Video - How to Volunteer at a National Park

Kay, a veteran parks volunteer - and fellow GypsyNester - discusses how to apply, where one lives at the parks, what is expected of volunteers and, most importantly, why she does it!

Isn't Kay fabulous as we ask her the important questions?:

Why did you start volunteering at the parks?

What kind of work do you and your husband do?

How many days a week do you work?

But, Kay, we're in the middle of a wildlife refuge. Where do you live?

What if we don't have an RV?

What is a volunteer village?

How much studying do you need to do about the area?

Do you get to pick where you are placed in the park?

Hey Kay, this sounds awesome! How do we sign up? Any good resources?

For great resources on volunteering at a National and State Parks, as well as Wildlife Refuges:

Visit our GypsyNester YouTube Channel!

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