Top Ten Ways to Scare Your Boomerang Kid Out of the House
Boomerang Kid

Ready to "get on with your life" but have an adult kid who needs a little nudge from the nest?

Do you have a Boomerang that seems permanently parked in your basement, and you feel it's time for your chick to take wing and begin embracing all that life has to offer?

With tongues firmly in cheek, your goofy GypsyNesters have developed some silly (and stealthy) solutions to wink-wink-nudge-nudge even the most stubborn fledgling from the nest -- and they may even think it's their own idea!

10. Greet him at the door naked with a bottle of Viagra and a can of whipped cream and shout, "Honey, I guess we can't use the kitchen, our baby's home."

9. Set his computer so all his porn and poker sites go to

8. Invite your friends over to have a party in his room, trash it and smoke all of his dope.

7. Buy him a chauffeur's hat and start calling him "Jeeves".

6. Hack into his Facebook page and change his profile picture to a slug.

5. Say "I'm glad to have you home but I'm afraid dad might miss using your bed for 'our quickies' ".

4. Throw a bridal shower for his high school girlfriend on Super Bowl Sunday.

3. Decorate his old room as a nursery and say "Won't it be great to share your room with your new baby sister?"

2. Secretly sprinkle all the leftovers with Metamucil.

1. Ask him to stay home one evening and say "Dad's been awfully frisky lately and I'm worried about his heart. You don't mind listening in on the old baby monitor, do you?"

David & Veronica,

Your Turn: Have you a funny idea to scare a Boomerang Kid out of the house? Leave a Comment!

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