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Paris Underground: Digging Beneath Her Surface
Paris has long been heralded as the home of chic, hip, cutting edge trends, and that notoriety as an avant-garde hotspot is mostly associated with the Left Bank.

But sometimes you’ve gotta dig deep to find the fun — and weird — and creepy — beneath the surface… CONTINUE READING >>

A Peace of Olso, Norway
As unfamiliar visitors making our first trip to Oslo, Norway, we didn’t know what we were in for.

Chase us around Oslo as we visit the Nobel Peace Center, get schooled in Olympic ski jumping, have cocktails in a bar completely made of ice (including the glasses), explore Viking burial ships, have a scream with Edvard Munch and eat, ahem, rotted fish… CONTINUE READING >>

Discovering De- Luxembourg, Deluxe-mbourg
As Europe’s richest country, and ranked second in the entire world, it was easy for us to think that the luxe in Luxembourg would stem from the same source as deluxe, or luxury, but it doesn’t. How’s that for a teaser. ;)

Join your GypsyNesters as we simply gawk at the grandeur of Luxembourg, the American Cemetery and the most beautiful balcony in the world… CONTINUE READING >>

Stockholm Syndrome: Captured by Sweden

From now on, when we visit a city and wish we had been able to stay much longer, we shall refer to the situation as Stockholm syndrome.

The Swedish capital was completely captivating.

And we couldn’t help but have fond feelings for our captor… CONTINUE READING >>

Into the Stockholm Sky on the Ericsson Globe!

Your GypsyNesters take a (slightly queasy) trip to the top of Stockholm in a ball!.. SEE MORE  or enlarge video>>

Only One Day in Paris? Here’s What to do!
What if you only had one day to spend in Paris? 

How could you spend it and see the highlights?

What if you have a week, but have no idea where to start?

We have the answer! Find out how we saw  Paris’ most famous landmarks – including lunch in the Eiffel Tower and dinner on the… CONTINUE READING >>

How Much Do You REALLY Know About the Eiffel Tower?
There was so much we didn’t know about the tower until we visited!

Did you know it’s been painted a bunch of different colors?

Did you know that you could have lunch there?

Find out what was creator Gustave Eiffel’s real name was – and how different the tower’s name would be if he had kept it, why there is a mannequin on the outside of the elevator, and what it looks like to step out on the glass… CONTINUE READING >>

Why We Love a Good Christmas Market
We love Christmas markets! 

The festivities, the food, the comraderie, the glühwein – put it all together and we’ve got ourselves a great way to ring in the season!

But really — you ask — how different can they be? Surely one Christmas market is the same as the next? 

Our reply? Not by a loooooooong shot! CONTINUE READING >>

How the Anne Frank House Made Me Feel
The Diary of a Young Girl was the first coming-of-age story I’d ever read. 

And it hit me hard for a number of reasons.

So, Anne Frank House was at the very top of my list of places to visit when we arrived in Amsterdam.

The house is the actual building where the Anne and her family –and four others — hid before they were betrayed and captured by the Nazis... CONTINUE READING >>

Frankly My Dear, it’s Amsterdam!
Amsterdam has a reputation, but the hedonistic side of this city is just a small part of what attracts so many people.

For us, that aspect was a mere curiosity; the real allure is the entirely distinctive personality of this vibrant, energetic, aqua-centric city.

So did we stay out of trouble? Depends how you define troubleCONTINUE READING >>

A Cruise of Amsterdam’s Canals

For an introduction to the canal system of Amsterdam, often called the Venice of the North, we hopped on one of the many tour boats for a guided cruise… CONTINUE READING or enlarge video>>

Dispatch Two: North to the Arctic Circle by Train in Norway, A Live Blog
It’s snowy, it’s cold… it’s awesome!

Norway is amazing in the wintertime – and we are planning to see as much of it as we can, by train!

