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Exciting news! I am honored to have been chosen to be a debut video partner of WHOA! Network, an exciting new online video network dedicated to bringing out the best in women "of a certain age."

Here's the scoop (and you can say you heard it here first!):

WHOA! Network has a simple concept at its core: Women should be seen and heard at every age and valued more as we get older, not less.

Makes sense, right?

Yet that’s not the case. In our youth-obsessed society, women beyond childbearing age have typically faded into the woodwork.

WATCH: What is WHOA! all about?

But now we’re at a new frontier, a true tipping point. The women who changed our world decades ago are trailblazing yet again, creating a powerful shift, rebranding how women in our 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond are perceived.

WHOA! Network taps into this groundswell. We are pioneering the next level of connection on the Internet.  We’re shining a spotlight on the huge disconnect between how our culture views women as we age vs. the active, authentic lives we are actually living.  We provide a place and a way to unite and ignite the potential and influence of our demographic.

WATCH: Here are the dynamic hosts of WHOA!, Darryle and Lynn, interviewing me!

So join us! The more we are seen and heard, the more powerful we are as a group. We can’t wait to see you and hear you via the WHOA! Network.

Veronica, GypsyNester.com

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