Top Ten Ways You Know Your Kid is Grown Up
Watch out for that boomerang!

10. You have Thanksgiving dinner at her home. You sneak the inedible parts to her dog.

9. He drops the F-bomb right in front of you. With no fear of an Ivory Soap sandwich.

8. You realize that you are sitting in the back seat. Of her car.

7. He cleans up after himself. While visiting your house!

6. She absentmindedly pays for her own pedicure. Even though you are right there with her... and didn't forget your wallet.

5. He cooks you dinner. It doesn't involve tortilla chips, top ramen, pizza rolls or a microwave.

4. She orders a drink that wasn't made in a blender with ice cream and maraschino cherries. Then she asks the bartender for one of those cute little umbrellas and plays with it for the rest of the night.

3. You stay the night at his house. The sheets don't smell like butt.

2. She actually asks what you'd like to do. You end up doing what she wanted to do anyway just out of habit. And shock.

1. He takes you out to dinner and offers to pay... knowing you won't let him. Hey, baby steps, at least he offered. Next time, let him. It'll make him feel like a man.

David & Veronica,

Your Turn: How did YOU know when your kid was grown up?

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