Follow us LIVE as we discover fjords, master painters, breathtaking scenery, strange food, amazing animals on our way to our to our ultimate goal – the Arctic Circle and the Northern Lights… CONTINUE READING >>

How to Smörgåsbord (like it’s your job) in Sweden!
One of the experiences we were most excited about when visiting Stockholm was the chance to tackle a traditional Swedish smörgåsbord.

The idea of a smörgåsbord has a humble background. The name is a combination of the words smörgås, meaning sandwich, and bord, which means table, but in practice there is a whole lot more than sandwiches going down.

In fact, there is an entire method to properly approach… CONTINUE READING >>

Riding with the Engineer on a German Train!

David the Train Nut is downright giddy! We got to hang out in the cab with Thomas the Engineer on our way through Germany!… Enlarge video and see more about this experience>>

Dispatch One: Amsterdam to the Top of the World by Train, A Live Blog
Are we crazy? It’s possible we’ve finally gone off the rails.

When Eurail contacted us to see if we’d like to take advantage of a 15-day rail pass, David the Train Nut’s pupils got wide and his answer was a resounding YES!

Veronica was all aboard too, and started dreaming of a wintertime jaunt to sunny Spain. David, however, had other plans. He suggested Scandinavia.

Veronica was not so onboard with this. Right. Let’s head north into the cold and dark. Why, pray tell? Then David said two words: Northern Lights.

That did it. Join us LIVE as we embark on a wintry expedition above the Arctic Circle… CONTINUE READING >>

Check Out Where We Stayed in Amsterdam (Hint: It’s a Houseboat!)

One of many interesting aspects of Amsterdam that we noticed upon

arriving were the colorful houseboats lining the canals – there are
about 2,400 of these semi-seafaring gems docked along the walls of the

We were overjoyed to have the opportunity to stay on one of them during…CONTINUE READING >>

Dispatch Two: River Cruising Paris to Prague, A Live-Blog
It’s a living fairy tale – we’re still happily river cruisin’ through France, Luxembourg, Germany, and the Czech Republic!

Don’t miss a single fabulous moment – and

Join us LIVE for every step of the way!..CONTINUE READING >>

Incredible Water Goblet Musician in Prague!

The incredibly talented (and hysterically funny) Peter! He even performs a special serenade to Veronica!.. See our cruise from Paris to Prague or enlarge video>>

Dispatch One: River Cruising Cities of Light, A Live-Blog
We’re excited to bring you along LIVE as we explore the cities of light along the Rhine, Moselle and Main Rivers!

We’ll be cruisin’ through France, Luxembourg, Germany, and the Czech Republic starting in Paris and steaming toward Prague.

Join us for every step of the way – live!.. CONTINUE READING >>

Our Stateroom On Viking River Cruises’ Odin

Our Viking River Cruises hotel manager, Thomas, gives us a guided tour of our stateroom aboard the longship Odin!.. See our cruise from Paris to Prague or enlarge video>>

A Glorious Stop in Alghero, Sardinia
It is always a striking experience to venture inside the walls of an historic Italian city but even more so in Alghero.

The mix of cultures over the centuries has left a truly unique place. We could hardly wait to explore… CONTINUE READING >>

The Best and the Würst of Passau, Germany
The German city of Passau had plenty of interesting attributes to explore, but it shall be forever etched in David’s memory as The Home of The Half-Meter Würst.

In his mind, the best würst ever!

But before we dig too deep into his obsession with this supreme sausage, let’s take a look at the city from whence it came… CONTINUE READING >>

The Macabre Human Bone Church of Sedlec, Czech Republic

Inside the walls of this seemingly peaceful little church is a gallery so ghastly, it must be seen to be believed.

We had heard stories about this place, but words — nor pictures — can begin to explain what it was like walking through the doors.

Human bones from tens of thousands of people adorn the walls and ceiling, in inexplicable formations.

Strings of… CONTINUE READING >> 

Florence on the Fly
Widely heralded as the birthplace of the Renaissance, Firenza is the center of Italy’s art universe, and home to many of the world’s greatest masterpieces.

Florence has treasures that could take days, weeks, months, years, or perhaps a lifetime to fully exploreCONTINUE READING >>

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