Adult "Kids" Say the Darndest Things (on Twitter)

A treasury of tweets that every parent of an adult "kid" will love! These guys are SO funny!

On Being Replaced
Hey mom, since you're missing me and all why don't you buy a deaf, three-legged bunny. Oh you did? Good. #emptynest
I feel actually sibling rivalry re: my parents' spoiled empty nest-era pets. The cat my parents got when I moved out is a JERK and I HATE HIM.
My mom is singing happy birthday to my dog and talking about getting him a birthday hat for tomorrow... Definitely empty nest syndrome

Are We a Wee Bit Jealous?
Mom says f*** it I've got a kid in college now, might as well buy a BMW since I don't have to support him anymore
All my parents do is vacation. Don't they know they have a kid in college.
Of course the rents buy a dope tv as soon as the kids move out! #WhereWasThatInHighschool

On Adulthood
When do I know Im a real adult?When I get 1 of those mortgage thingys ppl are always talkin about? or when I stop eating frosting for dinner
Going home so my parents will have a designated driver. They've obviously flourished with an empty nest

Oh No Mom! You Didn't!
Tell my mom I'm getting a dog because ill be supper lonely in college and she tells me to get a boyfriend.
Things my mom says: "I've been doing a lot of thinking about you hiatal hernia" Really? She's got too much time on her hands. #emptynest
#newstrategy every time my mom sends me a job opening at her hospital I'm going to send her an article on dealing with an empty nest

Sometimes It's All in a Name/Twitter Handle
I guess I'm a boomerang kid, cause I came back home after college...I always leave and come back. I'm a boomerang kid. Born in the 90's I was meant to be indecisive. ;)

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