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Mermaids, Hippies, and the Spires of Copenhagen, Denmark

A truly colorful town!

Race around Copenhagen with your GypsyNesters as we check out her art and architecture, her quirks and colors, and successfully dodge a contact high in a real live hippie colony (and though we don’t partake, we used it as an excuse to satisfy our munchies anyway)… CONTINUE READING >> 

You Can Gdańsk If You Want To In Poland

A city that rose from the ashes of World War II to become glorious again. That’s Gdansk.

We love a story of strength, of overcoming odds, of finding one’s way back from overwhelming circumstances.

If a city can personify these traits, we saw it in Gdansk… CONTINUE READING >> 

Walking the Basque Country of Spain (and a Wee Bit of France)—Live

Man, can the folks in the Basque Country throw a party!

Our live-blog continues along the Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James).

See how we stumble into one of the most unique festivals we’ve ever seen, learn to cook like a Basqueman, and dip our toes into the French side of things… CONTINUE READING

Basking in the Basque Country of Spain, A Live Blog
One of the finer aspects of a walking tour is the ability to partake in incredible food without worrying (too much) about stepping on the scale when arriving back home.

We looked long and hard for the perfect pairing of spectacular scenery and incredible edibles—and believe we’ve found it!

Chase us as we eat massive amounts of tapas (they’re called pintxos here), roam around Madrid, make a pilgrimage along the Way of St. James, sleep in a palace, storm a castle, hit the beach… CONTINUE READING

Taking on Tallinn, Estonia
While we can’t say that Estonia occupied a spot on our bucket list, we sure are glad that we checked it off anyway! 

You’ve GOT to love a country that sang its way to freedom, serves food you didn’t even know was edible and (in the past), used some freaky remedies to cure what ails ya… CONTINUE READING

Cruising the Baltic and Beyond: Germany, Denmark and Norway – Live!

We’re still live and rockin’!

Chase us though an eye-opening jaunt through Berlin, a hippy colony in Copenhagen, the quaint, wooden towns of Stavanger and Bergen, and a ride in the fjords of Norway that you won’t believe… FOLLOW US LIVE >>

Russia, Estonia, and Poland – Cruising Though the North, Live!

Astonishing architecture, spires that scrape the skies, medieval charm – that’s Northern Europe.

Join us in the land of the czars, of decedent royalty, and food we’d never dreamed of  eating… FOLLOW US LIVE >>

Cruising the Homelands of the Vikings – a Live-Blog

Viking Ocean Cruises. You read that right, Ocean.

We’re huge fans of Viking River Cruises and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us—in their homelands—and on the ocean!

Join us live as we board the brand new Viking Star and explore the spectacular Baltic Sea region of Northern Europe!.. FOLLOW US LIVE! >>

Tour of our Stateroom Aboard the Viking Star!

Our steward, the fabulous Willy, guides us through the hidden nooks and happy crannies of our posh stateroom!.. FOLLOW THE LIVE-BLOG OF OUR CRUISE >>

Come Blow Your Hoorn in Holland
Rooted in the Dutch Golden Age, Hoorn made her name by welcoming ships laden with treasure into her harbor.

Today, we found Hoorn just as welcoming; where else can you learn to eat herring like a Dutchman – from the former town mayor?

Or be welcomed into a home near a cannonball-deflecting defense tower?

And Veronica nearly lost her hand at the infamous Roode Steen… CONTINUE READING >>

How the Anne Frank House Made Me Feel

The Diary of a Young Girl was the first coming-of-age story I’d ever read. 

And it hit me hard for a number of reasons.

So, Anne Frank House was at the very top of my list of places to visit when we arrived in Amsterdam.

The house is the actual building where the Anne and her family — and four others — hid before they were betrayed and captured by the Nazis… CONTINUE READING >>

Noto to Self: Explore Sicily’s Baroque Cities

Solid. Multi-layered. Fantastic.

There are too many adjectives to describe the Baroque cities of Sicily’s Val di Noto to fit into one article (but we gave it our best shot!).

In an effort to recreate the grandeur of Sicily after a devastating earthquake, massive structures were constructed in what came to be known as Sicilian Baroque… CONTINUE READING >>

Our 8 Favorite Things to do in Prague, Czech Republic

We’re asked a lot about our favorite cities, and Prague is certainly right up there!

