roman Empire’s most important cities… CONTINUE READING >>

Spring Done Right: Tip-Toeing Through the Tulips at Keukenhof Gardens in Holland
Spring hath sprung!

And no one does Spring like Holland. Join your GypsyNesters in a romp through the largest garden in Europe – the Keukenhof Garden.

What started out as a kitchen garden sporting herbs and veggies had morphed into over six million bulbs exploding into a glorious riot.

And it’s only open for visitors eight weeks out of the year… CONTINUE READING >>

We Ruined Ourselves in Osaka, Japan

Kuidaore, a Japanese word meaning “to ruin yourself with extravagant food,” has become synonymous with the city of Osaka.

How could we possibly not love this place?

We jumped right in… CONTINUE READING >> 

We Ended Up in Jail in Heidelberg, Germany

How did we land ourselves in the pokey in one of Germany’s most charming towns? You’re going to have to read on to find out… CONTINUE READING >>

Finding the Twerp in Antwerp, Belgium

We looked up the many definitions of “twerp” – including some seriously weird ones – trying to find how this fabulous city got its name.

Turns out the weirdest definition by far is the answer!

Join us in the land of severed hands, giants, odd stone lions, and incredible beer… CONTINUE READING >>

Peering at the Pier in Santa Monica
Have you ever wondered where Route 66 ends?

Rather than dumping travelers into the Pacific Ocean, Santa Monica offered a better solution – a pleasure pier.

Chase us around a place full of Americana kitsch at its finest, California style… CONTINUE READING >> 

Doing Dublin in Double Time

We didn’t have a pot full o’ time to discover Dublin, we had but a day to discover her charms. 

But we made the most of this fair city – we learned how to pour a perfect pint at the Guinness Academy, stormed her castle, ate native food, made a daring escape, and took a peek at Molly Malone (where exactly was David looking?)… CONTINUE READING >>

Getting Small at the Leprechaun Museum in Dublin
We thought we knew all we needed to know about leprechauns.

As kids, we learned from the authoritative source of Lucky Charms commercials just how mischievous they could be.

We’d spent hours dreaming about how we’d spend that pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow – should we be lucky enough to find it.

Turns out that we knew next to nothing… CONTINUE READING >>

The Hippest Public Bathroom in the USA
Jackpot! A flush with greatness!

Shiny and adorned in black and green art deco (including the toilets and urinals) this luxurious loo boasts a shoeshine station and a vintage phone that calls up the front desk – just in case… CONTINUE READING >>

Norway’s Harbor, Bergen & Bryggen
Locals say, “There’s Norway, and then there’s Bergen” – and we quickly learned why.

Join your GypsyNesters as we tour this rich-with-unusual-history town on Norway’s harbor.

AND enter Bryggen – a city within the city… CONTINUE READING >> 

Our Quest to Find the Oddest Art at the Louvre in Paris
We don’t know art, but we know what we like.. and we like it weird!

Traipse along with your GypsyNesters as we scour the Louvre for the strangest masterpieces we could find…. CONTINUE READING >>

No Stone Unturned: Foamhenge in Virginia

I have a confession to make. 

About thirty years ago I was in London for several days and didn’t take the short trip outside of town to see Stonehenge.

That’s why I was so thrilled to discover an exact replica made of Styrofoam in Virginia – how could we not veer off the side of the road?.. CONTINUE READING >>

A Peace of Olso, Norway
As unfamiliar visitors making our first trip to Oslo, Norway, we didn’t know what we were in for.

Chase us around Oslo as we visit the Nobel Peace Center, get schooled in Olympic ski jumping, have cocktails in a bar completely made of ice (including the glasses), explore Viking burial ships, have a scream with Edvard Munch and eat, ahem, rotted fish… CONTINUE READING >>

We Found a Dollop of Denmark in California
Take Native and Spanish influences, intermix with ingredients from across the Pacific, add a dash of good old American cowboy western and…Eureka!, it’s California.

Diversity aside, we never expected to stumble upon a big dollop of Denmark right in the middle of Santa Barbara County. Eureka!, it’s Solvang.

Here’s the scoop: A few Danish teachers got sick… CONTINUE READING >>

Shear Madness: Fall Festivals of the Catskills
When autumn arrives in the Catskills, there’s a good bet a party is happening nearby. 

The explosion of color on the mountainsides brings in folks from far and wide, so putting on a festival is a natural thing to do.

Visit the site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival, a Sheep and Wool Festival and, because it’s October, or shall we say Oktober… CONTINUE READING >>

Ten Things You Don’t Know About New York City – Even If You Live There!
Your GypsyNesters found the wild, weird and wonderful not-so-known sights, sounds and flavors of The Big Apple!

Even if you are a New Yorker –  we bet you don’t know most of these!.. CONTINUE READING >>

The "Cottages" of Newport, Rhode island
It was called the Gilded Age, a time when robber barons built excessive tributes to their self-proclaimed awesomeness.

Newport was the epitome of this unbelievable excess, aptly dubbed Conspicuous Consumption.

In an effort to one-up each other with their “summer cottages” iconic American families of railroad, mining and steel fortunes, threw lavish parties for their pets, had notorious… CONTINUE READING >>

Bling Me Back to Graceland, Home of the King
We were married on Elvis’ birthday. Hold on there big fellah, it was just a coincidence. 

I didn’t even realize it until I woke up in a champagne haze, with the TV still blaring on our wedding night.

I knew the Fates had conspired when I half-opened one eye and saw there on the news… CONTINUE READING >>

A Slice of New York City: An Iconic Pizza Tour
Could there be a single food that is quintessentially New York City? 

If there is one food that screams New York from the top of the Empire State Building, it has got to be pizza.

How did this happen? We didn’t know, but we do now!… CONTINUE READING >>

U.P. and Over Big Mac – Loving Michigan’s Upper Peninsula!

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is the red-headed stepchild of the Great Lakes region.

Like kids left alone who’ve formed a tree house club, the people of the Upper Peninsula have developed a domain unto themselves, even a secret language all their own.

A conversation about a moose walking through town would sound something like this:

“Just seen a snow cow at da stop-and-go light.”

The Best and the Würst of Passau, Germany
The German city of Passau had plenty of interesting attributes to explore, but it shall be forever etched in David’s memory as The Home of The Half-Meter Würst.

In his mind, the best würst ever!

But before we dig too deep into his obsession with this supreme sausage, let’s take a look at the city from whence it came… CONTINUE READING >>

Getting Centered at the Equator in Ecuador (or Our Journey to the Center of the Earth)

Just outside of Quito, Ecuador lies the exact midway point between the North and South poles and, being of reasonably sound minds, we had to see it.

Seriously, when do you get the chance to stand on  Latitude 00° 00′ 00”?

We did some wacky things there, but only one of us got a certificate for the wackiest thing of all… CONTINUE READING >>

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