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Dispatch One: River Cruising Cities of Light, A Live-Blog
We’re excited to bring you along LIVE as we explore the cities of light along the Rhine, Moselle and Main Rivers!

We’ll be cruisin’ through France, Luxembourg, Germany, and the Czech Republic starting in Paris and steaming toward Prague.

Join us for every step of the way – live!.. CONTINUE READING >>

A Glorious Stop in Alghero, Sardinia
It is always a striking experience to venture inside the walls of an historic Italian city but even more so in Alghero.

The mix of cultures over the centuries has left a truly unique place. We could hardly wait to explore… CONTINUE READING >>

The Best and the Würst of Passau, Germany
The German city of Passau had plenty of interesting attributes to explore, but it shall be forever etched in David’s memory as The Home of The Half-Meter Würst.

In his mind, the best würst ever!

But before we dig too deep into his obsession with this supreme sausage, let’s take a look at the city from whence it came… CONTINUE READING >>

The Macabre Human Bone Church of Sedlec, Czech Republic

Inside the walls of this seemingly peaceful little church is a gallery so ghastly, it must be seen to be believed.

We had heard stories about this place, but words — nor pictures — can begin to explain what it was like walking through the doors.

Human bones from tens of thousands of people adorn the walls and ceiling, in inexplicable formations.

Strings of… CONTINUE READING >> 

Florence on the Fly
Widely heralded as the birthplace of the Renaissance, Firenza is the center of Italy’s art universe, and home to many of the world’s greatest masterpieces.

Florence has treasures that could take days, weeks, months, years, or perhaps a lifetime to fully exploreCONTINUE READING >>

A Romp Through the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul

The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is the granddaddy of all malls – one of the oldest and certainly largest covered markets in the world.

It seemed as though most of the 400,000 visitors who come each day were inside with us.

With over three thousand shops packed in along sixty-one covered streets, we felt like lab rats looking for… CONTINUE READING >> 

Sights & Sounds of the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul

Follow Veronica as she romps through the Grand Bazaar – she even attempts to haggle!… see more Grand Bazaar antics or enlarge video > >

Wachau Talkin’ About? Austria Along the Danube
In this region — far removed from any modern hustle and bustle — the river winds beneath church towers, vineyards, and ancient castle ruins as it passes the hamlets that dot the hillsides along the banks.

No wonder the entire area has been named a UNESCO World Heritage… CONTINUE READING >>

Perfectly Provincial in Bormes-les-Mimosas, France
Bonjour! It looks like they “filmed” Beauty and the Beast here!

A day of provincial life as it has been for centuries, completely unpretentious. A place where the scent of flowers, coffee, and bread filled the air.

Then a surprise.

We came upon a pretty little lane on a really steep hill named Rue Rompi Cuou and discovered that it means… how should we put this?… bust your… no… let’s say Break Your… CONTINUE READING >>

Incredible, Imperial Vienna – it’s One Heavy Town!
Everything is so substantial!

So very unlike the disturbing mush-meat sausages we find when we pop the top on little cans marked “Vienna,” we found the city in Austria to be substantial, gorgeous, and tasty.

How could these two things ever have been connected?… CONTINUE READING >>

Picture This: The Breathtaking Blue Mosque of Istanbul
One of the most stunning buildings we’ve ever seen!

Built in 1609 by Sultan Ahmed I, the Blue Mosque features a main dome, eight secondary domes, and six minarets, and is considered the pinnacle of two centuries of Ottoman mosque development.

Upon entering the mosque, Veronica was dumbstruck – unable to begin to take photos. She couldn’t figure out where to start.


Inside Istanbul’s Blue Mosque

It’s impossible to show the enormity of the mosque in photos – video helps!… See more about this beautiful place here!>>

A Quirky Slice of Pisa
We’re not sure if we have ever heard the word Pisa without “leaning tower” in front of it.

There is good reason for that, the gravity defying belfry is certainly the star of the show.

And we’re not even going to try to hide the fact that we took several obligatory “holding up the tower” photos.

