Seen Any Good Movies Lately?
Man, can we relate! Seen any good movies lately?
Man, can we relate! Seen any good movies recently?

This is not one of our usual topics, but we're a little discouraged.

We're huge movie buffs and we're finding it harder and harder to find movies that appeal to us (perhaps another get-off-my-lawn, curmudgeonly sign of aging?).

Our hope with this post is that we can all share recommendations.

We are full-time travelers that spend much of our time outside the United States. One of our homecoming rituals after an overseas excursion has been catch up on the movies we missed. So we rent a ton of movies and lay up for a few days watching them and sleeping off the jetlag.

Upon returning from our latest trip to South America, there wasn't anything in the movie rental machines that we wanted to see. We shouldn't have been shocked – prior to our trip we were lamenting that there were no good flicks in the theater – common sense should have told us that a rental problem would soon arise.

To make our movie-Jonesing matters worse, it's next to impossible to find anywhere to rent movies other than the box machines anymore. They have their upside – being able to pick up a movie in one town and drop it off in another is glorious - but the selection is pretty limited. The days of access to hundreds of movies with a Blockbuster card that we could use in almost every town are gone.

In the age of downloaded movies, we are at a disadvantage, internet access is wildly variable and we won't be streaming hours of bandwidth gobbling video on our little 3G WIFI card. Our wireless bill would end up looking like the price tag for filming one of those blockbusters.

So we are left with the box machines or buying, usually from the discount bins, to fulfill our flix fix. On the upside, we have found that there are often gems hidden away in both of those places.

Here's a couple we have found recently, please pass along any that you have discovered:

Yeah, yeah we know what you're thinking, but the name is very misleading. It's based on the play God of Carnage (not making it better, are we?) and has amazing performances by Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster and Christoph Waltz. Just two couples trying to sort out an altercation between their young sons who end up finding that being civil isn't any easier for them than it is for their kids.

A Perfect Family
Kathleen Turner is brilliant in this. The range of emotions she goes through in this film is staggering. A women who has successfully sheltered herself from everything that she doesn't want to see is blind sided by the real world pressing in on her. And somehow, it's really, really funny.

Jeff, Who Lives at Home
We loved Susan Sarandon in this one. It deals with a lonely, single woman with two adult sons, one married and one that, well, lives at home. Jeff is a Boomerang "Kid" and his whole family is living the consequences. We liked this one because it felt real, yet has a magical undertone.

Based on a truly weird true story, Jack Black (whodathunk?) and Shirley MacLaine deliver outstanding performances in this fact-is-stranger-than-fiction flick.

And a not-so-recent one:

Lars and the Real Girl
It's amazing to us how few people know about this movie. Maybe because it must have been a marketing nightmare. Honestly, we've had so much trouble explaining to our friends and relatives how wonderfully funny, well-acted and touching this movie is once they find out (what seems to be) the plot. But trust us, the plot isn't what it seems to be - at all. And you'll love it so much that you'll feel compelled to come right back here and thank us. It's that good.

YOUR TURN: Have you seen any good movies lately?

David & Veronica,

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