Stick a Fork in Us, We're Done!
The Boy's Graduation

Our youngest, The Boy, graduated from college on Saturday. He's somehow managed to graduate with honors, all while holding down two jobs. We can't imagine having that much energy. As parents, we couldn't be prouder.

In addition to the pride we feel for our son's accomplishments, we have found other reasons to celebrate. This is the last year we'll ever make a tuition payment, have an offspring on our medical insurance, or get to claim a dependent on our taxes.

Stick a fork in us, we're done.

This doesn't mean we're finished being parents, not by any means. But it's different now, we are the parents of three adults. We will no longer have day-to-day responsibility in their lives. We haven't with our two oldest, The Piglet and Decibel, for years, they are adults, and as such are responsible for themselves. With the exception of a few heavy learning experiences along the way, our girls are doing well in the big, bad world.

Now it's time for The Boy to take flight and follow his sisters' path. Hopefully we have provided the tools to make that possible, but only he can make it happen for himself.

We helped our kids make college affordable, but all of our kids had to have jobs while in college to pay for their books, bills and living expenses. In high school, if they wanted spending cash they had to find a way to earn it themselves.

All three worked in restaurants during college, and the girls worked at eateries as second jobs while slaving at entry level wages in their chosen fields. Restaurant work is hard, but they quickly learned people skills, something that will benefit them greatly in any workplace. Nothing is harder to deal with than hungry people before they get their food.

We feel strongly that having a strong work ethic has greatly benefited each of them in this tough economy. Recent studies show that about half of this year's graduates are unemployed or "under-employed," a daunting statisic for our young adults.

So far our offspring's solution to the toxic job market has been to find any work they can get. If it sucks, all the more motivation to look harder for a job they like.

Is there really any question as to which job applicant has the better chance scoring one of the rare available positions if an employer is choosing between one who is currently employed, even if it is "under-employed," or one that is unemployed back at home in his old bedroom with the luxury to whine about the economy?

That's why we're not worried about our college educated, certified commercial pilot son who went back to his job at the pizza place the day after he graduated.

He won't be there long.

David & Veronica,

Update: I now have something new to worry about. Look what The Boy is up to now. UGH.

YOUR TURN: You've heard our opinion, what's yours? Do you have any tips for The Boy as he heads out into the rough job market?

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