Starting out with the classic two-handed (with the addition of Veronica bracing for the fall for extra style points)… CONTINUE READING >>

Bratislava for Beginners
Until we began our cruise down the Danube, we had not been very familiar with this part of the world.

In fact we knew nothing at all about the city of Bratislava, but it has played an important role in the history of central Europe for centuries, dating all the way back to Roman times.

Join us and discover Bratislava … CONTINUE READING >>

Discovering Buda AND Pest (you think we’re kidding, but we’re not!)
Budapest is truly a tale of two cities, Buda and Pest, separated by the Danube River.

Buda, steeped in history and stunning with her castle on the hill, preserves the past.

And Pest, the “New City” vibrant with change, showcases the hope of the future… CONTINUE READING >>

Rome Wasn’t Built (and can’t be seen) in a Day – But, Man, Did We Try!
A whirlwind tour of Rome as only your GypsyNesters can give you!

Visit the colossal Colosseum, the temples of the fabulous Forum and the grandeur of The Vatican!

And check out the mysterious horned Moses by Michelangelo and the chains in the church of St. Peter in Chains… CONTINUE READING >>

Christmas Cruising the Danube, A Live-Blog
We’re excited to bring you along LIVE for a waltz down the Danube as we visit the Christmas markets of Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, and Germany.

Our journey takes us to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ensuring immersion into the grand history of the area.

We will be sure to pay special attention to the unique culture and customs surrounding the… CONTINUE READING >>

Making Gingerbread in Passau, Germany

Meet Walter Simon, German Master Gingerbread Maker.  Join us as we learn the history of the art, watch the baking of and taste the outcome! See our full adventure here! >>

Picture This: The Basilica Cistern of Istanbul
We were blown away! 

Row after row of hundreds of columns hold up arches and domes this stunning work of architecture that was never meant to be seen.

Descend into the Basilica Cistern with us to see the upside-down Medusa and other hidden oddities… CONTINUE READING >>

5 Things Not to Miss in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain.

Home to the most amazing church we’ve ever seen, a Gothic Quarter not to be missed, crazy wonderful human statues, and food to die for.

If that’s not enough, meet a genius artist that changed the city forever and invokes so much emotion – you have to either love him or hate him… CONTINUE READING >>

Pompeii & Circumstances

Rome may not have been built in a day, but Pompeii was certainly destroyed in one.

Because of the unique nature of the calamity that buried the city, we have an incredibly well preserved peek into every day life two thousand years ago in The Roman Empire.

We had an amazing amount of history and emotion to absorb, making our day at Pompeii one of the most incredible… CONTINUE READING >>

8 Things Not to Miss in Prague

Prague Castle at night from the Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic
The heart and soul of the Czech Republic, as well as traditional Bohemia, are inseparably wrapped up in the amazing cultural confluence that is Prague. There has been a settlement on the site of the city for over twelve hundred years, so there is plenty to do!
Here are our favorites… CONTINUE READING > >

Whitewashed Beauty and the Birth of a God: Greek Isles of Delos and Mykonos
The sun-drenched charm and dazzling blue seas of the Greek Islands of Delos and Mykonos captivated us beyond our wildest dreams.

Get lost with us in the whitewashed alleys of Mykonos and among the ruins of the birthplace of the sun god Apollo… CONTINUE READING >> 

We Loved This Place – and That’s No Istanbul!

Join us in a tale of Sultans and Emperors, of grandeur, conquest and really big ideas.

Istanbul surprised us at every turn – the colors, the vibrancy, the sheer newness of it all. We sat on pillows, had a REAL feast, learned to haggle at the Grand Bazaar and finally found out what Turkish Delight is!

Follow along on our adventure of slack-jawed awe… CONTINUE READING >>

Our Voyage on the Brand New Royal Princess!

We’re live-blogging from the brand-spanking new Royal Princess on her maiden voyage across The Mediterranean and we’d love for you to come along for the adventure!

Follow along as we explore the nineteen incredible decks of the newly christened ship (by THE Royal Princess Kate herself – WITH the yet-to-be-born Prince George along for the ride!). We’ll be taking you “backstage” to show you the amazing amenities not found anywhere else, GypsyNester-style… CONTINUE READING >>

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