Poutine, Weird Regional Food
Poutine from Canada
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Poutine (poo-teen) from Canada. Start with a layer of french fries, add in CHEESE CURDS (weird food on its own!) and top with turkey gravy. Of course it was good with all of those calories from fat, but damn! Spent the rest of the day in a coma. We saw this fancy version of poutine in Montreal.

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Bacon Poutine in Halifax, Nova Scotia

In Halifax, at the pier, we have a chance to try a street version of poutine, this time with bacon. Like it need to be even more unhealthy for us!

Poutine may not sound great, but no matter who we are with or where we try it, we never seem to find any leftovers in the basket.

We ate this version of poutine in Halifax.

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