There’s a fairy tale-like quality to the city and, like all fairy tales worth their salt, there are myths, legends, and a good dose of creepy stuff to be found… CONTINUE READING >>

Prague’s Wonderful Astronomical Clock

Each hour a huge crowd gathers to watch this clock trot out its lively cast of characters – including death, avarice and… SEE ALL ABOUT THIS INCREDIBLE CLOCK HERE >>

The Dark and the Light Side of Nuremberg, Germany
The dark and the light side of Nuremberg, GermanyMost of us know the name Nuremberg, because of the trials held after World War II.

We explored the dark and Nazi side of Nuremberg but, thankfully, discovered ourselves charmed by her light side first.

To understand why the city was so significant in recent history, we had to travel back centuries earlier to learn about Nuremberg’s place as one of the Holy Roman Empire’s most important cities… CONTINUE READING >>

Spring Done Right: Tip-Toeing Through the Tulips at Keukenhof Gardens in Holland
Spring hath sprung!

And no one does Spring like Holland. Join your GypsyNesters in a romp through the largest garden in Europe – the Keukenhof Garden.

What started out as a kitchen garden sporting herbs and veggies had morphed into over six million bulbs exploding into a glorious riot.

And it’s only open for visitors eight weeks out of the year… CONTINUE READING >>

Making Stroopwafel in Holland!

Our new buddy in Holland teaches us all about making our favorite Dutch treat — delicious stroopwafels! See all of our adventures in Holland!

Sicilian Plate: Our Foodie Guide to Sicily
Buon appetito!

A highlight of any trip to Sicily is the food, but for those of us who grew up thinking Chef Boyardee represented Italian food, discovering real Italian cuisine can be quite an eye opening experience.

Eating our way through Sicily is a dirty job, but… CONTINUE READING >>

A Real Irish Pub Crawl (in Ireland, they just call ’em pubs)
Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, your GypsyNesters take a look at some real Irish pubs, you know, the kind actually in Ireland—so we suppose that they’re simply called pubs.

We’re guessing none of these public houses would ever dare to ruin a perfectly good pint by turning it green… CONTINUE READING >>

We Ended Up in Jail in Heidelberg, Germany

How did we land ourselves in the pokey in one of Germany’s most charming towns? You’re going to have to read on to find out… CONTINUE READING >>

Seeking the Secrets of Siracusa, Sicily
Syracuse holds many secretslayers upon layers of history have seen to that.

Jutting out far into the ocean, Siracusa has been held close by the ancient Greeks and Romans, gathers beauty from her artists (and a guy who left a secret lizard behind!)…

So many secrets that it takes a god’s ear to hear them all… CONTINUE READING >>

Finding the Twerp in Antwerp, Belgium

We looked up the many definitions of “twerp” – including some seriously weird ones – trying to find how this fabulous city got its name.

Turns out the weirdest definition by far is the answer!

Join us in the land of severed hands, giants, odd stone lions, and incredible beer… CONTINUE READING >>

Doing Dublin in Double Time

We didn’t have a pot full o’ time to discover Dublin, we had but a day to discover her charms. 

But we made the most of this fair city – we learned how to pour a perfect pint at the Guinness Academy, stormed her castle, ate native food, made a daring escape, and took a peek at Molly Malone (where exactly was David looking?)… CONTINUE READING >>

Pouring the Perfect Pint of Guinness in Dublin!

Your GypsyNesters go to the Guinness Academy in Dublin to learn the ropes – don’t try this at home kids!.. See more of our adventures in Dublin!

Totally Taken with Taormina, Sicily

It’s the closest we’ve ever stayed to a smoking volcano!

Follow us as we explore Taormina – a shining village on a hill, a really big, steep hill with amazing sea views.

Breathtaking, and well worth the chance of getting covered in ash!.. CONTINUE READING >>

Our Top Instagram Photos of 2015! Happy 2016!

Wow – what a year! We’re so grateful for tons of travel, the release of Going Gypsy, new friends from all
over the world (that includes YOU!), and a spectacular wedding!

Our most liked photos on Instagram included our African photo safaris in Tanzania and South Africa, our river cruise through Holland and Belgium, and our bike tour in Sicily.

Cheers to 2016 everyone – let’s make it shine!

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