Are Travel Agents Worth the Bother?
Traveling Low to the Ground

The nature of our travel style - what we call "traveling low to the ground" - does not conjure up images of luxury hotels, first class airline tickets and limousines. And for good reason. It's not that we're opposed to these things, in fact we quite like them, we just can't see forking out the money for perks that don't feel so perky when it comes time to pay the bill.

We are suckers for every tip and trick that will save us money while traveling. After all, we have embarked on a roadtrip that can only last as long our bodies and our mutually agreed upon funds hold out. Therefore, we have vowed to stay in shape and be as frugal as possible.

Plane tickets are funny things. It slays us how wildly the price for seats on the same flight can vary. Not just the difference between first class and coach, but the fact that the guy we're sitting next to could have paid a thousand dollars more for his seat than we did for ours. We're not about to spend a penny more than we have to.

There is a downside to this lifestyle choice - for us anyway - we've never been able to book tickets without cursing our computer, the airlines, and several websites. It is so frustrating booking online (there's often a discount for that), dealing with hidden fees (recently we got popped for a "seat fee," $10 to get a seat - standing wasn't an option), finding seats together and because we have flexible schedules, checking every possible flight within every possible time frame.

Then, when we've finally finished the research, have chosen the perfect flight and clicked CONFIRM, is seems like 9 out of 10 times the scream-inducing "this fare is no longer available" notice pops up. GRRRRRRR.

We are spending a good chunk of our summer in South America this year and because we wanted to see The Galapagos and Machu Picchu, we felt a guided adventure would be perfect for that portion of our journey. To protect The Galapagos, people aren't allowed to go trudging around all willy-nilly, so an experienced guide must hired.

After a bit of searching - and some stalking of them on Twitter and Facebook - we discovered an amazing program, Road Scholar was the perfect solution for us - they provide educational travel programs with like-minded folks wanting to learn as much as they can about the area they are visiting. One of the most appealing features - and for us, the swaying factor - was that there are no hidden fees with Road Scholar. EVERYTHING is included in the published price, no surprises!

The icing on the cake was that trip we will be taking in June will have only fourteen other fellow travelers, so we are very excited that we can take participate in a program like this AND still feel like our low-to-the-ground selves.

When the time came to book our flights to South America, we decided to run a sneaky little experiment. We had learned that Road Scholar had a team in place to book our flights, but we figured that because we were so good at finding great deals, we would do better on our own. Besides, since we would be going on to Argentina and Uruguay independently after the Road Scholar portion of our trip, we weren't sure they could help us out.

So we did the legwork, cussed A LOT, and got the "fare is no longer available" notice FOUR times in the process. We checked for flights leaving different days, leaving from various cities and searched with four different online booking sites.

By the end of the process, the best price we found was $1600 each for flights back and forth to South America from Chicago and a flight in the middle from Lima to Buenos Aires. Good price, but didn't include all the hair we pulled out to find it.

Armed with the certainty that Road Scholar was not going to be able to top that deal, we gave them a ring. The phone was answered by the friendly Etel, and after five easy minutes of explaining our extended travel plans, we could hear Etel's fingers flying over her keyboard. We loved her happy banter as she researched the best flights for us - and how she didn't flinch when we told her that price was the only factor in our decision making. We didn't care about changing planes or long layovers, we just wanted to get there as cheaply as possible.

Then something occurred to us, Etel actually ENJOYED doing this. When we teasingly mentioned that we didn't hear her cussing in frustration, she said that she had way better access to information than we would and that she did this everyday. It was easy for her. That's all well and good, but could she get us a better deal?

Yes she could, $80 off each flight, without a single syllable of swearing. We told Etel that we didn't want to sit over the wing because we like to take video from the plane - boom - perfect seats chosen. Every single need we had was met quickly and with a smile we could feel through the phone lines.

But wait - there's more. Etel made the reservation, then told us that she had twenty-four hours to change the ticket, and if the price dropped further during that time, she would reissue the ticket and get the better price. Right.

In the meantime we were transferred to Laura, who answered all the questions we had regarding the trip, she knew the area well. We wore Laura out with questions - How do we deal with altitude at Machu Picchu? We want to live-blog the trip - where are we going to have internet service? At one point she even left a message with a friend in Peru to double check on a question we had. Wow.

When Etel called back the next day (!) with an even deeper discount, we were floored. When Laura e-mailed us with the exact places we'd have internet in The Galapagos, we swooned. AND if that's not enough...

-We received a great list of books we might want to read before our trip.

-A phone number to call should we need assistance during the duration of our trip.

-Road Scholar has its own social network, we can meet some of the folks on our program before we go!

-An amazingly in-depth itinerary.


We get one of those sign-holding-up guys at the airport when we get to Quito! We've never had that before - and to us - nothing says luxury like a sign that says "Mr. & Mrs. James" when we're THAT Mr. and Mrs. James.

All told, we saved over two hundred dollars, got some heavy perks and, best of all, had fun booking our tickets, something we didn't even know was possible. Not a bad lick.

Next time we need flights booked, Etel is getting a call.

David & Veronica,

YOUR TURN: What is your method of booking tickets? Are perks important to you? Do you have any money saving tips for us?

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