Help! We Can't Decide!

We have discovered an amazing program,, a non-profit organization geared toward lifelong learning. After perusing their incredible website and looking at all the amazing trips they have to offer, we decided that we just HAVE to take one!

There are several places in this great wide world of ours that we don't want to go to without an expert by our side. Road Scholar is the perfect solution for us - they provide educational travel programs with like-minded folks wanting to learn as much as they can about the area they are visiting. You've gotta love it!

Unfortunately, we've hit a snag. We can't decide on our own which trip to take. And, yes, there has been some "heated discussion."

After WEEKS of exploring the opportunities, we've narrowed our choices down to three trips. Please help us decide which one to take!

Where would you go? Which would you most like to come along on? (At least cyber travel with us as we live-blog the trip.) WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK!

Without further ado, here are the trips:


AFRICA! (click here to see entire trip)

This trip is called "Tanzania and the Great East African Migration" and Veronica is beside herself with excitement about this possibility! She's already looking for a better zoom lens for her camera!

We can't even imagine what it must feel like to ride in jeeps following lions, wildebeest, giraffes, zebras...oh, my. Sleeping in tents while listening to mating calls at night...bliss. There's even a chance at seeing some babies being born!

South America

SOUTH AMERICA! (click here to see entire trip)

This trip, titled "The Galapagos and Peru: From Enchanted Islands to the Lost City of the Incas," covers two items on both of our bucket lists - Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands!

Giant tortoises, sea lions and all of those crazy, wacky Galapagos animals! A specular train ride through the Andes to Machu Picchu... are you starting to see why we can't decide on our own?


ALASKA! (click here to see entire trip)

Rounding out our choices is "Alaska's Inside Passage Up Close." This trip would get Veronica to her 48th state (David hit state number 50 a few years ago and you know how competitive we are!).

This trip is entirely aboard the good ship Admiralty Dream though three National Parks - Glacier Bay, Klondike, and Sitka - humpback whales, bald eagles and bears galore!

Please help us out by voting below!

David & Veronica,

YOUR TURN: Please help us decide! Which trip would you like to see us report on? Where would YOU go? Do you have any stories you'd like to share with us about any of these areas? Vote by leaving a comment - even if it's just "Africa" "South America" or "Alaska"!

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